A cuckolding and strong woman to share her adventures and advice. I like to share :).

Why I cuckold

The basics of this came from someone else (thank you toy4her), but it is how I feel and helps explain the why.

Basically, I make my husband a cuckold because I like it.

To be proper in our society where a woman only does things to support her precious hubby I guess I should say: “My husband is a cuckold, because that is what he is longing for and because he wants me to lead him to a deeper submission. If he wouldn’t, I wouldn’t do it.”

But the reality is I ENJOY IT!!!   That’s right, it is about me and for me and I will scream that from the mountaintops.

I love meeting men, the whole process from the beginning of the meeting until the conclusion.  I love making love with a man and sometimes just having raw sex with a man.   I keep my husband up to date of things, because I love his support and his deepening submission.  Believe it or not I do love him and love coming home to him. And I love that my husband does not have the right to have the same priviledges as I have.   He only gets what I allow him to get

It is part of who I am, what I believe. It is not a game but a way of life, and a statement.

As I said, I love the whole process. I like to flirt, seduce, be seduced by a handsome man. I like to be asked out on a date. I like to tease my husband about my encounters. I like it when my husband helps me prepare for a new appointment.

I like to go out. I love the game, and to test a man. I like the kiss (the first kiss!), the first caress, to be in his arms, and yes, I love sex! I like to see my husband before, after, and sometimes during, shy, tormented, or otherwise confused. I love this power I feel, and I like what it gives me, and above all I like what it does to my husband.

And I can tell you, you do not know how it feels to really control a man until he is a cuckold, your cuckold.

The cuckolding process is so much more then having sex. It is liberating and by allowing it my husband accepts his subservient position. It is a total power exchange of the husband submitting to the dominant female.

It is neither swinging nor wife swapping. It doesn’t happen because my husband craves for it. I would have stopped after the first try. I continued because it increases my pleasure, and because I feel like it. I enjoy every minute of it. Everything is for my pleasure, and the frustration of my husband forms part of the pleasure.

It was my husband who brought it up, more then once. He had to convince me. Before I decided to give it a try, I told my husband that if we would do it, it might be permanent. And indeed.

There is no way back.


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  1. I can’t describe with words how deeply and completely I crave for my wife to have a serious boyfriend; a man she loves; a man she spends A LOT of time with. I don’t know if that’s the kind of thing you desire and do, but still, I envy your husband. He’s soooooooo LUCKY!

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