A cuckolding and strong woman to share her adventures and advice. I like to share :).

I don’t remember where I found this, but I thought I would share!!!!  I like to share!!!  If you know the original source, please pass it along so credit can be given!

Despite thousands of years of cultural programming and conditioning, the truth is that women were never meant to be monogamous. I think we’re currently living through a period of enormous social change in this regard. More single and married women are realizing every day that experiencing as much sexual pleasure as they choose is their natural-born right.

For many, a marriage where the man places his wife’s sexual pleasure above his own, and supports and encourages her to explore her sexuality with other men, while he remains monogamous to her, or even chaste, is not an alternative lifestyle at all. It’s simply a recognition and celebration of the true natural order of things.

It also satisfies the cuckold husband’s deepest, most passionate desires. Paradoxically, the cuckold wife’s act of supplementing and even replacing her husband in the marital bed with better, more well-endowed lovers, and her demand that he live in a state of either temporary or permanent chastity, is precisely what sets him free to become what he knows he was born to be… a cuckold husband with an openly unfaithful wife that spreads her legs for other men.

It takes a great deal of trust for a cuckold husband to admit to his wife that his deepest darkest desire is to be cuckolded and sexually humiliated by her. This too is a paradox. Many outside the Hotwife Cuckold Lifestyle view this with absolute horror, but in the best cuckold marriages, the husband’s sexual humiliation at the hands of his wife is something that he has deeply and passionately longed for, often for a very long time.

When a woman grants a cuckold his deepest wish, and openly has sex with other men, she’s actually helping her cuckold husband to fulfill his sexual and marital destiny. Which is why the wife’s cuckolding of her husband can be simultaneously both an act of sexual humiliation and one of profound understanding and love. 

By agreeing to her husband’s deep-seated desire that she take on other lovers, and exploring her sexuality with them, she’s the one doing him the favor, not the other way around, and she should never let him forget that.


Comments on: "Women were never meant to be monogamous" (9)

  1. Good post but what happened to the plan to enertain your husband while you were out of town?

  2. Sorry, but I don’t agree with the basic premise that cuckolding is done on behalf of the man. I view it the other way around. 🙂

  3. Humans are not programmed to be monogamous, we (women) are supposed to copulate with as many males as possible when we ovulate so as to ensure the strongest sperm fertilises the egg, thus maintaining the gene pool. Also, men are supposed to copulate with several females for pretty much the same reason,
    So….we should all try swinging! But I would advise the use of condoms these days!

  4. I love your attitude toward all this… and wish we were neighbors. (I have a switch nature and would enjoy being cuckolded at home AND being someone’s bull in another setting. Both visions turn me on a lot.)

    Anyway, more power to you.

  5. Wonderfully written and we agree completely!

  6. […] Women were never meant to be monogamous (thiswifesturn.wordpress.com) […]

  7. I’m sure there are couples who fully agree with your statement. Unfortunately, you express your view as if it represented the entire spectrum of MWM activity and individuals. I sincerely wish that people who choose to write about this lifestyle would first take make the effort to learn logic and how to practice honest and ethical writing. To wit, you began by making the blanket statement that “Women were never meant to be monogamous” then attempt to back this sweeping statement by presenting the vary narrow and specific views and experiences of “some couples” who fit a very stereotypical model. What you get is echos from people who share your singular point-of-view, and confusion and silence from others who do not fit the specifics you give for defining the MWM model. You seem to feel it necessary to create dogma to attract others to feel validated. As long as you’re going to allude to our evolutionary biology and social nature, please don’t overlook that our sexuality is not programmed, certainly not in the rigid, “natural order” way you focus on. We are also an intelligent species with the ability to take in our environment, plan and make decisions. That means that the strategies for survival that have made our species so successful are far more complex than simplistic “breeding strategies” you solely rely on to support your dogma.

    • Dr. Harry,

      I truly appreciate your response, but I am not the original author of this work. I have not spent as much time on this blog as I would like and I will do a better job in the future of creating a clear link to the original author when one exists or making a clear distinction between the works I create and did not create.

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