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To my husband

Hello sweetie!!!  I have wanted to tell you so much for so long how thankful I am that you opened my eyes, my mind, and my world.  Yes, it took me some time to get to this point, and yes, I was hurt at first.  Maybe hurt is not the best word, maybe shocked and floored would be a better way to say it.  I think most women would be shocked when they hear that their husband wants them to have sex with other people, but that is the way we are told to think in our society.  Men are allowed and even expected to lust after other women, but we gals are expected to stay true to our men and  we want and expect our men to protect us with a violent jealousy. 

But that is not the way it has to be.  I, as a woman, should be allow to embrace sex and admit that I love sex just as much as a man.  I should be allowed to admit that I like to look at a nice looking guy and let the ‘what ifs’ dance around my mind.  I should be allowed to have my fantasies and not be judged for them.  The internet is full of what men fantasize about and it is tolerated in this society.  Well this woman wants her turn and you have given it to me.

Now, I can’t believe the freedom I have; freedom in my mind, freedom in my spirit, and freedom in my world.   And the self confidence it brings, it is even energizing just to think about all the possibilities and all the WOW-ness I, and we, can now have.  It is great to feel hunted and desired as a woman.  Yes, I will admit to taking for granted the little things you do to make me feel comfortable and all warm and cozy.  But there are times I don’t want to feel warm and cozy, I want hot and exciting.  At times, I want to let go of the comfortable and I want the jitters from being a bad girl and knowing a proper lady should not do it, but knowing that it feels so good that I just don’t care to be proper.

Sure it was scary the first few times, having sex with another man with you watching.  But seeing you enjoy it so much melted away those concerns each time.  Whether it was teasing you on the webcam or watching you watch me get off, I wanted to give you a good show.  Seeing you stroke your little cock as I was filled and satisfied, and watching your excitement build as my sweat-covered body shivered in pleasure made it more than just an act, it was an event and a memorable one too!! 

That made it even scarier the first time of having sex with another man without you there.  If you were watching, I could see your reaction, see your enjoyment, hear your encouragement, and feel your intensity.  But without you there, my mind was distracted with how would you embrace me when I got home?  Would you even care and be asleep or would you be so mad with jealousy that I have to be fearful?  This may sound wrong, but it did not seem right to enjoy another man’s dick without you there.

But the way you made me feel when I got home erased those worries.  I will still worry and be scared, but each time it will be less until I can realize I could enjoy my new dick, and once that fun was done I could be eager to come home and enjoy my old dick almost as much.  You are lucky to have a woman who enjoys sex so much and I am lucky to have a man that lets me and encourages me to enjoy it.

We can have it all honey.  I don’t want to leave you or lose you.  I’m not looking for a replacement and I don’t need a replacement.  How could I replace you?  You give me, or allow me to get, everything a woman could want.  You give me the safety and security of a home.  The comfort of know that no matter what else happens in the world I can come home to my safe place. You also give me, or allow me to find, the excitement; the excitement of the chase, the hunt, the tease, the buildup of something (or someone) new, the jitters of a new relationship, the confidence to take the risk of it and see what can happen, what can be enjoyed, knowing that if it fails, oh well because I have the best husband at home.

Oh now don’t you worry your little head (either of your little heads J) any.  I haven’t forgotten about you or your needs.  I’m still here for you and I will bring home other women for us to enjoy.  Yes, I did say us.  That is another wonderful freedom I have, the freedom to enjoy women and enjoy those wonderful curiosities I always had.

You have told me about your fears and regrets from opening up this lifestyle to me.  But you’ve also told me about how hard and turned-on it makes you.  How much you love watching some guy make me orgasm.  You’ve said you feel humiliated knowing that your wife is more orgasmic with other men, but that you can’t help but jack-off thinking about it.  I know you have an internal struggle with it, the fear and enjoyment fighting each other with the enjoyment winning almost every time.   So I tell you this to help with those feelings.  I tell you all this to help you see what I think and how I feel.  I am happy with this lifestyle and I am happy with you.  I want to enjoy it with you.  You wanted it and wanted me to enjoy so now I do and can openly and happily admit it.  I enjoy watching you get hard as you watch me and I love knowing that you are home jacking off your little cock when I am out alone, not know what stories or people or surprises I may bring home.  I’m not afraid to say that I want and need more dick than you can provide.  I want more intensity than you can provide, or more intensity that I can get from you.

So let go of your fears and just enjoy it.  It is fun, it can be fun, it will be fun, and you know it and want it.  Stop denying it to yourself and stop trying to convince yourself that you are ready to end it all.  I don’t want to be the controlling dominatrix that eliminates your manhood and turns you into a quivering wimp.  You are my strength, my rock, and that is what lets me have so much fun in this lifestyle, knowing that no matter what happens with the others, I always have you to be there.  I don’t want to do this every time we have sex.  It is something fun to add in whenever it works out that way, so let’s not be scared of local people.

Come on now, embrace it all, embrace the fun, embrace me!


Comments on: "To my husband" (3)

  1. it is good that you reassure your husband that being a cuckold will not be an issue and will not in any way change how you feel about him or your desire for him. It is good that he knows that you oftimes prefer other men for sex and that you want to make him submissive to your desires. It is important that you explore his desires to be a submissive cuckold and find his deepest desires to submit and how you can physically consumate these cravings. Does he clean and does he maybe want to service your men whenever they demand

  2. Kennedy Derocher said:

    Life is way too short

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