A cuckolding and strong woman to share her adventures and advice. I like to share :).

This weekend we were finishing tiding up the house after the kids had gone to bed.  My husband took the dishes and laundry and I picked up room by room and put all the stuff strung though the house back in place.  I walked into the washroom and quietly came up behind my husband.  In one quick move, I pulled his shorts down.  He started to say something, but I pulled his shirt over his head.  He raised his arms and I pulled it off his body.  Quickly, I bent down and held his shorts as he stepped out of them.  Naked, he turned around and his hardening member was in my face.  I smiled as stood and gave his package a love pat.

I left with his clothes and made a comment about him not needing them for the rest of the night.  I also told him to hurry with his chores so we could have more fun time later.  That was the encouragement he needed.  He scurried around finishing his tasks and even the few extra I asked him about.  I was enjoying sitting at the table surfing the internet watching him bounce around the house, with his dick swaying in the air.  Sometimes it was hard, sometimes not.  I enjoyed teasing him as he worked too, asking him to stop so I could get a good look at him, or striking a sexy pose for me.  It was funny and stimulating at the same time.  Something about me loves that power of control and uses it as an aphrodisiac.

My husband was intensly working in the kitchen when my cell phone buzzed.  It was my boytoy telling me he was outside and ready.  Without my husband knowing, I let my boytoy, I’ll call him Mike, inside and led him to the table where I was seated.  I fixed him a glass of wine and we chatted quietly while I waited for my husband to be done.  Earlier, I had texted Mike my first thoughts on the night and it was enough to get him interested.  At the table I went over the details of what I had in mind for the night with Mike and he agreed to it, I love it when men do that!!

We talked some more before my husband walked in the room. 

He was shocked 🙂  I could tell he was excited as he left the kitchen, but when he saw Mike at the table, his ‘ego’ deflated.

“Oh honey, you remember Mike,” I said not wanting my husband to lose his excitement and to get the night going.  He had met Mike several times so he was not a new face, but seeing him here tonight threw my husband off.  I reassured my husband that I wanted to play tonight and wanted him involved, but I was also aching for Mike.  I told my husband if he still was up for it, then I will see him in the bedroom, but if not, then I understand and Mike and I will make the most of the evening together.

Without a word, my husband walked down the hall and into the bedroom.  I smiled as I watched his naked ass bounce out of sight.  I patted Mike on the shoulder and motioned for him to follow me.  Playfully striped out of my clothes as I walked, tossing each piece at Mike.  My husband was lying on the bed when I entered the room.  I joined him and gave him an oral workover (a GREAT oral workover if I do say so) and then lay on the bed next to him. 

I told him tonight would be a bit of a role reversal for us because I wanted him to go first and for Mike to watch us.  My husband took advantage and began to work my body over; first with his hands, then with his mouth.  Mike was sitting in the chair in the corner watching us and rubbing his groin through his pants.  I told him to get naked and show me how he liked watching.  He obeyed and I got to watch him stroke his gorgeous cock as my husband worked on me.

I guess I’m a fortunate cuckoldress in that my husband can pleasure me sexually.  So haiving sexual relations with my husband is something I can enjoy and not just endure like many cuckoldresses (or even wives in general).  He just can’t keep up.  I can enjoy his dick and he is great with his hands and tongue, but I love sex and he can’t do it everytime I want it.  I love the thrill of feeling something and someone new.  Besides, one look at Mike’s cock is enough of a reminder why I do this.  My husband is good and his dick can satisfy my, but I can embrace, yearn, and dream about Mike’s penis.  It is enough to get me through the dull parts of the day and week.  And Mike isn’t the only one….but anywho, back to the story.

My husband crawled between my legs and started to push his dick inside me.  I reached down, grabbed his shaft, and held him in place.  I was not ready for him to stick his dick all the way in and I wanted him to know that I was still in charge.  I stroked him as I rubbed the head of his shaft around my wet lips, I loved hearing him moan for more.  Once I had him ready, I told him the  condition on him participating.  I told him he gets to have the pleasure of giving me my first orgasm of the night, but he has to do it without cumming.  Once I have my orgasm, he is to switch places with Mike, but if he cums before I do, then he will be sorry.

He agreed.  He was so hard, so horny, and so ready to go I thought he was going to be finished before he got started.  He was a good boy and lived up to his end of the deal, but he did stop some to keep from cumming.  He ravaged my body like he has not done in a long time and I was in heaven.  I enjoyed what he did to me and enjoyed Mike watching it all.  In the end, I had to take matters in my own hand (or I should say I took his dick in my own hand:) ) to reach my orgasm, but it was a good way to start the night.

Relunctantly, my husband left the bed and Mike climbed on board.  Now, I’m a sensative gal after an orgasm, so most times I don’t like too much action immediately after one.  No problem for Mike.  He had been watching enough that he wanted some attention of his own.  I practically poinced him before he could lay down.  I kissed every inch of his body until I found my way to his dick.  But, I didn’t have to search too hard for it. I was a hungry, wanton woman, even after my orgasm, and his beautiful penis was the meat my mouth was watering for.

After Mike joined me on the bed, the night was just like any other night.  My husband took his place as my cuck and Mike was my bull.   So our little role reversal was over and things were back to how they should be.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the details for the night.  It certainly wasn’t boring to any of us there, but there are only so many times and ways you readers and read about sex.  It was hot, imaginative, and memorable.  It produced feelings and tingles that make it so addictive that you just have to have more. 

What a weekend!!!!  His begging is my drug!!

Everyone did get their orgasms that night, and I got three :).  It was a time that I think we all want to repeat!


Comments on: "A Little Role Reversal – just sorta :)" (8)

  1. How much does it add to your satisfaction with your lovers that you are married? When it be as fun if you were single? Is it satisfying that you made him a cuck? Also, how important is it that you are his only lover?

    • Good questions, I’ll answer the best I can

      Being married and with my husband living this life with me adds HUGE helpsing of umph, excitement and intensity. Knowing that when the night is over my husband and I can retreat to the security of each other opens up so many possibilities. It gives my imagination freedom to roam and explore without the worry of tomorrow. It is AMAZING how much more erotic and intense the encounters can be when one’s mind is not distracted. Same goes for my lovers, they are not looking to change their marital status, only have some fun!!

      I get off on the power, so yes I guess it is satisfying that I made him a cuck. But it is not something that I would have done without him or his desire for it. He enjoys his submission to me just as much as I enjoy my control.

      How important is it that I am his only lover? I am not his only lover. I have allowed him to be with a couple of others, but only with me there. I enjoy the touch and caress of a woman too, so I get my thrill when he does. But he does not play with others alone. That part is very important to me so I can have the control over his sexual needs, wants, and gets 🙂

      Send any other questions my way!!!

      Good Luck.

  2. mat magic said:

    How did it start with the two of you? Was it a traditional marriage at first? Who initiated it and who had to be persuaded? My wife is being persuaded.

    • It was traditional at first. Sure we had our role play and kinky side, but it was mostly traditional. I would say that he initiated and I had to be persuaded. It came up in our fantasy talk and we noticed a trend…he always wanted to include others in our sex life and I always wanted to have meaningless, but raw and passion-filled sex with a stranger. So after some hard talks and some growing pains, he convinced me and now here we are.

      • mat magic said:

        Thanks for being so responsive. I see some similarities, except I don’t know if she is dying to have sex with a stranger. However, she did say that it would have to be with a stranger in our case, because a friend or neighbor would be too messy and would keep us from leading a normal day to day life. So that is pretty frank of her to say, and it has caused my own growing pains, as it makes me confront the idea on a slightly more real level. And, quite frankly, really scares me as well as excites me. But I love her so and I don’t know if, when push came to shove, I would be capable of giving her up to another. I do like what you had to say about your hubby reclaiming you afterwards though.

  3. mike hughes said:

    I have read or scanned about everything on this lovely site. I found it to be informative, well thought out, and well written. I have been researching aspects of your subject for well over thirty years in a scholarly and also practical way. It is safe to say I would have a hard time living without the the lifestyle. I am too lazy and inconsistent to do my own site. But I have many facts, opinions, theories and experiences I would be gratified to share. Please let me know if you are interested and explain how I might go about submitting material. You may edit as you please and I claim no copy write rights

  4. mike hughes said:

    I would prefer to use an alias. just an old hipppie

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