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Creating an Enjoyable Cuckolding Experience

 Enjoying the Cuckolding ExperienceObviously, there are many different wives and couples who dine from this buffet of sexual preferences the world has to offer, so this post will not apply to everyone, but anyone may be able to take small pieces and use them. 

The dynamics in a cuckolding relationship can be intense, thrilling, and intimidating for everyone involved.  That range is what makes it so exciting, but it also is what makes it so scary.  We often times find it challenging to balance a relationship that has two people in it, so it is natural to cringe at the thought of adding a third (or fourth, or fifth, or sixth…) to the mix.  Or maybe we push back at the idea of getting close enough to the third person to think of them as being in the relationship or we keep the details of our affairs off limits to our husbands.  But that doesn’t need to be the case.

To make the cuckolding experience an enjoyable one for everyone involved and to keep the lifestyle fresh and going, everyone needs to get the maximum benefit from it.  That may seem obvious, but if it is not considered, you may be missing out on the full enjoyment of the lifestyle.

So you may be asking what the maximum benefit is for each person in this lifestyle.  Well, that’s a good question and the details will be different for each, but in general terms it means that the couple and the boyfriend(s) practice cuckolding together.  That is, you practice it as a threesome.  Now don’t freak out if the idea of being with two men at the same time is not your thing.  That is not exactly what I’m suggesting (but if you are open to it, MFM fun can be its own thrill 🙂 ).  But here, what I mean by threesome is three equal parts; hubby, wife, and boyfriend.

First, as the wife, if you are mainly hooking-up with various men at random times or places or if you have a regular boyfriend, but keep him away from your husband and your home, then you are missing out on some of the best experiences of the cuckolding lifestyle.  A steady boyfriend, or group of steady boyfriends, can be create much more rewarding experiences.  Don’t fear intimacy with your boyfriend, it is healthy, natural, and adds to the experience for everyone involved.

Sure it can be scary and intimidating for a couple to bring a steady relationship with another man into their lifestyle, but in reality, it is less risky physically.  If the concern is the emotional risk, then couples really shouldn’t even be thinking about this.  This is not polyamory we are talking about here, where the wife loves multiple partners.  Not to offend anyone, but I do not see how that relationship works.  In my experience, women cannot truly love more than one man.  This threesome setup I describe would be like adding a Friend with Benefit to the couple.  This FWB is available physically for the wife, but the emotional support comes from the husband.

Second, if you never involve your husband directly in your dates or sexual encounters, you are keeping him from experiencing some of the most intense feelings and parts of being your cuck.  Part of the sexual gratification your husband receives from being your cuck is mental and emotional.  The mental torture of the images that are burned into his mind from seeing with his own eyes the lust in your enjoyment of your boyfriend.  The emotional knots in his stomach watching his wife willingly submit to her boyfriend and enjoy her lover’s body like she once enjoyed her husband’s.  The anxiety and worry from seeing how much his wife can enjoy sex without him and what it means for him.  As strange as it sounds, this ‘anguish’ is a HUGE aphrodisiac for a cuck.  He has found a way of turning what would otherwise be debilitating jealously in others into an amazing and addictive stimulant.  It works much the same when you are away from him for the night and return with tales of your encounters, but the intensity increases hundred times over when he sees it with his own eyes.

And you may find that you enjoy the thrill of him watching more than you ever thought.  The thrills of seeing his erection grow with each act.  His lust growing to a point where his body aches for touch, any touch, and it forces him to masturbate looking for any release as he watches you squirm in ecstasy with your boyfriend.

But what if you or your boyfriend is not comfortable with your husband being around?  Well, go slow.  

He will need to be convinced that your husband is fine with the arrangement, that your husband won’t go postal on him when he watches you with your boyfriend, and that there are no ulterior motives at play here (i.e. no bi-sexual switches in the heat of passion).  Your boyfriend needs to be shown the submissive role your husband has taken in your new relationship.  Here are some ways you can start it off and slowly warm him up to the idea:

1)      Have your boyfriend pick you up at your house while your husband is there.  Introduce the two of them and be sure to use their ‘titles’ of husband and boyfriend (or you could call him your date if you need to go extra slow).  Give your boyfriend a passionate kiss with your husband watching and cuddle up close to him.  Your boyfriend will see your husband simply stand there and watch you two.  Before you leave, give your husband a goodbye kiss, but just a quick peck, make sure there is a big distinction between the two kisses to reinforce your husband’s role.  As you walk to the car, tell your boyfriend how hot and sexy it was to kiss him like that in front of your husband.  He may not get the message immediately, but you should show him enough to know that kissing him in front of your husband gets you hot and wet.

2)      During the dates, if the discussion ever turns to you being married or mentions your husband at all, don’t shy away from it.  Don’t be afraid to discuss your husband and his reactions to your dating.  Even share any details about how excited your husband gets the closer it comes to your date night and how he helps you get ready (picking out clothes, helping you choose sexy lingerie…).  Share the fantasies you and your husband have discussed and how you two have gotten to this point in your relationship.  Don’t use him like a therapist, but the more you can stimulate his mind with information, the more his imagination will be intrigued by it.

3)      Before your next date, have your husband make contact with your boyfriend to get his input about what he would like for you to wear.  It doesn’t need to be very specific and it could be as simple as asking what type of lingerie or panties does your boyfriend want you to wear.

4)      Have the dinner portion of the date at your house.  Your husband can be involved as much as you want and it even helps show his submissive role when you give him little tasks to do.  They don’t have to be big or humiliating tasks, they could be simple ones like greeting your boyfriend at the door, fixing the drinks for everyone, cleaning up the table.  After dinner, have some fun ‘social’ time together with you next to your boyfriend flirting, teasing, and even doing some foreplay fun with him with your husband watching.  Before you go out for the night, give your husband some task to do.  Again, it doesn’t need to be humiliating or overly dominant, but something as simple as saying “I hope that kitchen is clean when I get back home.”  It could be given with a light-hearted tone or laugh.

5)      Call your husband during your date and give him a teasing description of what is going on or what is about to happen.  Be sure your boyfriend is listening.  Before the call you could even ask your boyfriend for suggestions about what to tell your husband or deliberately create a situation to tell your husband about (i.e. your hand is rubbing your boyfriend’s dick under the table, or your boyfriend has his hand under your skirt while you are sitting at a bar).  To push the limits, you can call your husband from your boyfriend’s place, leaving the phone open for your husband to hear the sounds of sexual arousal and then hang-up just when things are getting hot and heavy.

Eventually this will all lead to some heavy petting and kissing at your home, then on to some fun in the bedroom and you may never leave the house.  Don’t get me wrong, we women love to be wined and dined, but sometimes we just want to be fucked.  During the first few of these make out sessions, your husband can watch and you can emphasize his submissive role by having him tied to a chair, watch the two of you while he is naked, or have him be your butler and undress you for your boyfriend.  When you retreat to the bedroom boldly state that your husband is to stay out of the bedroom unless you two call for him.

All of this may seem like such a challenge to most women and not worth the trouble.  But think of it as a game and once you win this game, it will become second nature to you and your boyfriend.  He will begin to take the initiative (and be very encouraging of him when he does as any negative criticism will likely make him regress) and you will be surprise just how playful he can be in your home or around your husband.  Your make out sessions on the couch will go further faster and you’ll find that your boyfriend is even embracing the relationship and coming up with things for your husband to do to help you two out in your passion play.

You’ll also find that your husband is having harder orgasms when you do let him cum.  All of this teasing and torment will cause a buildup in him like he has never felt.  And the more buildup there is, the more submissive he becomes.

Good Luck To All!!!!  Enjoy making this cuckold experience and enjoyable one for all!


My night of deviance

I want to watch porn with you.

I’m clothed, you’re naked. You have no idea I’m not wearing panties. My secret lies under my dress. I’ll save it until you’re really naughty.

Watch the screen and think about what you’re seeing. I watch you harden. Throb for me, but don’t touch. But I will touch you when I say so. Don’t say a fucking word. Just throb for me.

I lift my dress and you see my fishnets. My exposed, glistening lips. It’s turned me on so much to watch this with you, not to touch you, but watching you pine, throb, stiffen.

You’re as distracted by me as you are the movie. Don’t say a word. Don’t touch. So much carried within eyes now. Something electric. your cock still twitches. I want it.

The fucking on screen gets ever more sinful, I reach over scratch the very tip of my nail down your shaft, to your balls, to your ass. Drown in your reaction. That violin stroke of your moan. The music of your sex. I want more.

To tighten my fingers around your cock. To hear that deeper, cello. To push faster and faster and faster. This isn’t about holding back, this is about making you cum.

Your hand moved to my knee to steady yourself. Fucking delicious. I know you’re close.

Until..  that scream .. your hips spastic against my punishing fist .. and you cum for me. Hips bucking. So much spunk.

I leave you throbbing and breathless within the moment. Wondering if i’m going to suck you. Lick up every drop.

But you’re still hard. And very sticky.

And I’m demonically in the mood to ride you.

More on why I cuckold

 I’m afraid my last post on “Why I Cuckold” may have come across too demeaning to my husband and our relationship.  I fully respect and love my husband.  I don’t ever want to lose or replace him.  He is my world and my life.  At the end of each day I love being in his arms.

We are a loving couple and are passionate about pleasing each other.  We are very dedicated to each other and to learning what makes each other tick, even the smallest of details.  And this cuckolding relationship or lifestyle is something that makes us both tick. 

We have chosen to not be in it a full 24/7.  He is still my husband and the man of the house and I willingly submit.  That does not mean that he walks all over me or does not consider my desires.  I still have my say and still have input.  We talk about things and how it will affect us.  If a decision has to be made, I will trust him to make it.  That is what I meant by willingly submit.  I know I am his precious jewel and he will give his life protecting me.  He won’t let anything happen to me.

Sexually, I take charge and he willingly submits to me.  It works the same as when I submit to him as the husband and man of the house.  He submits to me as his cuckoldress.  I could also say dominatrix, but that gives the image of whips, chains and leather and that is not it at all for us.  It just means that I am in charge of us sexually.  Sure he still gets his input and I consider his needs, but I make the final decisions.  He fully trusts me and he still protects me.  If I get caught up in the lust of the moment, he is there to get all the precautions done and the safety in place.  He does all dirty work and lets me enjoy being dirty 🙂

We are fully committed to passionately pleasing each other and we both fully enjoy the intense pleasure this cuckolding lifestyle brings.   This is us being intimate.  It may seem different than your kink or fetish, but it is really no different than you using a vibrator.  Our vibrators just happen to be alive!  I enjoy other men and he enjoys seeing me so fully satisfied.  I do let him join in on occasion and even find another woman for us, but our focus is on other men and what they do for me.   I enjoy seeing how turned-on he gets and everything it does for him, but I do it all for me. 

I enjoy knowing that I can still do it for other men.   Knowing I can still get other dicks hard, knowing I can still make them want more, knowing I can still make them cum uncontrollably, and knowing I still use them for my orgasms still puts that thrill in my life.

Everyone does everything differently and what is cuckolding for some is not the same as cuckolding for another.  I know my definition is not the same as yours and that is okay.  We make it work for us, just like you make it work for you.

To my husband

Hello sweetie!!!  I have wanted to tell you so much for so long how thankful I am that you opened my eyes, my mind, and my world.  Yes, it took me some time to get to this point, and yes, I was hurt at first.  Maybe hurt is not the best word, maybe shocked and floored would be a better way to say it.  I think most women would be shocked when they hear that their husband wants them to have sex with other people, but that is the way we are told to think in our society.  Men are allowed and even expected to lust after other women, but we gals are expected to stay true to our men and  we want and expect our men to protect us with a violent jealousy. 

But that is not the way it has to be.  I, as a woman, should be allow to embrace sex and admit that I love sex just as much as a man.  I should be allowed to admit that I like to look at a nice looking guy and let the ‘what ifs’ dance around my mind.  I should be allowed to have my fantasies and not be judged for them.  The internet is full of what men fantasize about and it is tolerated in this society.  Well this woman wants her turn and you have given it to me.

Now, I can’t believe the freedom I have; freedom in my mind, freedom in my spirit, and freedom in my world.   And the self confidence it brings, it is even energizing just to think about all the possibilities and all the WOW-ness I, and we, can now have.  It is great to feel hunted and desired as a woman.  Yes, I will admit to taking for granted the little things you do to make me feel comfortable and all warm and cozy.  But there are times I don’t want to feel warm and cozy, I want hot and exciting.  At times, I want to let go of the comfortable and I want the jitters from being a bad girl and knowing a proper lady should not do it, but knowing that it feels so good that I just don’t care to be proper.

Sure it was scary the first few times, having sex with another man with you watching.  But seeing you enjoy it so much melted away those concerns each time.  Whether it was teasing you on the webcam or watching you watch me get off, I wanted to give you a good show.  Seeing you stroke your little cock as I was filled and satisfied, and watching your excitement build as my sweat-covered body shivered in pleasure made it more than just an act, it was an event and a memorable one too!! 

That made it even scarier the first time of having sex with another man without you there.  If you were watching, I could see your reaction, see your enjoyment, hear your encouragement, and feel your intensity.  But without you there, my mind was distracted with how would you embrace me when I got home?  Would you even care and be asleep or would you be so mad with jealousy that I have to be fearful?  This may sound wrong, but it did not seem right to enjoy another man’s dick without you there.

But the way you made me feel when I got home erased those worries.  I will still worry and be scared, but each time it will be less until I can realize I could enjoy my new dick, and once that fun was done I could be eager to come home and enjoy my old dick almost as much.  You are lucky to have a woman who enjoys sex so much and I am lucky to have a man that lets me and encourages me to enjoy it.

We can have it all honey.  I don’t want to leave you or lose you.  I’m not looking for a replacement and I don’t need a replacement.  How could I replace you?  You give me, or allow me to get, everything a woman could want.  You give me the safety and security of a home.  The comfort of know that no matter what else happens in the world I can come home to my safe place. You also give me, or allow me to find, the excitement; the excitement of the chase, the hunt, the tease, the buildup of something (or someone) new, the jitters of a new relationship, the confidence to take the risk of it and see what can happen, what can be enjoyed, knowing that if it fails, oh well because I have the best husband at home.

Oh now don’t you worry your little head (either of your little heads J) any.  I haven’t forgotten about you or your needs.  I’m still here for you and I will bring home other women for us to enjoy.  Yes, I did say us.  That is another wonderful freedom I have, the freedom to enjoy women and enjoy those wonderful curiosities I always had.

You have told me about your fears and regrets from opening up this lifestyle to me.  But you’ve also told me about how hard and turned-on it makes you.  How much you love watching some guy make me orgasm.  You’ve said you feel humiliated knowing that your wife is more orgasmic with other men, but that you can’t help but jack-off thinking about it.  I know you have an internal struggle with it, the fear and enjoyment fighting each other with the enjoyment winning almost every time.   So I tell you this to help with those feelings.  I tell you all this to help you see what I think and how I feel.  I am happy with this lifestyle and I am happy with you.  I want to enjoy it with you.  You wanted it and wanted me to enjoy so now I do and can openly and happily admit it.  I enjoy watching you get hard as you watch me and I love knowing that you are home jacking off your little cock when I am out alone, not know what stories or people or surprises I may bring home.  I’m not afraid to say that I want and need more dick than you can provide.  I want more intensity than you can provide, or more intensity that I can get from you.

So let go of your fears and just enjoy it.  It is fun, it can be fun, it will be fun, and you know it and want it.  Stop denying it to yourself and stop trying to convince yourself that you are ready to end it all.  I don’t want to be the controlling dominatrix that eliminates your manhood and turns you into a quivering wimp.  You are my strength, my rock, and that is what lets me have so much fun in this lifestyle, knowing that no matter what happens with the others, I always have you to be there.  I don’t want to do this every time we have sex.  It is something fun to add in whenever it works out that way, so let’s not be scared of local people.

Come on now, embrace it all, embrace the fun, embrace me!