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Why Not?

So Why not???  That is the question that keeps going through my mind for all women.
You say that this is something that you really want, so why not go for it.  You say that this is something that he brought you to and opened the door to this world, so he wants you to enjoy it, so why not let him enjoy it with you.
Why would any woman not cuckold their husband if he was willing?  Imagine all the possibilites, imagine the fun, imagine the thrill, and imagine the power that would cum with each day.  You get to live the single-lifestyle with all the fun and living-in-the-moment experiences, but the stability of a relationship.  The best of both worlds.  If your man is willing, then he wants to live through your experience.  So you should have fun to let them live through you!
So as a woman, you have to decide if you want to try it.
Do you?????
You have desires and needs, so why hold yourself back?  If he is supportive, or your own ‘cheering squad’, and wants to try it, then why not try it?  Are you scared?  Do you not really like sex as much as you think or as much as he does?  Are you sexually satisfied by him?  Do you want more, even if you don’t need it?   Are frustrated by his lack of ‘umph’ and you want more?   Why not go get it?
The more you think and talk about it, the easier it gets.  The first time at a lingerie or adult toy store, you are probably a little nervous or uneasy about it.  But the more you go to that store, the easier it becomes and then it is just like going to Walmart.  No big deal.  That goes for cuckolding or swinging too.  The first time can be akward, but the more you talk, the more you fantasize, the more you watch movies (there are even some great non-porn movies about cuckold, hot wifing, or swinging), the easier it becomes until it is part of your life.  Nothing about cuckolding or swinging has changed, but the way you view it has.  Now you are ready to totally embrace your sexual side and go for it.
You are now in control of your sexual life and his.  Even the simplest of everyday chores can have a sexual arousal to them.  Imagine how turned on he would be folding the laundry or doing the dishes knowing that you asked him to have those done by the time you get back home from your night out with a friend.  You would come home completely satisfied and still have more attention waiting for you at home because of this build up.  I can tell you that it does not get any better than that.
It is not about how little he thinks about you, devalue you, or how unimportant you are.  This does not dimish his desire to be with you or to love you.  It is the exact opposite.  He wants you to enjoy and get the most out of life and sex.  You are the center of his fantasies.  This is his voyeristic kink and he wants to watch you!!!  Enjoy that attention.  Most women can only dream of having that place of prominence in their husband’s mind.
This is who the two of you are as sexual beings.  Don’t deny yourselves that pleasure without even trying it!!!!
So WHY NOT????

The Tied-Up Swing

My mind was whirling with possibilities after our last visit to this swing club.  I decided to put this plan into action without telling my husband.  It’s not like he would have been upset or anything, I just wanted it to be a surprise for him.

We arrived at the club and got settled.  I wore a button-up, sleeveless blouse with a long flowing skirt. This was not my usual club wear, but it was perfect for tonight.  What my husband wore is not important as you will find out.  We connected with some of the regulars and tried to make some of the newcomers comfortable.  After a few hours, the foreplay, music, and drinks were doing their thing to get everyone in the mood for some fun and I decided to go for it.  I grabbed my husband’s hand and led him to the far side of the room, to the wall with the chains and shackles attached to it.

We started making out with tongues and hands going everywhere.  He tried to undress me, tugging at each piece of clothing, but that was not part of my plan.  Getting him out of his clothes was however.  That is what I did.  Once I had him naked, I pinned him against the wall and restrained him there with the shackles around his wrists.  I kept kissing and rubbing my hands all over his body.  I wrapped my hand around his dick and took half a step back to get his attention.

I began to lay out the rules for the night.  We can have all the fun we want, but others can only play with whatever skin is exposed.  If any clothing covers it, then it is off limits.  He smiled as I told him that it looks like he is fair game for everyone since he has nothing to cover up and since his hands were tied-up, he could not resist either.  He seemed fine with that and agreed to the rules.  I told him that we should seal the deal with a kiss and began to kiss his cock and give him a toe-curling blowjob.

After a few moments alone, another couple, John and Kim, decided to check on us.  They were already naked and commented about the unfairness of the scene since I was still dressed.  So I informed them of the rules and we shared a good laugh.  Then Kim, took the initiative and enjoyed some play time with my tied to the wall guy.  I was still on my knees in front of my husband and she knelt beside me.  John pouted and said something about all of his playthings were covered up and pointed to me.

I told him to enjoy his woman as she was enjoying my man.  He moved closer, but surprised me by grabbing my hand and placing it on his dick.  He made some comment about exposed skin and since my arms were the only thing uncovered on me, he had me (not that I really tried to find a way out either).  So I stroked and sucked his dick and balls while his wife did the same to my husband.  After a few minutes, his wife noticed what I was doing and came to join me.  So her man was getting double-teamed and mine was left to watch.

I was loving it.

As we played with her man, I unbuttoned some of my blouse; just enough to barely uncover one of my tits but not enough to unleash them both.  My partner in fun saw the newly uncovered skin and left me alone with her man’s cock as she gave me a little attention.  I enjoyed her efforts enough that I unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and flipped it away, completely exposing my bare chest to her.  She took advantage of it and of me.  She knew how to take my breath away in ways no one had done before or has done since just by playing with my tits.  I tried to repay all her efforts by working harder on her man, but I think I got the better of the exchange.

When she returned, I let her take over the oral pleasures of her man.  I gave her body some quick tease feel over as I moved over to my guy who looked like he was aching for some attention.  So I gave him a quick tug and pull along with some licks and sucks.  Then, using his stiff dick for leverage, I pulled myself up, off my knees, and stood face to face with him.  I pressed my bare chest against him as I kissed his lips and let my hands roam all over his body.  As fun as it is to have my husband restrained, it takes some of the fun out of making out with him when I can’t feel his hands all over me too.

But just as I was wishing for his hands to ravish me, I felt a touch.

I had forgotten about the other couple and jumped a little at the touch giving everyone a giggle.  I looked to see who it was and I saw her with one hand on me and one hand on my husband, but then I felt two more hands and knew John was standing behind me.  I went back to kissing my man and push back to allow the three hands on me more room to roam.  I felt a hand battle over my tits as our companion couple fought for that touch.  John gave into his woman’s desire and moved his hands down to my hips.  He pulled my hips against him and I felt his hard cock press against my skirt covered ass.  I moved my hips to the music the DJ was playing, grinding my ass harder against his dick.

John tried to get more daring with his hands.  He tried to work a finger and then two underneath the elastic of my skirt.  I pulled them out quickly.  He then tried to just pull my skirt down and since it was one of those very loose, free flowing skirts with only an elastic waist holding it in place, he was easily able to pull it down some.  But again, I stopped him and made some comment about following the rules or he won’t be allowed to play the game.  His wife smiled and slapped his hands away for me this time.  This teasing and the light caressing touch of his wife was working me up pretty good and making me want more.

I started to bend over at the waist, pressing my hips harder against my friend behind me and sliding my feet back, forcing him to take a few steps back.  When Kim figured out what I was doing, she placed one hand on the back of my head and helped push me down.  With her other hand, she grabbed my husband’s dick and held it in place for me.  I dragged my nails down my husband’s chest as I slowly bent over and felt him tense up and take short quick breaths as my nails scratched at his skin.  With my hands still over my head and resting on my husband’s stomach, I worked my mouth over his dick.  He was sensitive enough that I did not have to take much of him in my mouth to get a big response from him.

He stood on his toes trying to push more of his dick past my lips, but my partner in fun kept her tight grip on his cock and even told him to slow down.  She knew just what I was thinking.  I slowly worked down his shaft until my lips hit her hand and then went back up.  It was a little awkward working his cock with someone else’s hand there, but I soon found a rhythm and my husband told me later how erotic it was knowing it was my mouth and her hand.  I had some idea of what he meant, because it was erotic to me knowing that I was sucking my husband, rubbing against another man’s cock, and feeling his wife’s hand gently caress my back, run her fingers through my hair, and grope my free hanging tits.  All the extra touches were adding to fun.

I continued to wiggle my hips, grinding my bum against our John’s cock.  Playfully, I reached back and pulled the hem of my skirt up slowly.  He stroked my freshly exposed legs and He backed up a bit to give me room to raise my skirt all the way, but I wasn’t ready for that yet.  So with my other hand, I reach between my legs, grabbed his balls, and pulled him back against me.  Of course, while repositioning my hands, I had to stop sucking on my husband’s dick, but luckily Kim was there and she took over.  I had a good up-close view of her mouth engulfing my man’s shaft.

All this teasing and lust was getting to me and I was in need of something, so I released John’s balls and did a quick rub between my legs.  I was surprised how wet I was and at the shivers that went through my body from such a simple touch.  I caught myself before I got too involved in my self-pleasuring, but it did make me realize just how much I want John’s cock, or any cock for that matter, and since he was the closest one available, he was the winner.  I flipped my skirt up, giving John a clear path to where I wanted him and he made the most of the opportunity.  I put my hands on my husband’s hips to brace me for what was cumming.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath when I felt the head of John’s dick easily slide inside.  It was soon followed by his full length and it felt so good to be completely filled.  I must have been louder than I thought I was because when I opened my eyes, Kim was looking up at me.  She still had my husband’s cock in her mouth, but she still managed to smile at me knowing what I was feeling.  She even reached back and gave my tits a couple of good squeezes before turning her attention to my man’s dick.   I used one hand to hold her hair out of her way and to encourage her to go faster and take his dick deeper into her mouth.

We stayed like this for a while before Kim moved out of the way.  Seeing my husband’s glistening dick now free, I pounced on it.  Though I was stuck in the middle, there is something empowering for me to have a dick at both ends.  Knowing I control the pleasure of two men at one time.  I can choose to stop at anytime and be just fine, but knowing these two dicks want my body and want me to pleasure them is intoxicating and addictive.  It also drives me to want to do anything I can to make them cum.

I think Kim was ready for them to cum too, or at least for John to cum.  I heard her begin some intense dirty talk to her husband.  She started by telling him how good he looked and how sexy his cock looked sliding in and out.  I felt John’s hands firmly holding my hips and another hand, I’m guessing Kim’s, rub my ass and even spread them apart for a few seconds.  She then told him how bad she wanted him to cum and to cum on her tits.  After a few more encouraging words, John pulled out of me.  I whimpered when I felt his dick leave, but quickly decided to replace it with my husband’s.

I turned around and bent over in front of my man.  I reached through my legs and guided his cock inside of me.  I looked up to see Kim kneeling in front of John.  John had his knees bent and was stroking his shaft with it pointed at his wife’s chest.  I found my own rhythm since my husband’s hands were tied up and was surprised at how good it was feeling.  This is not my favorite position when it comes to my own orgasm, but I think the buildup of the night, combined with watching the lust of John and Kim was driving me to the edge.

Hearing John groan and seeing his body tense up, I knew what was next.  The simple idea of seeing a man ejaculate is not much of a turn-on for me, but tonight it looked was very erotic.  I think my husband agreed.  Not long after John’s orgasm, my husband hit his limit and his moans let me know.  I bucked harder and faster wanting to milk his dick for everything it had, but also to bring on my own orgasm; and it worked.  My body was now shuttering and shivering as the waves of pleasure came crashing down, flooding every inch of me.

As I came down from the euphoric high of the orgasm, I separated from my husband and tried to stand up.  My legs were weak and wobbly with my back stiff from being bent over for so long.  I was met with some hoots and cheers from the audience we had gained during our little show.  Some of the audience was putting on their own encore show and I smiled knowing I had turned-on, motivated, and encouraged them to do it.  My ego and confidence went up some that night.

I did some quick clean-up with my skirt and found my blouse.  I was in no hurry to release my husband.  Part of the thrill of the night for me was being in control and keeping him in such an exposed state after his orgasm was telling him that I was still in control.  I finished getting dressed, gave some playful high-fives to some of the other ladies around, and finally released my husband.  He got his own pats on the back as we got some more drinks and settled down on the sofa to catch our breath.

We stayed and watched some more fun, but did not join any more action that night at the club. We went back to our hotel room and talked about what we could do next.  But for the next few hours, it was just us and that was just as fun as what we had done at the club.

But oh the doors this night opens and I am ready to march through them!

First Swing the Other Way

After we had opened our relationship to other men, and some negotiating from my husband, I had agreed to bring another woman into our relationship.  At least, I agreed to see what another woman would add to our relationship with no guarantees that it would happen again.  We did some looking together and narrowed down the possibilities together.  But it is not like looking for a guy, there are not many single women to choose from.  I ended up making the final choice; there was no way I was going to give him that option.

Anyway, she agreed to meet, but it took some convincing.  Turns out she was really into being with another woman and was uncertain if she wanted to join a couple, but she decided to do it.  She came over for a dinner and we would just let things go from there.  Dinner went well, but she did not eat much, I think the nerves were getting to her some.  I broke out some wine to help with that and since she did not eat much, the wine worked pretty quickly.  We found out that we were her first for anything like this and she just wanted to see what it was all about.  She was nervous, but she was willing.

After dinner we talked more and became more relaxed.  We asked her if she would be open to us videoing the night’s encounter and she was a little shy about it at first, but after we reassured her that it would be for our personal use, she agreed.  We had started videoing our fun as a way of involving a third person without them directly involved and to have something we could playback in between our fun times to keep the intensity up.  So as my husband readied the video camera, I led our new lady friend back to the bedroom to get it and us ready.

My husband came into the room with the video camera rolling.  He walked up behind me and gave me a quick kiss on the neck and a quick feel-up with his free hand.  I told him that we should consider our guest first and he should make her feel welcome.  He took a step towards her, but then she stopped him and took the camera from him.  She wanted to film us for a bit to get warmed up.  My husband handed her the camera and I worked on stripping him from his clothes.  I even gave his dick a quick work over.

So with him naked on the bed, I stood and did a slow teasing strip show for my husband (and for the camera my friend was holding).  I got down to my bra and panties, even taking time to slowly remove my black, lacy stockings before beginning a sultry walk towards the camera and my friend.  With my best lusty voice, I said “Your turn” as I grabbed the camera and pointed it in her direction.

She started slowly and it took some encouragement for her to even dance and sway to the music.  Not wanting to lose the mood in the room, I handed the camera to my husband as he lay on the bed and moved to help my friend get more comfortable.  I stood behind her, place my hands on her hips, a matched her body’s movement with my own.  I slid my hands down her hips, across her black leather skirt until my fingers touched her hose-covered legs.  I then slowly slid them back up until they reached her waist.

I began pulling at her blouse to un-tuck it from her skirt.  Once free, I slowly unbuttoned it as our bodies still swayed to the music and I put my chin on her shoulder, breathing my hot breath on her neck.  When the last button was loosed, I peeled the blouse off her one side at a time, like unwrapping a present for the camera.  My husband was enjoying being the camera man as he was off the bed, shooting shots from all different angles.  From his hard cock, I could tell he was enjoying what he was filming.

I tossed the blouse to the side and rubbed my hands over her soft skin.  I could feel the goose bumps of nervousness as I tried to comfort her with my touch.   I started at her shoulders and traced my fingertips down her arms.  I rested my hands on her hips, feeling them swaying more freely now.  I slid my hands to the back of her skirt so that they were between the two of us.  I found the zipper of her skirt and zipped it down, loosening the skirt from her hips and letting it fall to the floor.  I spun her around so that we were now face to face in our underwear with the camera still rolling.  She had her hands on my shoulders and I had my hands on her hips.

Both of our eyes were darting around, trying to take in as much of each other as we could in the close quarters and low-light of the room before locking in on each other.  My friend slowly moved her hands across my shoulders and settled on my neck.  Time seemed to slow down and we both smiled a nervous smile at each other. 

Then I made my move.

I leaned in for a kiss.  It was a soft, simple kiss, but there was a potential in it for so much more.  I pulled back to see her response and our eyes were still locked, with no remorse or regret, only passion and lust.  I felt her hands tighten on the back of my neck and she pulled me back to her again.  This time the kiss was not a simple kiss, it was deep, full force, and passionate.

I had never been with another woman before, so this was all new to me too, but the new sexualness that had awakened in me took over and I wanted to experience all that I had begun to fantasize about.  I wanted to feel her nakedness, kiss her soft skin from lips to lips, caress her breasts the way I enjoy mine to be caressed, touch and tease her the way I like to be teased, lick her the way I like to be licked, and finally to have her do all of that to me.

As we kissed, I was rubbing her backside, from her panty-covered ass to her shoulders.  I paused at her bra strap and she even intensified her kissing as I started to unclasp it.  I let it pop open and then began to pull it off her shoulders.  We broke our embrace and she took a step back, giving me plenty of room to remove her bra and massage her breasts as I did it.  With a smile and a twirl, I tossed her bra at my cameraman husband.  I grabbed the arms of my friend and guided her to the bed, pushing her down so that she landed on her back with a plop on top of the mattress.  I stood overtop of her and released my own bra, tossing it to the side, and crawled on top of the bed and over my friend.

Playfully, I draped my tits across various parts of her body, creating some mood-lightening giggles.  It’s not that I wanted to kill the mood, but I am not a real serious person, I always like to laugh and smile, so I was just being me.  And I still wanted to feel everything, I wanted my itch scratched and I want it bad, but I enjoy being playful just as much as I enjoy my orgasm.  This playfulness also gave me the freedom to explore and push the limits a little more without fear.  I don’t think I can explain it well enough, but this playfulness would allow my friend and I a chance to see how far we really wanted this to go without fear of rejection.

So I played with her tits and let her play with mine.  Leaning over her body, I brought my chest to her face and she willingly licked my nipple, then sucked and kissed it, sending shivers of pleasure through my body.  I responded by getting more bold with my hands and rubbing her legs and panty-covered honey pot.  She did the same for me.

I looked up and saw my husband was all over the bed.  He had the camera in tons of places, getting tons of views, and to his credit he did no directing.  He let the action go at its own pace and let us do what we wanted. And I wanted more and to give him a good show.

I moved between her legs and tugged at her underwear.  She raised her hips and allowed me to remove them easily.  My husband positioned himself near the head of the bed and scanned her naked body (except for her stockings) with the camera.  I smiled at him as he paused, looking at me, and said something like ‘Here I go’.  I kissed up her legs until I had my head buried in between her legs.  I heard her soft moans as I took in the full aroma of her sweetness and breathed my hot breath on her lips. 

With a breath and a swallow, I dove in, starting with soft kisses and teasing licks.  I was hesitant about the taste, but I will now admit that it was nothing I should have been concerned about.  I can’t really describe it other than to say she tasted different than I do and I wanted more of it. So I kept going and got lost in the world of giving her pleasure.  I focused on giving her pleasure and licking her the way I felt I would like to be licked.  Even though I could feel her squirm and hear her moan, I found it hard to make my tongue and fingers do exactly what I wanted.  I knew what I wanted and knew how to tell my man to give it to me, but when it came to me giving it to her, it was harder than I thought.  I was so used to feeling what I was giving to myself or what my husband was giving to me and without that feedback, I was having trouble knowing just how good I was doing.  I just kept doing what I was doing.

I came up for a breath and to check in with her to see how she was doing.  Her breathing was heavy and a glistening layer of sweat made her skin shine in the candle light of the room.  She look so sexy and I realized how much I was lusting after a woman and how I badly wanted to watch, hear, and feel her orgasm, almost as much as feel my own.

I looked over to see my husband still filming all angles of my friend and me.  He was back near the head of the bed, kneeling near her shoulder.  His cock was rock hard, at hard as I have ever seen him, and he even had some precum on his dick, so I knew he was very turned-on.

I asked my husband if he was enjoying the show and he gave a definite yes.  I said something about getting more involved in the action and asked my friend to help him out.  Slowly and reluctantly, she reached her hand out and wrapped it around his dick.  He was so sensitive that he flinched when she first made contact. 

This was another first for me and I was not sure how I would handle seeing another woman handle my man’s manhood.  Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the building lust of the evening, or maybe I was not as jealous of a woman as I thought, whatever it was, I found myself more excited seeing my husband pleasured.  And I wanted to see more.  I wanted to watch her ravish his dick and watch him respond and even explode with excitement.

I told her how sexy she looked and how nice it was seeing my husband enjoy himself.  I made some comment about her giving him a blowjob, but she shook her head no.  Maybe later she told me as she still stroked him.  She wanted me back between her legs and she wanted to feel my tongue again.  I smiled thinking how much I like her being more assertive.  She had been passive until now, but she was active now, telling us what she wanted.  I loved it.  So, of course, I quickly went between her legs and had her squirming and screaming again.

I heard her tell my husband to straddle her and she would give him something good to film.  I could not see what was going on since my husband’s back was blocking my view, but from the sounds and from my husband’s response I could tell she was giving him one good blowjob.  I increased my oral workover on her to show my appreciation of her efforts.

Suddenly I stopped.

I slid up the bed and straddled her just behind my husband.  I wrapped my arms around him and felt her mouth licking and kissing his dick.  We smiled at each other as I looked around his shoulder to watch her work.  I suggested we switch locations and she agreed.  So I rolled over on the bed, my husband got off the bed to film the exchange, and my friend crawled between my legs after removing my panties.  As erotic as everything had been, I had no trouble with the thought of a woman crawling between my legs.  I think I was overly excited by it.  I always have enjoyed getting licked, but my skin was crawling in anticipation of how she would feel doing it and how good it would feel.  I did not have to wait long and it was definitely worth it.  She was good at what she was doing and it wasn’t long before I had forgotten about my husband.

But he brought me back to reality.

He startled me when he straddled me.  I grabbed his dick and pulled it down to my mouth.  I worked over his length, but I really wanted to focus on his balls while I stroked him.  I wanted to see how close I could get him before stopping.  I don’t know how long we were going at it, but when I stopped I told him to get off the bed and get behind my friend.  He did what he was told, of course he always does.

With him out of the way, I grabbed my friend’s hair and pulled her harder into me.  I rocked my hips hard, really rubbing my honey pot against her tongue.  I then started to encourage my husband to get closer, to touch her, to feel her, and to rub his dick against her.  My friend moaned when she heard my words and even raised her hips off the bed to give him better access.  It seems her resistance to doing anything with my husband was gone.

I released my grip on her hair and watched as my husband started his touching, rubbing, and handling of her.  She would look back at him with a smile and wiggle her ass, teasing and encouraging him, but she never forgot me.  Her pace may have slowed down, but her intensity stayed high and even increased, or maybe it was my lust that increased watching her and my husband play.

For his part, my husband was being playful right back at her and was still able to capture it all on the film.  We had talked about condom use before hand and had all agreed that it would be used, but in the heat of the moment, everyone forgot and no one seemed bothered by it.  Afterwards we talked about it, and my husband and I came up with a plan so it would not happen again.  We both agreed that the risk was too much, but in this moment, everything was so hot and moving so fast that no one even thought about it.

I watched as my husband pointed his dick towards my friend and it disappeared from view.  I could not see it enter her, but when she stopped licking me and almost collapsed into my crotch, I knew he was pushing inside her.  They both moaned and she let out a few choice words saying how f*&*ing good it all felt and I enjoyed the glow of it all.  After a few strokes from my husband, my friend returned to pleasuring me and now all three of us were now being pleasured.

There is something very sexy about seeing the woman that is licking you get her face slammed into your honey pot by a by a guy really pounding away at her.  I laid back and enjoyed the sights, the sounds, and the feelings.  It wasn’t long until I wanted to switch again, so everyone took a small break and then we reconnected all the pieces with my friend and I swapping places.

She had a slightly new taste after enjoying my husband’s dick and I did the best I could to lick it all up.  The build up must have been too much for her because she soon was screaming and writhing and I knew she had her orgasm.  The sights and sounds must have been too much for my husband as he soon exploded too, leaving me as the only one left out.

We all unpiled and I tried to convince my friend to return between my legs, but she had no interest since my husband had just cummed everywhere, but she did lay next to me and kiss and caress my tits as I broke out a toy to complete my night.

It was not as satisfying of an orgasm as it could have been, but I still enjoyed it and my husband and I enjoy watching that tape over and over.

A Friend’s Fantasy

This one comes from a friend, so I can’t take credit for it.  I still thought it was hot enough to share with you (I like to share 🙂 )

The hotel room was nice.  Nothing fancy or elegant, but better than most we had stayed in before.  Most importantly, it had everything we were looking for and wanted for a night like tonight. 

 It was a spacious room, but the layout of the room is what was important.  Immediately upon entering the room, the bathroom was on the right and on the left were the mirrored closet doors.  Just outside of the bathroom were a sink and vanity on one side and a mini-bar on the other, creating a wall that separated the bathroom area from the rest of the room.  The only way to see the main area of the room, where the bed was, from the bathroom was in the reflection of the mirror on the closet doors.  This layout let me have my two play areas and I could also control what my playthings got to see and experience. 

I smiled as I surveyed the room and unpacked what few things we had brought for the night.  My husband was taking care of the drinks and ice.  He brought me my glass of wine and we made small talk as we both enjoyed our relaxing time.  We knew things would get intense and we, especially I, wanted a little calm time before the intensity hit.  My husband took our glasses back to the mini-bar and I stopped him on his way back to the bed.

“Take it all off,” I order in a low-toned voice.

He stopped where he was and a smirk appeared on his face.  He was looking forward to this night almost as much as I was, but I think that it was starting now was a surprise to him.  Like a good boy, he obeyed and was soon naked.  His cock was already stiffening as he stood in the cool air of the hotel room. I then told him to wait for me by the bathroom.  He obeyed and was soon out of sight behind the wall.

I sat on the bed and kept my eyes on him in the mirror and waited for him to be in position.  Then I reached into my play bag and pulled out the two sets of restraints I had brought for my husband.  I walked over to him and had him stand with his back against the bathroom door.  One set of the restraints went over the door and attached to his wrists, while the other slid under the door and attached to his ankles.  I shut the bathroom door tightening his restraints and keeping him where I want him, tied to the bathroom door.  After some light teasing, I turned to see exactly what part of the bed he could see from his position and made a mental note of his limits.  With a quick tug on his erect member, I left him alone and I finish setting up the rest of the room.

I pulled the other restraints from my bag and attached them to the bed; one pair on the head of the bed and one pair at the foot.  I adjusted the lighting in the room to where there was a nice soft glow and shadows, but still enough light to see what I want to see.  I started to find some soft soothing music, but thought, “Fuck it.  I’m not in a soothing or relaxing mood.  I want hard core.”  So I found some music that helped bring that attitude out of me more.

When everything was ready, it was my turn.  I grabbed my robe from our suitcase and moved so that my tied-up husband could not see me.  I removed my clothes, gave myself a quick oil rub to make my skin shine in the low-light glow of the room, and covered up in a silver, silky robe.  I had to fight myself off since part of me wanted to rub myself a little more, just to take the edge off, but I decided I wanted to save it all for later.  I expected a long hard night ahead.

I walked back over to where my husband was and leaned against the wall, looking at him with a smile.  His dick had softened, but it was soon back to life when he saw me standing there.  There is something about watching a man’s dick get hard that I just love.  I can’t explain it, but maybe it is because it is getting hard for me or by me.  It is something I never get tired of seeing.

Now that I had his ‘full’ attention I decided to have some fun as I waited.  I walked over and stood as close as I could without touching him.  I wanted him to feel my hot breath and my silky smooth robe brush against him causing him to beg for more.  I gave him more, small pieces at a time.  I lightly rake my nails down his side and across his abdomen bringing them teasingly close to his hard cock and balls, but not touching them.  I can feel him twitching and hear him moaning under my touch.

I leaned in, lightly kissing his neck as my hands kept scratching as my naked, restrained husband.  I pressed my silk-covered body against him.  Even in his restrained state, I could feel him move his hips and rub his erect dick against me.  I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and felt him flex and squeeze them as a way of rubbing himself on my. 

Suddenly, I stopped.

I took a quick step back and put my hands on my hips as I looked him up and down.  I heard him moan in disappointment and saw his cock twitch and sway as it lunged for me.  After a few moments of just looking, I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft.  My husband closed his eyes enjoying even my slightest touch.  I could tell I had him in ecstasy overload and I wanted to keep him there without making him orgasm.

With his eyes still closed, I quickly knelt in front of him and swallowed as much of him as I could in one gulp.  Just as quickly, I pulled him out, keeping my hand tightly wrapped around the base of his dick.  I heard his gasp and felt his body tense and tighten as the sudden waves of pleasure exploded through him. 

“Careful,” I said in a mocking warning tone, “I don’t want you cumming just yet.  I hope to have a long, enjoyable night ahead of us and I don’t want this head done too soon.”

He could only moan as he relaxed.  I started a slow stroking of his shaft and used my other hand to cup his balls.  I did not want him to cum, only to stay in his heightened state of arousal.  I would mix in an occasional shaft suck or ball bust, just to mix up the fun and to keep him guessing and wanting more, instead of cumming.  I kept this up until my cell phone rang.

I answered the phone and made some small talk with my friend before telling him where our room was.  He told me he would be there in a few minutes and I hung up the phone.  I went back to my husband and grabbed his dick more forcefully this time.

“Are you ready?” I asked.  Not that it mattered.  I was going to do this even if he wasn’t ready, I was more telling him to get ready than asking him if he was ready.

“Yes,” was all he could say as he swallowed hard.

“Good,” I shot back, “because he is on his way up now.  I know you have wanted this for so long, but I think I am going to enjoy it more than you ever thought I would.”

I stroked his dick a few more times and gave him a few minutes of head when there was a knock as the door.  I let my husband’s dick plop out of my mouth and I stood up in front of him.

“Here we go,” I said to him and then turned to answer the door.

I opened the door and the cool air from the hallway rushed into our room.  I smiled at our friend, he smiled back, and then I pulled him into the room.  I shut and locked the door behind him.  He quickly took notice of my husband’s state and with a whimsical expression, looked towards me.  He started to say something, but I interrupted him.

“You will listen and listen carefully,” I said in a stern voice with my hands on my hips.  “This is my night and I am the one in control.  If you want to be a part of it, you will agree to do as I say.”

He started to say something again, but I shut him up with a quick and forceful “SHHHH”

“The rules are simple,” I told him.  “You must be willing to lay on the bed and let me strap you to it.  That is it.  If you agree to do that, then you will get to enjoy whatever happens in the room.  You may only get to watch, enjoy a little touch, or maybe you will get to enjoy me riding you, but whatever happens, it is all up to me.  No asking, directing, or changing your mind once you lay on that bed.”

I let that sink in for a minute and then continued.

“I don’t want to hear any words from you for the rest of the night,” I continued, still talking sternly.  “If you agree to this, then you need to get naked and get on the bed.  If you don’t agree to it, then there is the door.”

I stood expressionless waiting for his answer.

With a smile, he started to unbutton his shirt and moved towards the bed.  I tried to show no expression, but on the inside, the butterflies were fluttering giving me some exciting flutters in my stomach and I had to take an internal deep breath.  For a moment I was worried he might actually leave and now here he was, almost nearly naked and on my bed.  I grabbed my glass and crammed down what was left to help calm my nerves and give me a chance to breath.

I walked over to the bed and knelt at the foot of it.  Without looking at my new friend, I wrapped a restraint around one ankle and then the other.  These restraints were not too restrictive, he could move his legs around some, but they were enough to make him understand what I wanted.

Then I looked at him.  He was up on his elbows looking down at me.  We locked eyes and I slowly crawled on the bed.  Moving slowly, I felt like a cat stalking her prey as I crawled on my hands and knees along the length of his body.  I straddled him, sitting on his chest, and pinning his arms down on the bed with my knees.  I slowly leaned over, allowing my robe to drape over his face showing him that I am completely naked under it, and tied one wrist to the bed.  I shifted my weight to the other side of the bed and tied his other wrist.  I moved back, taking my weight off his arms and smiled and my robe fell off his face.  He was smiling back at me, approving my wardrobe choice for the night.

I rolled off and laid next to him.  I could see my husband watching the action in the reflection of the mirror.  His rock hard cock was begging for attention after he watched me tie my new friend to the bed.  I slid my hand down the chest of my friend and teasingly circled his cock.  It was fun to watch it twitch, almost lunging toward my hand, trying to get more.  The funny thing was that in the mirror I could see my husband’s cock reacting in the same way.

“I think I’m going to start over there,” I said to my friend as I pointed in the direction of my husband. 

With a pat on the stomach, I left him on the bed and walked to my husband.

I walked up and stood beside my man.  Looking in the mirror I could see my friend strapped to the bed.  I slid my hand down my husband’s chest and kissed up his neck.  When I reached his ear, I stopped and whispered about what he watched in the mirror.

“Did you like watching me over there?” I asked in a soft, sultry tone.

He moaned his affirmative answer.

“Good,” I said, “because I’m going back and I’m going to do more to him.  Maybe I’ll start with this.”

I grabbed his cock quickly and started to stroke him hard and fast.

“Or maybe I’ll do this,” I said and then knelt in front of him and sucked his cock into my mouth.

I used my hands on his balls and ass as I sucked, licked, and even nibbled on his shaft.  I was enjoying giving my husband all of this pleasure, but my mind was drifting to my friend.  The image of him naked, strapped down to the bed was filling my mind.  His cock looked so good and so hard that I wanted to feel it, or at least tease it some.  So after a few more strokes and sucks, I patted his balls with a friendly pat and stood up.  I gave him a kiss and told him that it was time to take care of our guest.

I rejoined my friend on the bed and could see in the mirror my husband’s cock still glistening from my mouth as it twitched in the cool air.  I asked my friend if he could see the action and he nodded that he could.  I asked him if he enjoyed the show, but did not let him answer.  I grabbed his cock and told him that it seemed like he did enjoy it.  So I started to work him over the same way I worked my husband’s dick, except more slowly.  I wanted to savor this moment, feeling another man’s cock for the first time.  I wanted to caress it and get to know each inch of it.  I wanted to find the more sensitive and erotic zones on my new lover and I wanted to see how close to cumming I could get him without letting him cum.

My strokes were slow and deliberate.  I was memorizing how his cock felt in my hand and learning where and how he like it touched, rubbed, and squeezed.  I was now kneeling by his side, pointing his cock straight up, and working my left hand down his full length.  It could have been the energy and thrill of the moment, but he seemed so big in my hand.  He seemed bigger than my husband and I had to hold myself back.  I wanted his bigger, harder cock in me and I barely kept myself from straddling him and riding him as hard and as fast as I could.

Wanting to push things along, I used my right hand to massage his balls as my left continued to work his shaft.  From my new angle, I could look down and watch my hands, look up and watch my husband squirm against his restraints in the mirror, or look to my left and see my friend looking back at me with pure ecstasy on his face.  As I continued playing with his balls, he tried to part his legs to give me more play room, but the restraints kept him from going too far.  I smiled knowing he was tied down and purely under my control.

I wanted things to go at my pace and I was ready for more.  And the guys, well they are guys and always want more, but this was my night.  I slowed my hands and leaned over so that my face was only inches from my friend’s cock.  I opened my mouth and got as close as I could before pulling back quickly and giving his shaft several hard strokes as I squeezed his balls.  I felt his body tense beneath me.

“Oh, I bet you wanted my mouth didn’t you?” I asked, but I did not want or wait for an answer.

“Well I guess I can give it to you.”

I stopped my strokes and quickly devoured his dick.  In one quick motion, I had his cock in my mouth slurping up and down.  It must have been quite a feeling since I felt his body tense even more.  He even tried to raise his hips off the bed to push his shaft deeper into my mouth.  It also must have been quite a sight since I heard my husband gasp and moan from across the room.

Just as quickly, I let his dick plop out of my mouth and my hands began rubbing in all the saliva I deposited.  I let his body relax and then went back down on him, only more slowly this time.  The first time was for shock value, this time was for enjoyment and pleasure, both his and mine.  I caressed and made sweet love to his member with my mouth and hands, slowly building his lust and desire until he was ready to cum.  I was not ready for that yet, so I stopped.

To his moans and groans, I left the bed.  I gave him a little warning about complaining and said something about how he could leave if he did not like how the night was going.  He shut up and watched me walk to my husband.  Without a word, I knelt in front of my husband and started with his balls.  I licked, sucked, and nibbled on them, leaving his dick to twitch alone against my face.  In this position, I was able to give myself some personal attention and neither of my guys could tell that I was doing it.  Something about being this naughty with myself and hiding it from them made it more exciting.  I had to stop myself.  I did not want my orgasm to be from my fingers when I had two perfectly willing and wanting dicks in the room.

I moved up from his balls to his shaft and after his cock was good and slick, I stood in front of him.  I turned around and rubbed my silky robed-covered ass against his stiff member.  I bent over at the waist and pushed back against him, feeling his rock hard dick push my robe between my ass cheeks.  I teased him a little longer like this and then reached between my legs to fondle his balls.  I heard his breath quicken as I rolled them around in my hand.  I was then ready for more and ready to be filled.  I grabbed his shaft and pulled it towards me.  Slowly I guided it into my swollen honey pot.

As wet and ready as I was, there was no resistance.  The head of his cock quickly pushed past my lips and soon his shaft was completely buried inside me.  I let out a loud moan finally feeling a cock inside of me.  Going at my own pace, I was soon bouncing on his shaft, slamming him against the door.  Looking up, I could see my friend in the mirror watching the action, even straining against his restraints to get a better view.  The build up to this moment plus the wine consumed earlier in the night had me quickly on the edge of orgasm.  I wasn’t ready for the lust to end, but I wasn’t ready to deny myself the explosion of the intense orgasm I felt building.

So I gave into me.  Instead of stopping, I went harder and faster.  It wasn’t long before I was screaming as the waves of orgasm ripped through my body.  I felt like a teenage girl again when my orgasms were new and addictive and kept me wanting to find more and bigger ones.  I certainly had found one of the biggest orgasms I could remember and in the back on my mind I knew I had a bigger cock waiting for me on the bed.  I began to wonder what that dick would do to me.

When the pleasure waves began to fade, I felt my legs began to twitch and my entire skin began to tingle.  My whole body felt like it needed a break.  Standing up was even a little difficult, but I did it and gave my husband a quick kiss.  I knew he was not done and I did not want him to be done.  He was going to have to wait for his orgasm.  I had a friend on the bed that needed some attention.

After having that strong of an orgasm, I needed some time to relax and recover, so I couldn’t go straight to riding his cock.  I was fine with that.  I wanted to tease him some more anyway.  I stood at the foot of the bed, between his bound legs, and slowly leaned over, resting my hands on the bed.  I slowly climbed on the bed and laid down as much as I could between his legs.  With my hands and my mouth, I teased and pleasured his dick and balls.  I asked him about the show he had seen and asked if he was ready for his turn.  I kept teasing him and told him that he would get even more because my poor husband had to deal with this robe and did not get to cum yet.  But if he, my friend, was a good boy, he would get to see me naked.  And I would let him cum, maybe even letting him choose where he gets to shoot his load.

He was good and was still playing along.  He did not use any words.  He would only moan a yes or moan with pleasure when he liked what I was saying or doing.  He was not the only one liking what I was doing.  The more I talked and played the more aroused I found myself getting.  I was surprised with how quickly I felt I was ready for more dick inside me.  I did some testing with my own fingers and instead of feeling overworked, I felt wet and ready for more.

Releasing my new boy toy, I worked my way up his body and straddled his face, fluffing my short robe so that it completely covered his head.  I had my back against the headboard so I could see my friend’s naked body on the bed and see my husband in the mirror.

My friend started quick.  I had to stop him and tell him to slow down his tongue.

“No need to rush,” I told him, “we have all night!”

I lowered myself back onto his face and he had learned his lesson.  His tongue was slowly licking and lapping my honey pot.  He was good and knew when to go gentle, work it up to moment of hard, fast lick, and then take me back down to a gentle rhythm.  I rocked and rolled my hips as I was grinding myself against his face.  My mind went more and more to his cock and if he was this good with his tongue, then what would he be able to do with that dick of his.  Wanting a little of both worlds, I stayed on his face, but bent over and grabbed his dick with my hands.  Making eye contact with my husband in the mirror, I made sure he saw me take my friend deep into my mouth.

I tried to keep eye contact with my husband as I went up and down on my friend’s shaft, but it was too difficult to do.  I soon found my own rhythm and was enjoying the pleasure I was getting and the pleasure I was giving.  When I felt I had memorized his dick with my tongue, I knew it was time to get what I really wanted all night long; his cock inside of me.

I changed positions and now straddled his hips.  I had his dick pinned beneath me and teased him by sliding my hips up and down the length of his hard shaft.  I started this as a teasing for him, but it was rubbing me in all the right spots and even though I wasn’t close to orgasm, I get myself there and soon.  My friend was moaning softly, almost purring, and I loved how he was communicating with me and how he was embracing me being in control of his pleasure and mine.

I reached a hand between my legs and grabbed his dick.  I pointed it up and slowly guided myself down onto it.  We both took deep breaths as the pleasure filled every inch of our bodies.  I sat still, wanting to feel how deeply he had penetrated me, and wanting to feel just how different this bigger cock felt inside.  I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, working his full length all around.  I lightly brushed my hands across his chest, feeling his skin shiver as he was enjoying the feeling of us together.

As I began to ride him a little more, but still keeping his dick deep in me, I untied my robe.  I love the feel of my skin on the silky material of the robe but the thrill of being naked, or at least partially exposed, in front of my friend was bigger.  I released my grip on the robe and let it hang loose.  It did not fall wide open, but only opened down the middle, still not exposing my breasts, but allowing a better view of his cock buried inside me.  I looked at his face and watched as his eyes traced up and down the newly exposed skin.  He tilted his head to the side, trying to catch even a glimpse of a tit, but the robe blocked his attempt.  It added to the thrill knowing that he was working so hard, but still could not see it all.

I leaned forward and put my hands on the mattress just above his shoulders.  The robe opened wider but also draped around us, blocking most of the light.  I giggled knowing that I was in a position for him to see more skin, but the low-light from the room only gave him shadows to see.  My new position also gave me more leverage to control just where his dick went and I took full advantage of that.  I increased the speed of my hip rocking, building up to full riding speed. 

Feeling his cock slid in and out of me was electric.  I had lost all care or concern about who was where doing what.  All I wanted to concentrate on was the wonderful feel of this dick and how I could make it last.  I closed my eyes to block out all distractions and just rode.  Sometimes I would slow down and sometimes I would speed up, but it was all mine and all for me.  I have no clue how long I kept this going, but it seemed to go on a long, and enjoyable, time.  When I was ready for a change, I sat up and opened my eyes.

The robe was opened a little further but still covered my tits.  I smiled down at my friend and he smiled back.  He looked so sexy with his arms tied above his head and the glisten of sweat on his skin.  The initial excitement and lust of the night was wearing off, but the thrill of feeling and hearing him enjoy fucking me still had me wanting more.

I stopped grinding my hips against him, but still slowly rocked back and forth to keep him stirring my honey pot.  I grabbed the loose edges of my robe and stared at him.  I tried to project a look of wanton lust at him, but I don’t think it was effective.  He already knew I wanted him and he already had me.  Once I had his attention, I suddenly jerked the robe off my shoulders and spread my arms wide. 

He approved the new view and responded with a grunt and tried to thrust his hip up, at least as much as his restraints would allow.  He made me lose my balance and I fell forward catching myself with my hands on his chest.  The robe fell the rest of the way off my back and slid it down my arms.  I smiled at him as his eyes moved from tit to tit, still thrusting his hips up trying to push deeper into me.

“I’m glad to know you like what you see,” I said to him as I wanted to regain the control of the situation.  “I bet you want to see them bounce.”

He grunted his approval so I gave him a show.  I started riding him hard and fast, feeling his still rock hard dick sliding in all directions and rubbing on all the right places.  We both were really into it now and could feel each other building to climax.  I wasn’t ready for it to be over, so I stopped.  It took all the self-control I had to do that, but I rolled off to the side, leaving him dry humping the air for a few thrusts.

Breathing hard and laying next to him, I happen to catch my husband pulling against his restraints in the mirror.  I don’t know how I could have, but I totally forgot about him being in the room.  I could only imagine what he must have been seeing and I did not want to just imagine it any more.  So I decided to give him a little show.

To the pleasure of my friend, I straddled him again, only I was facing his feet.  This gave me a great view of my husband in the mirror.  Slowly I lowered myself onto my friend’s wonderful dick and the reentry felt so good, I almost lost it.  After a moment of having him buried deep, I took a breath and started riding him again.  I looked up to see my husband’s full attention focused on us.  I smiled at him and he returned the smile before letting his eyes drop to my bouncing tits and then drop further to watch my friend’s cock work in and out of me.

Wanting to put on a memorable show I leaned back to expose more of my friend’s dick as it penetrated me.  I also used my hands to spread myself wider apart, opening even more for his eyes.  Of course, having my hands so active in a sensitive area gave me even more sensations and more ideas of a show.  I let my hands roam all over my body.  I was surprised at how good my own touch felt and how sexy I felt touching my own skin.  I found myself enjoying squeezing my tits and massaging them together, even licking my own nipples.  Of course, I did not just use my hands on my tits, I rubbed them all over.  My favorite was to have one hand rubbing a tit and the other rubbing my friend’s dick as it slid in and out of me.

I kept this up, making occasional eye contact with my husband and blowing him kisses.  I was getting more vocal and could feel my body building towards orgasm.  As much as I was enjoying this show, I wanted to be face to face with my friend when I climaxed.  I wanted him to see my face and hear my moans so he knew exactly what he was doing to me.  So I stopped and quickly turned around.

Without hesitation, I slid his shaft inside of me and started riding him hard and fast.  I could tell he was getting close, so I encouraged him and tried to push him over the edge.

“You like that?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“You like having your dick inside me?  I bet you want to cum don’t you?”

He moaned his approval.

“Oh, that’s a good boy.  I like it too.  I love fucking you,” my tone was lusty and authoritative.  I still wanted him to know I was in control, but that I was also enjoying it.

I kept it going with more words and more riding, changing the pace.  I found myself getting closer and closer to my own orgasm and knew I would not last much longer.

“I want you to cum baby,” I told him.  “Do you want to cum?”

He only grunted.

“Tell me where,” I softly demanded.  “Where do you want to cum?  This is your only chance to tell me what you want?”

I thought he would tell me on my face or on my tits, but he had his own ideas.

“Inside you,” he said softly, but loud enough for me to hear him.

“You want to cum inside me?” I repeated to him.  That was not something we did with our sex partners, especially if they were not wearing a condom, but as I said it out loud and repeated it again, I got those tingles all over my body and I found myself wanting that too.  It surprised and scared me, but it also added to the thrill of the night.

“I want you to do it too,” I said as I kissed him deeply.  “Cum for me baby, cum deep inside me.”

I kissed him again and then rode him as hard and as fast as I could.  I put every last drop of energy I had into making him cum.  With my own orgasm building and beginning, I heard him grunt again and I knew he was there.  We both climaxed together and feeling him shoot his cum inside of me intensified my orgasm.

I collapsed on top of him, trying to catch my breath.

I rolled off of him, feeling his cock plop out of me.  Still breathless, I lay beside him for a few more minutes, feeling his chest heave as he was recovering too.  Feeling his cum in me and on me sent a jolt through my system as I realized what we had just done.  Yes, I was on the pill, but other things could happen, plus I knew my husband had seen and heard everything.  We had never agreed to this level of play, so I did not know how upset he would be.  Looking at him in the mirror, he still had a raging hard-on and he had a look of lust on his face that I had not seen in a long time.  If he was angry, there was no part of his body that was showing it.

I unfastened my friend from his confinement on the bed.  He started to speak and tell me how much he enjoyed the night, but I cut him off.

“Just like when you came in the room, you will leave it the same way,” I said sternly as I got off the bed and found my robe.

“If you ever hope to have a repeat of any parts of tonight then you will get dressed quietly and quickly,” I continued.  “When you are dressed, you will leave the room directly without comment.  Is that understood?”

He nodded his agreement as he was rubbing his wrists now that they were free.  With a smile, he quickly gathered up his clothes and quickly got dressed.  Acting more like a man running away from something rather than a man basking in the glow of his fantasy-filled night, my friend was soon dressed and out of the room.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my arms and legs crossed.  I could still see my husband in the mirror.  I already had two huge orgasms tonight and my husband had not yet had one.  I knew as soon as I let him go, he would be all over me.  So I decided to tease him a little more and talk about what happened.

“So did you enjoy your show?” I asked, already knowing that he loved it.

“Yes,” was his basic reply.

“Even the ending?” I questioned, trying to gauge any hint of anger.

“Yes,” he replied again only swallowing hard this time.

“Mmmm, that was pretty hot,” I shot back with a grin.  “I never thought how exciting it would be to fill another man cum in me.   I think this may open a whole new world for me, uh, us I mean.  Just imagine a night full of filling men cum in me and on me, knowing that I can turn them on so much that they can’t control themselves and just give me all of it.”

Most of what I was saying I did not really believe.  It is not that all of it was not exciting and I guess I could say it would be a fantasy, but the reality and potential consequences of it would be too much for me to make it more than a fantasy.  I think so, or at least most of me thinks so.  I was saying it to tease him more and make him squirm more.

I asked a few more questions about the night and what he liked most.  Most of his answers were simple and really did not answer the question, but I was giving him a break.  I knew that no one would be able to think straight in his condition.  So I walked over to him and unlatched his restraints.

He immediately swooped me up and carried me to the bed.  He threw me down and climbed on top of me.  Without much warning, he had his hard cock deep inside me.  With my friend’s cum still there, my husband did not have any trouble sliding in and out.  We went at it like young, passionate teenagers.  My robe came flying off and our naked bodies twisted around each other.  My husband made lots of comments about how wet I was and how he enjoyed the wet feel.  Of course, I teased him about getting sloppy seconds and he said it was alright with him since he was the last one in the room and knew that I was all his now.

It was not too long before he was depositing his own cum inside of me.  I did not have any more orgasms that night, but I don’t remember a night were I felt more sexual, felt more alive, and felt more comfortable with my husband than that night.  We talked a lot about that night over the next several weeks and what we wanted to do next time.

I can’t wait for the next time!

The Second Time

My husband was pretty determined to be part of this second time.  I was not against it, but was not entirely for it.   I was concerned about how my friend would feel, but I was more concerned about how my husband would react.  The blowup from our first encounter was still on my mind, so I was concerned with how he would react to actually seeing me have sex.  We talked about it and he told me each time that he would be fine with it and he would be on his best behavior if I let him be part of it.

I even gave him some thoughts I had about having to tie him to a chair so I could have peace of mind that he would behave, or how I might have to lock him out of the bedroom and only let him listen.  To my surprise, he was turned on by those thoughts.  He would not admit it (and he would not deny it) but his erection told me he like those thoughts and we enjoyed some pretty hot sex after we discussed it.

My friend and I emailed ideas to each other and I expressed my concerns to him.  He was not too concerned.  He felt he knew my husband from the time we spent together and he was confident he could handle himself if my husband lost control.  So we focused on details and I set the date and made the plans.

My husband and I would host our friend at our house, starting with a dinner and then let things progress from there.  Since I was fixing the dinner and the hostess, I had a lot to get ready and it turned into an all day event, but the excitement of what was to come kept me energized and motivated.  This night was less formal than the first and since I was cooking, I did not want to wear a ‘night-out’ dress, but I still took some time to get myself prettied up. 

My friend arrived and I let him in.  I greeted him with a kiss and took the bottle of wine from him.  I left him in the living room with my husband and went just around the corner to the kitchen.  There was some uncomfortable silence and some awkward attempts at talking between two of them, but they soon found a conversation about sports that broke some ice and lightened the mood.  I got everything to the table and called them in to eat.

Once everyone got some food and wine in them, the tension was gone and we were back to being the easy-going friends I had gotten used to us being.  After dinner, I sent the boys back to the living room as I did a quick clean up.  I didn’t clean up too much, only put the dishes in the sink, I was too focused on getting changed and pushing the evening along.  I was getting excited just thinking about it.

I changed into a nice silky camisole with a matching silky robe.  I loved how I looked and took one more drink before I walked into the living room.  Both guys stopped watching whatever it was on TV and watched me as I handed each of them a drink and sat in between them on the couch.  I was loving the attention and I loved the fact that I was able to distract them from the TV.   I tried to act like I was paying no attention to them, but was just watching the TV, but in truth, I had no idea what was on the TV.

My husband placed his hand on my leg and I put my hand on top of his.  We looked at each other and I leaned over for a kiss.  I whispered that I loved him and he repeated it back to me and then I asked if he was ready.  He said yes and a placed a hand on his crotch.  He wasn’t rock hard, but he was turned-on by it.  I smiled at him and pushed myself off the couch.  I stood in front of them and reached my hand out towards my friend.  He looked over to my husband and my husband nodded his approval.  He grabbed my hand and stood beside me.

I untied my robe and tossed it to my husband so I stood there in just my camisole.  I told my husband to give us 20 minutes and then join us in the bedroom.  I made the decision that this time would happen in our bed and our bedroom as a way of making the point that we are here and we are not going back.  I grabbed my friend’s hand and led him out of the room without ever looking back at my husband.

Once in the bedroom, I lit a candle and turned off the lights.  I then walked back over to my friend and helped him out of his clothes.  He tried to help me out of my camisole, but I resisted.  I wanted that removed once my husband was in the room.  With him naked, I sat down on the bed in front of him and worked his dick over with my hands and mouth and it did not take long for him to get hard.  Soon it was my turn and I lay back on the bed for him to warm me up with his tongue.

My plan was to have a little more fun together and actually have my friend penetrate me before my husband came in, but I guess my 20 minute wait time was not enough.  Just as I was changing my position and getting my friend to change his, in walks my husband.  All eyes are on him and he closes the door behind him and just stands there leaning up against the wall.  I can’t tell if he is going to flip out or not.  I break the silence by telling him to strip and then go sit in the chair in the corner.

He obeyed and I followed him to the chair.  I cuffed one arm and both ankles to the chair and lean over with my hands on his forearms.  I looked over my shoulder and smiled to my friend.  I turned back to my husband and asked him if he was really ready.  I don’t think he answered me, I only remember him nodding.  I remember thinking how sweet it was that he was speechless and then I got a surprise of my own.

I was still looking at my husband’s face when I felt my friend put his hands on my hips.  This was not part of my plan either, but I thought what the hell and do it.  So with a quick glance over my shoulder and a wiggle of my hips I encouraged my friend to continue.  I kept my eyes on my husband as I felt my friend begin to penetrate me from behind.  It felt so good and having him enter me in front of my husband was more of a rush for me than I thought it would be.  Once he was all the way in, I closed my eyes, dropped my head, and moaned.  As much as I wanted to keep eye contact with my husband, the feeling was too much and I just had to take a moment and enjoy it for myself.

My friend found his rhythm and I made eye contact with my husband again.  I blew him a kiss and he cracked his first smile.  In between moans and breaths I was able to ask him if he was enjoying it and again he nodded.  As my friend’s pace quickened, I tightened my grip on his forearms and later noticed that I left some pretty deep marks, I guess it was a reminder of the intensity I was feeling.

Not wanting to be done just yet, and to regain control, I stood up quickly forcing my friend to plop out.  I turned and pushed him onto the bed.  I climbed on top and looked over my shoulder at my husband as I lowered myself onto my friend.  Once he was inside, I turned my focus to him and myself.  I was enjoying it all now and did not care if my husband was there or not.  He was out of sight and out of mind.  I was riding, grinding, and just absolutely enjoying myself when my friend started to remove my top and get me naked.  It then hit me that my husband was still in the room.

I stop and spun around.  I was still sitting on my friend, but my back was to him and I could see my husband.  I wish I could say he looked sexy cuffed naked to the chair with a hardon, but he didn’t.  I could tell he was enjoying the show, but he did look almost pathetic, turned on, but still pathetic.  I might have had some sympathy on him if I wasn’t enjoying it all so much.

I smiled at my husband as I slow swayed my hips still enjoying feeling my friend.  I asked him if he was still enjoying this and he nodded yes.  I asked him if he wanted me to stop and he shook his head no.  My smile widened as I knew he was hooked.  I asked if he wanted me naked.  He shook his head yes.   It gave me an extra thrill to know, and I wanted him to know, that I was in control and that he had to do what I said.  I told him to show me how badly he wanted me naked.  I told him to start jerking off for me.

He obeyed and with a smile, I grabbed the bottom on my camisole and slowly started to lift it.  Then, with one quick motion, I pulled it off and tossed it his way.  I kept my eyes on him, but picked up the pace with my hips.  I was really unprepared for how I felt being completely naked, having sex with my friend, while my husband was there, watching, masturbating, and cuffed.  It was HOTTTT!!!!  I felt a rush and tingles inside that I don’t think I had ever felt before.  My skin felt like it was on fire and was aching to be touched.  I had to run my hands on my own body since my husband was in no condition to do it and my friend was still flat on his back.

I started on my legs and worked my way up to cup and rub my tits.  Finally, I had to drop one hand between my legs and join my friend’s dick in my honey pot.  I was enjoying it all, but was not ready for it to end, so I had to stop touching myself.  I tried to focus back on my husband for a moment, but I don’t really remember what I said to him.  I know I told him to stop, then start, go faster, go slower, and so on.  I was enjoying being in control and I was enjoying the rush going through my body and wanted so badly to feel the intense orgasm I knew was just waiting to cum J.

I gave him a description of what my friend was doing to me; well actually it was what I was doing to my friend.  And tried to describe the way it felt and how good it felt, but I don’t know if there are any words that could describe that intensity.  The naughtiness of my words and the lust of the scenario brought back that rush and this time I did not want to stop until I had climaxed.  So that is what I did.  I told my husband to stop and just watch and listen.  I kept telling him how good it all felt until my body just exploded.  It must have been too much for my friend too as his orgasm was right behind mine.

I rolled off my friend and collapsed on the bed, trying to catch my breath.  My friend and I kissed, giggled, and cuddled a bit on the bed, but I was too hot to be that close to anyone at that moment.  I got off the bed and saw my husband still obeying my last command.  He was rock hard, but still not touching himself.  He was squirming in his seat and I could tell that he was a little uncomfortable, but I just smiled at him as I grabbed a drink.  I covered up with another silk robe and sat down on the bed.  I wasn’t ready for my husband to cum yet, and I told him so.  He swallowed hard, but did not respond.

I cuffed his free hand to the chair so he would not touch himself and left the room, as I called my friend to follow me.  He scooped up his clothes and quickly caught up.  He dropped his clothes in the living room and waited for me on the couch as I went to the bathroom for some quick clean up.  I joined him on the couch, him still naked, and we chatted for a while as we rested.  We talked about going another round, and as much as I wanted to just straddle him right there on the couch, I wanted to return to my husband and end his ‘misery’ for the night.  My friend got dressed and left with a nice, long kiss from me.

I locked the door and walked back to the bedroom.  My husband’s dick was now soft, but it began twitching when I sat down on the bed.  We chatted some, of course it was all about what just happened, what he saw, what he felt, what I felt, and how in control of it all I was.  I pulled off my robe and told him it was his turn, if he was up for it.  By this time his dick was hard and he most certainly was up for it.  I uncuffed him from the chair and he was immediately on top of me on the bed.  It felt good to have him so hard and wanting me so bad.  It did not take him long to cum and he was finished before I was really close, but I was fine with it.  I was still enjoying the afterglow from the most intense orgasm I had ever had.  I wanted it again, but for now I was fine with how the night ended.

That is how we started out. 

We learned a lot during those first few play sessions.   Later, we opened things up and enjoyed different situations.   But I kept coming back to our times with men and especially the times where I made the men obey me or when I would make my husband watch, specifically times where I was in control of my husband.

That is what I enjoy and where I want to take our relationship.  I want to be a cuckoldress.  My husband fights back for now, but he can’t deny that he fantasizes about it, now I just need to convince him.

The First

Our first time was with a local guy.  He and I chatted online a lot; most of it was nothing sexual.  It was a lot of getting to know type stuff just to make sure he was real and not too freaky J.  My husband sat in on some of the chats and gave me some suggestions on things to ask and things to say.  After we felt more comfortable, we all went to dinner.  The intention was not to let anything happen that night, more of a face to face meeting to talk and check chemistry.  And nothing happened that night.  It was a good dinner and a good time out.  There was definitely some good chemistry between all three of us and I could see us all being friends even if there were no sex involved.  But there was sex involved and we decided to push things along and see if he was willing to go further. I will admit that my husband and I did have some good sex that night after the first meeting.

We chatted more online and began to exchange pictures now that we had met face-to-face, with the pictures getting more and more suggestive.  Then we moved on to a webcam and things picked up steam pretty quick from there. I wore revealing outfits and even give little peeks to my bra and tits.  One night, I sat there wearing only my bathrobe and my husband decided to join us.  My husband was giving me a hard time about teasing the poor guy and that I should just show it all to him.  So I dared my husband, since he was a guy, to come show our friend what it is a guy would want to see.

He was all for it and quickly came over to me.

He moved the webcam down so that it was pointed at my chest.  He rubbed my shoulders then slipped his hands inside my robe, rubbing my tits.  I tried to keep typing, but the massage was making it tough.  Our friend on the other end of the cam had a great view and was very encouraging.  He was telling me things like, I bet that feels good, I wish those were my hands, and I would love to see how his hands are working you over.

My husband was enjoying reading his comments and decided to give him a little more of a show.  He pulled my robe off my shoulders, off my arms, and let it fall into my lap.  I sat there, now naked from the waist up with adrenaline flowing through me with the thrill of now being exposed to our friend.  My husband went back to massaging my tits and made a special emphasis to squeeze them together often, like he was presenting them to the cam for approval.  He then started kissing my neck, knowing how I loved that and knowing it would make me squirm.

Our friend kept the compliments flowing, telling me how much he was enjoying the show, wishing he was there with us.   On a whim, I asked him to show me how much he was enjoying the show.  I saw a smile flash across his face before he pointed the cam down to his lap.  I watched wide-eyed as he pulled his shorts down showing me just how excited he was.

Well, it was on from there.

My husband pulled off his pants and had me stroke him and then dared me to blow him.  I did and did it all on the cam for our friend to see.  My husband was telling me how much our friend was enjoying by reading the messages he was typing with one hand never leaving his dick.  After that, we put on our own little sex show for him, with my husband fucking me in a variety of positions so that I was in a prominent view of the camera.  One was my husband was sitting in a chair with me riding him facing the camera and facing away from the camera.  Another was me standing, bent over with a side view of only my face and tits as my husband was behind me.  And my favorite was being bent over facing the camera with my husband behind me, that way I could type and watch our friend as I feeling my husband.

That was an enjoyable night.  Just letting go and enjoying the feel opened a whole new world in my mind.  The orgasm was intense and I wanted it again, of course after I had time to recover J.

So from there, it was time to embrace this new world with an open mind.  As my husband and I talked about it, we kept going back to the excitement of our friend as he was watching it.  My husband seemed attracted to that point and he wondered several times what it would be like to be on that end of things.  So I asked if he wanted to watch me enjoy our friend on the cam.

That was the suggestion he was waiting for.  He jumped all over it.  And so that is how we decided to go with it.

I was fine with it, because it actually simplified things for me.  I would not have to worry about my husband being in the same room, or worrying about what he was going to do.  I could focus on our new friend and enjoying him.

So I sent our friend an email asking him if he was willing to help us make our fantasy come true and become a friend with benefits, at least for a night.  His response was quick and simple, “YES” was all he said and it was all he needed to say.  I replied and told him that we would chat about the details I had in my head about how I wanted this to happen and then pick a date.

I will admit that it was tough to focus on what I needed to do over the next several hours until I could chat with my future lover.  That night our chat quickly turned sexual and we went over the details of what would happen and how it would happen.  Well, it was me giving the details and rules and him agreeing to them.

So here is how it all went.

I got myself ready like I was getting ready for a night out on the town.  I showered, shaved my legs, and took a little extra time fixing my hair and makeup.  I even put lotion on my legs to give them that soft feel and a little shine.  I grabbed my favorite black dress from the closet and grabbed my new, lacy, sexy black set of bra and panties.  I had thought about going without the panties to give me a little extra sexy feel, but I wanted my new friend to see them, or at least have to work around them some. 

My husband gave me a whistle of approval as I walked out of the bedroom and I gave him a quick twirl.  He was up, out of his seat, and in my space with a hug and a kiss.  I had to push him away since I did not want him to mess up my make-up , hair, or dress.  And with my nerves, I did not feel much like a close encounter with my husband at this moment.  I had a lot running through my head about my new friend and what I was about to do and he did not fit into it.  We had some chit-chat and I again asked him if he was sure about all this and he said he was and was even a little excited.  I’m not sure his answer would have mattered at this point; I was nervous, but excited and wanted this.  So with a quick kiss, I left a little lipstick on his cheek, I left the house.

I had the radio blaring as I drove to his house, still trying to clear my head and not think about what I was doing, but it all came rushing back when I pulled into his drive way.  I almost was too nervous to get out of the car and I was shaking so bad that I had a tough time walking to his door in my heels.  Not the most gracious way to enter my new lover’s home.  I ended up laughing at myself and how it was all affecting me as I rang his doorbell and I think that is what I needed.  It sank in to not take myself so seriously and to just enjoy it.  So with a deep breath, I felt my body relax just as he opened the door.

I gave him a quick up and down look and was glad he took tonight as seriously as I had.  He looked very nice in his jeans, shirt, and sport coat.  Not too flashy, but certainly an outfit worthy of a night out.  But we weren’t going out.  Still trying to keep things more discrete and wanting to focus more on just the two of us, I wanted it to be a ‘stay-home’ date and he agreed. 

He prepared a nice dinner (I think he actually bought it from somewhere, but it was still nice) with candlelight, nice music, and a nice wine.  I don’t drink much wine but that night I drank a few glassed to help me relax and get a little more courage, but was careful not to get drunk.  We chatted, flirted, and had a generally good time as we ate.  I was surprised how quickly the awkwardness left and we got more comfortable with each other.

When dinner was over, I helped him clear the table and as we were putting dishes in the sink, he made his move.  I was sitting my plate in the sink when he walked up behind me and trapped me against the sink as he put his plate there.  I felt his breathe on my neck as he pushed my hair out of the way and then shuttered (a good shutter) as he kissed my neck.  I braced myself against the sink and tilted my head to the side to give him better access and he worked his way up my neck.  I smiled when I felt his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him.

I swayed my hips, grinding my ass into his groin, feeling his growing erection.  I heard him release a moan as he worked on my neck, even nibbling on my ear, and worked his hands over my body more and more.  I spun around, cupped his face in my hands and moved in for a kiss and he responded.  I don’t know how long we were there and I don’t care.  It felt good and I was ready for more.  All my nerves were gone and I was ready to enjoy the night.

We moved to the bedroom where the laptop and webcam were set up.  We worked to get the webcam turned on and the lighting adjusted in the room.  We lit candles, turned lights on and off, and moved the camera around to get a good angle.  When it was all set, he signed in and left to get us some drinks.  There was my husband, already signed in and as soon as he saw us sign in, he started up a chat.  I messaged him back and said we are ready to do this.  He said he was too, so we exchanged webcam views and poof…there he was on the screen. 

It seemed surreal to seem my husband on the monitor as I was in another man’s bedroom, but I soon got over it as my friend returned still wearing his button-up shirt and jeans, but no sport coat, carrying a couple of glasses of wine.  He sat the wine on the night stand and came over to me at the computer.  He bent over, resting his chin on my shoulder so he could see what I was chatting about with my husband.   He arrived just as I was asking my husband if he was excited about what he was going to see.  He said he was, so I told him to show me and to show me by getting naked.  He did not hesitate.  He stood and removed his clothes and sat back down.

My friend laughed softly at the control I had over my husband and I have to admit that I enjoy seeing him do what I said so quickly.  My friend went to work on me, rubbing his hands up and down my side and kissing my neck again.  I saw that my husband did have a hard-on and he seemed like he was excited to see me there.  So I asked him what he wanted to see and he replied that he wanted to see me enjoy myself, so I pushed back from the computer and began to do just what he wanted.

My friend started some nice, slow music and we danced as we kissed and our hands roamed each other.  He started to undo the buttons on my dress, but I stopped him.  I wanted him out of his clothes first.  He had seen me naked on the cam, so I wanted him naked here first.  I worked on his shirt, getting it off, and then I sat on the edge of the bed and worked on his belt and pants.  I looked over at the computer and could watch myself as I fought with his belt and watch my husband as he fought with his dick J.  I watched as the computer me undid his belt and pants and pushed them down, but I turned back to him when it came to his boxer shorts.  I wanted the real me to see this happen for real.

I gave him a few moments to kick off his shoes and helped push his pants down to his ankles, but let him work on stepping out of them, I wanted something much higher.  I grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, I started to work them around his hard dick, but then decided to catch the head of it in the waist band and pull it down with them.  I enjoyed making it ‘pop’ out of his boxers and slap against his stomach, but I may be a little weird that way.

Just like that, I had two naked men excited by me, still clothed.  That thought, plus having a new dick inches away from me put a thrill in my stomach and an ache in my naughty place (but it was a good ache).  I wrapped my hand around his dick and began a slow stroke.  I looked up with a smile to see how my new friend was enjoying my touch and then looked at the computer to see my husband matching the pace of my strokes.   Turning my attention to my friend, I soon added my other hand by massaging his balls and then just pounce with my mouth.

I loved hearing his moans, feeling his hands in my hair, and feeling his ass with my hand as I used it for support.  I loving the thrill of having another man’s dick in my mouth, I wasn’t even thinking about my husband anymore, but later when I think back to this moment I do get wet thinking about him watching.  I was loving the thrill of being this naughty and I was wanting it to continue.  I don’t know how long I was giving him a blowjob, but I really don’t care, it was fun and I think I enjoyed giving it as much as he enjoyed receiving it.

Next, he helped me stand up and I helped him remove my dress, leaving him there in my new bra and panties.  He spun me around, quickly unfastened my bra, and pushed me down on the bed.  He climbed on top and kissed my neck as he rubbed his dick on my panty-covered ass.  I pushed my hips up to push back against him and grind my ass into him as he was grinding his dick into me.  I was more turned-on than I had been in a long time.  I was wanting him inside me, to fill his dick (a strange dick) inside me. 

He kissed down my back and kissed around the top of my panties as he tugged at them, pulling them down.  I raised my hips off the bed so he could remove them easier and he did.  I stayed on my stomach and he kissed his way back up my legs, rubbing and massaging them as he went all the way to my lower back, paying attention to my butt cheeks with his lips and his hands.  Oh, I LOVED that!!  He slid a hand between my legs and touched my honey pot.  As wet as I was, it did not take much effort for him to slip a finger inside.

I moaned, buried my head in the bed, and parted my legs to give him better access.  He gently worked a couple of fingers inside, really getting me warmed up good before turning me over so I was on my back.  Before I really had time to get adjusted, he had his head between my legs giving me one of the best lickings I had in a long time.  I love oral, both giving and receiving, and I was loving this.

I’m not sure what brought it back to mine, but I suddenly remembered that my husband was watching all of this.  I decided to really give him a good show.  I grabbed my friend’s head and pulled him deeper into me, arched my back, and really started moving my hips and head.  I did not have to do any acting, I was really enjoying it and enjoying it that much!  I couldn’t see the computer screen from where I was, but my imagination was adding to the intensity I was feeling.

I did not want to have an orgasm just yet, so I released him and sat up on the bed.  I was not ready to climax yet, but I was ready for the next step, I was ready to feel him inside me.

During our mini-break, we both went to check the computer.  I sat down in front of the screen with my friend behind me.  My husband was applauding and I could see that he still had an erection.  I asked him if he had cum yet and he said no.  He went on to tell me that he did not want to cum until it was all over.   There was a little bit more small talk before I went to lay down on the bed and called my friend over. 

I laid in a way so my husband would have a good side view of us.  My friend crawled on the bed and between my legs.  His kissed his way up, spending some time on each nipple and then there he was, face to face with me.  I could feel the tip of his dick on the opening of my honey pot and so badly wanted him, all of him.  He kissed me and asked if I was ready.  I moaned a yes and wrapped my arms around his neck.  He slowly slipped inside and it was amazing.

This was it.  We had finally done it.  Sure everything up to now felt good and was leading to this, but there is something different about actually having another man’s dick inside.  There is something different about having another man penetrating me, rocking his hips, and pushing and pulling his dick in and out of me.  I was loving it.  But I could not escape the webcam and my husband. 

As much as I wanted to enjoy this new feeling, I found myself looking at the computer, wondering what was going through my husband’s mind now that I was finally having sex with another man.  Part of me wanted to stop and chat with him some, part of me wanted to kill all the lights and forget about him, but the part that wanted to keep feeling everything (my new friend, the anxiety of my husband watching) and I stayed where I was.  I just let go and enjoyed it.  Enjoyed each thrust, enjoyed each re-entry, and enjoyed each kiss.  We changed positions a few times and were all over the bed before taking a break.

My husband was still there, still had his erection, and was still encouraging.

As I was typing, my friend came up behind me and began to tease me with his dick.  So we re-created a scene my husband and I had done where I was bent over the computer with a dick in me as I chatted with the person on the other end, only this time my friend had his dick in me and I was chatting with my husband.  I must say that this was sooooo hot.

I felt like I was ready to explode, but I was not done teasing my husband.  So I stood up quickly, my friend had to pull out, and I told my husband I was ready for the next phase.  I pushed my friend onto the bed and went around blowing out the candles so it was dark in the room, at least dark enough for nothing to show on the webcam.

I climbed on the bed and climbed on top of my friend.  It was my turn to control the pace and my turn to control the action.  I wanted to orgasm and I wanted to control how I did it.  I blocked out anything except my friend and my desire.  I slid his dick inside and enjoyed the ride.

I rode for what seemed like an eternity with him being very aggressive with his hands and mouth.  My orgasm was a slow build, but when it hit, it hit hard and long.  Just as mine was ending, his began and that intensified the ending of mine even more. 

I was exhausted.  I collapsed on my friend and we were breathing heavy together until I rolled off.  I grabbed a sheet to cover up as I got off the bed and went back to the computer (funny how after you’ve been fully exposed to someone so intimately that you feel like you have to cover up.)  My husband was still there and seemed a little upset, but it was more of a playful upset.  We chatted for a bit and I told him how much I enjoyed it.  He was wanting me home, but I told him I was not ready to leave just yet and will send him a text when I leave.  Then I signed out and turned off the webcam.

I was spent, but I was not ready to be done with my new friend.  I went back to the bed and cuddled up with him for a bit.  I listened to him breathe and heard his heartbeat as he stroked my sweat soaked hair.  We got up shared a snack and chatted a bit and talked about what happens next and does this happen again.  Neither of us had an answer for anything.  I only knew I wanted a shower and to clean up before I went home.

I also wanted him to join me, and he did.

The shower was fun, playful, and I was able to give him another orgasm before it was over.

I got dressed, leaving my bra and panties for him, and headed home.  I sent a text to my husband and he quickly replied that he would be waiting for me.

The drive home was interesting for me.  It was not that far away, but with all the thoughts and scenarios that went through my mind, it seemed like it was a cross-country trip.  I was uncertain of the welcome or greeting I would receive from my husband when I walked in.  I guess the drive home is one of the downsides to having the first time done away from home.  When I parked the car in the driveway, I sat there for a few minutes trying to catch my breath.  My heart was racing with the thoughts of what I had just done and the unknown of what I was coming home to find.  I stepped out of the car and walked towards the front door. 

I smiled at how funny the ending to the night seemed a lot like the beginning.

I slid the key in the lock and opened the door.  I did not have to wait long for the questions in my mind to be settled.  My husband quickly grabbed me and gave me a deep, passion-filled kiss.  The tingles in my stomach grew as I felt his hands exploring me and pushing me towards the living room.  He was aggressively trying to remove my clothes and I soon found myself naked on our couch.  He took note of my lack of anything under my dress.  Breathless, yet lustfully, he whispered in my ear that he wanted to hear the details, how did it feel, how did he feel, what was the best part, what happened when the lights went out, do you want to do it again…  Before I could respond his face was buried between my legs.

I thought, ok I’ll let him have it.  So I told him what we did and how he felt.  I was really getting into it myself, grabbing his hair and pulling his head deeper into me.  I was getting worked up as I relived all the details of the night, putting my own emphasis on the parts I liked best.  I told him how intense it was and yes I would love to feel it all again. 

I’m not sure how, but my husband was now naked and had his dick in my face wanting me to give him a blow job.  I grabbed it and was surprise how hard he was.  As a wife and as many times as I had felt this part of my husband’s body, I was very familiar with how it felt and it was harder and even a little bigger.  As I sucked him, he was more sensitive and more vocal than he normally is and he did not stay in my mouth very long.  He pulled himself out and knelt between my legs, pushing his dick inside where my friend was not too long earlier.  That thought alone was almost enough to send me over the edge.

It was a different feeling, feeling my second dick in only a few hours, and I couldn’t help but compare them.  I’m not sure why my mind went there, I was enjoying the feeling of my husband fucking me, but it did.  Those thoughts helped me to tell my husband more details of the night.  He commented on how good my freshly used naughty place felt.  And for some reason, I really enjoyed hearing that and it stuck with me.  He would ask me questions and I would answer them.  He finally had all he could take and he came.  Without me asking, he moved between my legs and licked me again and it wasn’t long before I had my own orgasm.

We both collapsed right there on the couch.  We did not bother getting dressed, but slept naked, cuddled on the couch.  But when I woke up the next day, I was alone.

I must have been exhausted because I slept until almost noon despite the bright sunshine that was coming through our living room windows.  I wrapped up in my robe from the bathroom and saw my husband was already outside working.  I sat down at the computer and noticed an email from my friend.  He told me how much he enjoyed last night and would love to help me out any other time I wanted to take advantage of his ‘benefits’.  I must have been smiling as I was typing a reply, because my husband asked what was so funny when he came in from outside.  I told him what I was doing and he told me that I had better things to do with my time.

What struck me was not what he said, but how it said it.  It was very cold and harsh, and certainly not the same tone as last night when he ripped my clothes off and wanted details.  I wanted to talk about it, but he shut down.  He wanted nothing to do with it and had nothing to say about it.  I said something about talking about the next time and he blew up.  He said there would be no next time and this was the end of it.  I was his wife and I would be his only.

I ran to the bedroom crying.  I had done all of this for him, sure I enjoyed it, but he wanted me to do it and he enjoyed me doing it.  I wasn’t sure what was going on and thought there had to be more to it.  So I decided to bring it up again later, but drop it for now.

That day, I did my thing and my husband did his and we did not have any interaction until later that night.  To his credit, my husband brought it up first.  He apologized for his blow up and tried to explain it away. 

I would not let him get away that easy though.

I told him that this was his idea.  I said no for so long, but he kept pushing it until we did it.  I enjoyed it and he enjoyed it, he can’t deny he enjoyed it.  I felt his enjoyment.  He finally admitted that he was not ready for me to enjoy it so much and was not ready to be completely cut out like he was when I turned the lights out and did not come home as soon as he wanted me to. 

As he was telling me this, I did notice that he had a hard-on.  He may not have been ready for it, but he liked me turning out the lights, he liked me telling him I was going to stay and enjoy my friend a little more.  I did not fully understand it at the time, but this was the beginning of me cuckolding him.

I told him how much I loved him.  I told him that yes I did enjoy the feeling of last night and I would like to do it again, but that I want to spend the rest of my life with him.  I want to come home to him or with him each night.  This will be just some extra fun we can add to our lives.

He asked about where we go from here.  He asked about finding a woman to make things even and I had to laugh.  I did not see what there was to make even, he wanted this and I did this because he wanted it.  I told him I’m not against finding a woman, but not real soon.  I wanted to keep things simple and work on this one guy for now, or just work on adding men if we want to open the relationship open some more. 

He agreed, sheepishly, but he agreed.

From there, we talked about the next time with my friend with benefits and he said he would like to be part of it in person.  So we started working on details and enjoyed another night of hot sex, fueled by make-up desires and more fantasy desires.

To my husband

Hello sweetie!!!  I have wanted to tell you so much for so long how thankful I am that you opened my eyes, my mind, and my world.  Yes, it took me some time to get to this point, and yes, I was hurt at first.  Maybe hurt is not the best word, maybe shocked and floored would be a better way to say it.  I think most women would be shocked when they hear that their husband wants them to have sex with other people, but that is the way we are told to think in our society.  Men are allowed and even expected to lust after other women, but we gals are expected to stay true to our men and  we want and expect our men to protect us with a violent jealousy. 

But that is not the way it has to be.  I, as a woman, should be allow to embrace sex and admit that I love sex just as much as a man.  I should be allowed to admit that I like to look at a nice looking guy and let the ‘what ifs’ dance around my mind.  I should be allowed to have my fantasies and not be judged for them.  The internet is full of what men fantasize about and it is tolerated in this society.  Well this woman wants her turn and you have given it to me.

Now, I can’t believe the freedom I have; freedom in my mind, freedom in my spirit, and freedom in my world.   And the self confidence it brings, it is even energizing just to think about all the possibilities and all the WOW-ness I, and we, can now have.  It is great to feel hunted and desired as a woman.  Yes, I will admit to taking for granted the little things you do to make me feel comfortable and all warm and cozy.  But there are times I don’t want to feel warm and cozy, I want hot and exciting.  At times, I want to let go of the comfortable and I want the jitters from being a bad girl and knowing a proper lady should not do it, but knowing that it feels so good that I just don’t care to be proper.

Sure it was scary the first few times, having sex with another man with you watching.  But seeing you enjoy it so much melted away those concerns each time.  Whether it was teasing you on the webcam or watching you watch me get off, I wanted to give you a good show.  Seeing you stroke your little cock as I was filled and satisfied, and watching your excitement build as my sweat-covered body shivered in pleasure made it more than just an act, it was an event and a memorable one too!! 

That made it even scarier the first time of having sex with another man without you there.  If you were watching, I could see your reaction, see your enjoyment, hear your encouragement, and feel your intensity.  But without you there, my mind was distracted with how would you embrace me when I got home?  Would you even care and be asleep or would you be so mad with jealousy that I have to be fearful?  This may sound wrong, but it did not seem right to enjoy another man’s dick without you there.

But the way you made me feel when I got home erased those worries.  I will still worry and be scared, but each time it will be less until I can realize I could enjoy my new dick, and once that fun was done I could be eager to come home and enjoy my old dick almost as much.  You are lucky to have a woman who enjoys sex so much and I am lucky to have a man that lets me and encourages me to enjoy it.

We can have it all honey.  I don’t want to leave you or lose you.  I’m not looking for a replacement and I don’t need a replacement.  How could I replace you?  You give me, or allow me to get, everything a woman could want.  You give me the safety and security of a home.  The comfort of know that no matter what else happens in the world I can come home to my safe place. You also give me, or allow me to find, the excitement; the excitement of the chase, the hunt, the tease, the buildup of something (or someone) new, the jitters of a new relationship, the confidence to take the risk of it and see what can happen, what can be enjoyed, knowing that if it fails, oh well because I have the best husband at home.

Oh now don’t you worry your little head (either of your little heads J) any.  I haven’t forgotten about you or your needs.  I’m still here for you and I will bring home other women for us to enjoy.  Yes, I did say us.  That is another wonderful freedom I have, the freedom to enjoy women and enjoy those wonderful curiosities I always had.

You have told me about your fears and regrets from opening up this lifestyle to me.  But you’ve also told me about how hard and turned-on it makes you.  How much you love watching some guy make me orgasm.  You’ve said you feel humiliated knowing that your wife is more orgasmic with other men, but that you can’t help but jack-off thinking about it.  I know you have an internal struggle with it, the fear and enjoyment fighting each other with the enjoyment winning almost every time.   So I tell you this to help with those feelings.  I tell you all this to help you see what I think and how I feel.  I am happy with this lifestyle and I am happy with you.  I want to enjoy it with you.  You wanted it and wanted me to enjoy so now I do and can openly and happily admit it.  I enjoy watching you get hard as you watch me and I love knowing that you are home jacking off your little cock when I am out alone, not know what stories or people or surprises I may bring home.  I’m not afraid to say that I want and need more dick than you can provide.  I want more intensity than you can provide, or more intensity that I can get from you.

So let go of your fears and just enjoy it.  It is fun, it can be fun, it will be fun, and you know it and want it.  Stop denying it to yourself and stop trying to convince yourself that you are ready to end it all.  I don’t want to be the controlling dominatrix that eliminates your manhood and turns you into a quivering wimp.  You are my strength, my rock, and that is what lets me have so much fun in this lifestyle, knowing that no matter what happens with the others, I always have you to be there.  I don’t want to do this every time we have sex.  It is something fun to add in whenever it works out that way, so let’s not be scared of local people.

Come on now, embrace it all, embrace the fun, embrace me!