A cuckolding and strong woman to share her adventures and advice. I like to share :).

Taking a break…

Since it has been a while since I posted anything, this is not a surprise to many of you, but I need to take a break from this blog and from posting.  With school starting up and all the other activities with the family, something has got to give and this blog and much of my online communication is it.

That doesn’t mean the lifestyle will end, only my publishing and talking to others about it will stop for the moment.  So that means this blog, my Facebook, Twitter, and email will end or will have next to nothing come from them. Even my Tumblr activity will fade lots.    When things slow down I’ll be back and in the downtime, I will be looking for more articles and trying to collect more information to better inform the world about it and to show it is not so far out there as some people think.

Enjoy your Fall and Good Luck to everyone in your choices!!!!!!


Comments on: "Taking a break…" (3)

  1. Enjoy your “vacating”. 🙂

  2. thelustytexan said:

    This is a really good blog. I have enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

  3. mat magic said:

    It’s exciting to read comments from your perspective. I look forward to more of them, if possible.

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