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Cuckold Training Tips

Cuckold Training Tips –

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Although not mandatory, it is common practice to expect the Cuckoldress to receive many more sexual experiences than her cuckolded counterpart. The reasons for this are simple, as the Cuckoldress will have multiple lovers while the cuckold will not, and also because it is generally an accepted practice for the Cuckoldress to have sexual superiority over her cuckold, even to the point of deciding when (or if) her cuckold is lucky enough to be permitted direct sexual contact for the purpose of achieving orgasm. 

Some Cuckoldresses enjoy seeing their cuckolds achieve sexual gratification through direct contact on a regular basis, while others take a completely opposite approach to a cuckold’s orgasms. The path that is ultimately chosen should be decided through obtaining input from both parties, and needs to be carefully explored over the course of time to ensure compatibility, both on the alternative side, as well as the enhancing the core portion of the relationship.  Many Cuckoldresses find additional pleasures in knowing their cuckold receives displeasure or even discomfort, both physically and/or psychologically. Quite often, this may take the form of reduced direct sexual contact, severely regulated acts of masturbation, and sexual and/or orgasm denial. For some Cuckoldresses, it is not enough for the cuckold to remain celibate while his Girlfriend or Wife has other lovers, but sometimes she gains additional pleasure from the knowledge that her cuckold is suffering for her sexual gains as well.  Sometimes, it is very difficult to decide whether denied sexual contact creates greater suffering for the cuckold, or whether not being given the opportunity to masturbate creates greater suffering. For many men, that totally depends on their overall outlook regarding sex. There are men that would be content with regular release, even through masturbation as a legitimate replacement for penetration or receiving oral sex. Many men who have been void of female companionship in their recent past have compensated for the lack of sexual trysts with frequent masturbation. Quite often, this habit has created a situation whereby sex with their significant other is no longer a necessity. If, for example, her cuckold has little or no desire to be denied sexual penetration, then his outlook when visualizing or otherwise knowing another man is penetrating his Wife or Girlfriend may be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is critical that if a Cuckoldress wishes her cuckold to suffer, she needs to be aware of the sexual orientation of her cuckold. Otherwise, she will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

As indicated before, frequent masturbation is a habit that can be broken over a period of time. It takes total and complete dedication on the cuckold’s, as well as the Cuckoldresses’ part, however, the greater responsibility lies with the Cuckoldress. One needs to understand that the motivation for changing this bad habit is generally due to the overall needs of the Cuckoldress. 

Eliminating or greatly reducing a bad habit of over masturbating is done by attacking it in two fronts. Firstly, fitting the cuckold with a male chastity device will greatly assist in the physical aspect of withholding masturbation, but also redirecting his ability to orgasm is just as important. If the cuckold has replaced the joy of intercourse with masturbation, this can be changed over time by utilizing a chastity device to ensure his inability to receive self gratification, but then requiring him to climax only by vaginal penetration over time might tend to re-discovering the rapture of sexual intercourse. Once he has become dependent on climaxing via vaginal sex and that frequent masturbation is no longer satisfying or even possible, his suffering will probably increase when knowing or seeing a lover’s cock deep inside his Girlfriend or Wife vagina. Think of it Ladies – What do you think would happen if your boyfriend or husband found wonderful times pounding your pussy to the best of his ability, only for you to take that away from him by replacing him with another lover or lovers more endowed, or with more stamina, or even possibly discovering the joys of interracial sex, or dare I say, all three? It should also be noted that the same mindset regarding vaginal intercourse can easily be used for oral or anal sex. Let’s face it Girls; if you enjoy seeing your cuckold suffer, just give him great oral sex with all the trimmings and then gleefully take it away and make him watch you give your lovers the same pleasures you used to give him.  In closing, I highly recommend that you listen intently to his sexual history so you can learn all about his likes, dislikes, habits, and fantasies. Naturally, if you still plan on making love with him it is certainly important to know how to make your sex life with him more pleasurable for the both of you. However, if your thoughts have turned to a more sinister (HeHe) course of action, then knowing his weaknesses will go a long way towards cuckolding your honey in ways that will make him more loving, attentive, and compliant to your desires. Suffering may sound cruel for many people, but handled the proper way can help to turn your life, both sexually and otherwise into a very enjoyable situation for all involved.

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