A cuckolding and strong woman to share her adventures and advice. I like to share :).

Please excuse the mess

Greetings All!!!

This blog started off as a personal brain dump.  A place to dump all the thoughts that were in my head on cuckolding.  Then it became a melting pot of information I found across the web from various authors and sites; some of it good, some of it not so good.  My goal has become to create a single resource where those looking for information on the cuckolding or hot wife lifestyles and come for information.

From personal experience, I know it can be difficult to come to grips with all this lifestyle offers and even how real it is, especially for women.  We have been taught our whole lives that good girls don’t do certain things and married women don’t even consider certain things.  We are also taught that our husband’s love towards us should be expressed in certain ways.  And all of these things we have been taught are completly opposite to this lifestyle.  It can be puzzling, frustrating, hurtful, and exciting all wrapped up in one.  I struggled to find real information from real people to find out just how real all this is and what it means about me, my husband, our family, and our future.  So this blog is meant to provide that single resource.

As I have grown this blog, I have not taken great care in obviously distinguishing my original work from that of others.  I do not intend to take credit for or plagarize the work of others and so I apologize for the confusion I created by not making that obvious distinction.  I will be putting some thought into how better to organize this blog and the information it has in it to make it easier to read for everyone.

Please be aware that when I post work from another author, I make no claims to the accuracy of their work to any scientific evident they produce, how factual it is, or even how realistic it is.  I just want to provide information for men, women, and couples to use to discuss this lifestyle, all it has to offer, and how they want to shape it to fit their own preferences.

Thanks for reading and I welcome all comments or critiques.  Let’s make this our site by working together to build it!!!


Good Luck!!!!




Comments on: "Please excuse the mess" (4)

  1. I like your blog! The articles you have posted have been very interesting to me to say the least. I think you have given the apropriate credit when citing or using other sources including the links. My interest is more to the hotwife aspect of the issues rather than the cuckold but what the heck there isn’t much difference. I think your husband is a lucky son of a gun.

  2. Nice to see real cuckoldress’ posting. Let us know if you ever want to talk directly. We are looking to make lasting friendships with other like minded couples.

    • hi there.
      just found this blog and was very pleased.
      i also try to get my loving wife into this lifestyle.
      already brought it up but it was not her cup of tea.
      some of the articles i found already and mailed them to my wife a few days ago.
      when i called her after that i aked if she had a good weekend.
      she just laughed a little and said she love me
      so far nothing happened yet i guess but….
      i am going to wait till i’m back home and will show her this blog.
      hope i can get her interrested.
      thanx for this blog.

      • AWWWWWW…aren’t you just sweet. Thanks!!
        I would be happy to help in any way I can. If she has any questions I’ll answer as honestly as I can.

        Good Luck to you!!!!

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