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A Friend’s Fantasy

This one comes from a friend, so I can’t take credit for it.  I still thought it was hot enough to share with you (I like to share 🙂 )

The hotel room was nice.  Nothing fancy or elegant, but better than most we had stayed in before.  Most importantly, it had everything we were looking for and wanted for a night like tonight. 

 It was a spacious room, but the layout of the room is what was important.  Immediately upon entering the room, the bathroom was on the right and on the left were the mirrored closet doors.  Just outside of the bathroom were a sink and vanity on one side and a mini-bar on the other, creating a wall that separated the bathroom area from the rest of the room.  The only way to see the main area of the room, where the bed was, from the bathroom was in the reflection of the mirror on the closet doors.  This layout let me have my two play areas and I could also control what my playthings got to see and experience. 

I smiled as I surveyed the room and unpacked what few things we had brought for the night.  My husband was taking care of the drinks and ice.  He brought me my glass of wine and we made small talk as we both enjoyed our relaxing time.  We knew things would get intense and we, especially I, wanted a little calm time before the intensity hit.  My husband took our glasses back to the mini-bar and I stopped him on his way back to the bed.

“Take it all off,” I order in a low-toned voice.

He stopped where he was and a smirk appeared on his face.  He was looking forward to this night almost as much as I was, but I think that it was starting now was a surprise to him.  Like a good boy, he obeyed and was soon naked.  His cock was already stiffening as he stood in the cool air of the hotel room. I then told him to wait for me by the bathroom.  He obeyed and was soon out of sight behind the wall.

I sat on the bed and kept my eyes on him in the mirror and waited for him to be in position.  Then I reached into my play bag and pulled out the two sets of restraints I had brought for my husband.  I walked over to him and had him stand with his back against the bathroom door.  One set of the restraints went over the door and attached to his wrists, while the other slid under the door and attached to his ankles.  I shut the bathroom door tightening his restraints and keeping him where I want him, tied to the bathroom door.  After some light teasing, I turned to see exactly what part of the bed he could see from his position and made a mental note of his limits.  With a quick tug on his erect member, I left him alone and I finish setting up the rest of the room.

I pulled the other restraints from my bag and attached them to the bed; one pair on the head of the bed and one pair at the foot.  I adjusted the lighting in the room to where there was a nice soft glow and shadows, but still enough light to see what I want to see.  I started to find some soft soothing music, but thought, “Fuck it.  I’m not in a soothing or relaxing mood.  I want hard core.”  So I found some music that helped bring that attitude out of me more.

When everything was ready, it was my turn.  I grabbed my robe from our suitcase and moved so that my tied-up husband could not see me.  I removed my clothes, gave myself a quick oil rub to make my skin shine in the low-light glow of the room, and covered up in a silver, silky robe.  I had to fight myself off since part of me wanted to rub myself a little more, just to take the edge off, but I decided I wanted to save it all for later.  I expected a long hard night ahead.

I walked back over to where my husband was and leaned against the wall, looking at him with a smile.  His dick had softened, but it was soon back to life when he saw me standing there.  There is something about watching a man’s dick get hard that I just love.  I can’t explain it, but maybe it is because it is getting hard for me or by me.  It is something I never get tired of seeing.

Now that I had his ‘full’ attention I decided to have some fun as I waited.  I walked over and stood as close as I could without touching him.  I wanted him to feel my hot breath and my silky smooth robe brush against him causing him to beg for more.  I gave him more, small pieces at a time.  I lightly rake my nails down his side and across his abdomen bringing them teasingly close to his hard cock and balls, but not touching them.  I can feel him twitching and hear him moaning under my touch.

I leaned in, lightly kissing his neck as my hands kept scratching as my naked, restrained husband.  I pressed my silk-covered body against him.  Even in his restrained state, I could feel him move his hips and rub his erect dick against me.  I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and felt him flex and squeeze them as a way of rubbing himself on my. 

Suddenly, I stopped.

I took a quick step back and put my hands on my hips as I looked him up and down.  I heard him moan in disappointment and saw his cock twitch and sway as it lunged for me.  After a few moments of just looking, I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft.  My husband closed his eyes enjoying even my slightest touch.  I could tell I had him in ecstasy overload and I wanted to keep him there without making him orgasm.

With his eyes still closed, I quickly knelt in front of him and swallowed as much of him as I could in one gulp.  Just as quickly, I pulled him out, keeping my hand tightly wrapped around the base of his dick.  I heard his gasp and felt his body tense and tighten as the sudden waves of pleasure exploded through him. 

“Careful,” I said in a mocking warning tone, “I don’t want you cumming just yet.  I hope to have a long, enjoyable night ahead of us and I don’t want this head done too soon.”

He could only moan as he relaxed.  I started a slow stroking of his shaft and used my other hand to cup his balls.  I did not want him to cum, only to stay in his heightened state of arousal.  I would mix in an occasional shaft suck or ball bust, just to mix up the fun and to keep him guessing and wanting more, instead of cumming.  I kept this up until my cell phone rang.

I answered the phone and made some small talk with my friend before telling him where our room was.  He told me he would be there in a few minutes and I hung up the phone.  I went back to my husband and grabbed his dick more forcefully this time.

“Are you ready?” I asked.  Not that it mattered.  I was going to do this even if he wasn’t ready, I was more telling him to get ready than asking him if he was ready.

“Yes,” was all he could say as he swallowed hard.

“Good,” I shot back, “because he is on his way up now.  I know you have wanted this for so long, but I think I am going to enjoy it more than you ever thought I would.”

I stroked his dick a few more times and gave him a few minutes of head when there was a knock as the door.  I let my husband’s dick plop out of my mouth and I stood up in front of him.

“Here we go,” I said to him and then turned to answer the door.

I opened the door and the cool air from the hallway rushed into our room.  I smiled at our friend, he smiled back, and then I pulled him into the room.  I shut and locked the door behind him.  He quickly took notice of my husband’s state and with a whimsical expression, looked towards me.  He started to say something, but I interrupted him.

“You will listen and listen carefully,” I said in a stern voice with my hands on my hips.  “This is my night and I am the one in control.  If you want to be a part of it, you will agree to do as I say.”

He started to say something again, but I shut him up with a quick and forceful “SHHHH”

“The rules are simple,” I told him.  “You must be willing to lay on the bed and let me strap you to it.  That is it.  If you agree to do that, then you will get to enjoy whatever happens in the room.  You may only get to watch, enjoy a little touch, or maybe you will get to enjoy me riding you, but whatever happens, it is all up to me.  No asking, directing, or changing your mind once you lay on that bed.”

I let that sink in for a minute and then continued.

“I don’t want to hear any words from you for the rest of the night,” I continued, still talking sternly.  “If you agree to this, then you need to get naked and get on the bed.  If you don’t agree to it, then there is the door.”

I stood expressionless waiting for his answer.

With a smile, he started to unbutton his shirt and moved towards the bed.  I tried to show no expression, but on the inside, the butterflies were fluttering giving me some exciting flutters in my stomach and I had to take an internal deep breath.  For a moment I was worried he might actually leave and now here he was, almost nearly naked and on my bed.  I grabbed my glass and crammed down what was left to help calm my nerves and give me a chance to breath.

I walked over to the bed and knelt at the foot of it.  Without looking at my new friend, I wrapped a restraint around one ankle and then the other.  These restraints were not too restrictive, he could move his legs around some, but they were enough to make him understand what I wanted.

Then I looked at him.  He was up on his elbows looking down at me.  We locked eyes and I slowly crawled on the bed.  Moving slowly, I felt like a cat stalking her prey as I crawled on my hands and knees along the length of his body.  I straddled him, sitting on his chest, and pinning his arms down on the bed with my knees.  I slowly leaned over, allowing my robe to drape over his face showing him that I am completely naked under it, and tied one wrist to the bed.  I shifted my weight to the other side of the bed and tied his other wrist.  I moved back, taking my weight off his arms and smiled and my robe fell off his face.  He was smiling back at me, approving my wardrobe choice for the night.

I rolled off and laid next to him.  I could see my husband watching the action in the reflection of the mirror.  His rock hard cock was begging for attention after he watched me tie my new friend to the bed.  I slid my hand down the chest of my friend and teasingly circled his cock.  It was fun to watch it twitch, almost lunging toward my hand, trying to get more.  The funny thing was that in the mirror I could see my husband’s cock reacting in the same way.

“I think I’m going to start over there,” I said to my friend as I pointed in the direction of my husband. 

With a pat on the stomach, I left him on the bed and walked to my husband.

I walked up and stood beside my man.  Looking in the mirror I could see my friend strapped to the bed.  I slid my hand down my husband’s chest and kissed up his neck.  When I reached his ear, I stopped and whispered about what he watched in the mirror.

“Did you like watching me over there?” I asked in a soft, sultry tone.

He moaned his affirmative answer.

“Good,” I said, “because I’m going back and I’m going to do more to him.  Maybe I’ll start with this.”

I grabbed his cock quickly and started to stroke him hard and fast.

“Or maybe I’ll do this,” I said and then knelt in front of him and sucked his cock into my mouth.

I used my hands on his balls and ass as I sucked, licked, and even nibbled on his shaft.  I was enjoying giving my husband all of this pleasure, but my mind was drifting to my friend.  The image of him naked, strapped down to the bed was filling my mind.  His cock looked so good and so hard that I wanted to feel it, or at least tease it some.  So after a few more strokes and sucks, I patted his balls with a friendly pat and stood up.  I gave him a kiss and told him that it was time to take care of our guest.

I rejoined my friend on the bed and could see in the mirror my husband’s cock still glistening from my mouth as it twitched in the cool air.  I asked my friend if he could see the action and he nodded that he could.  I asked him if he enjoyed the show, but did not let him answer.  I grabbed his cock and told him that it seemed like he did enjoy it.  So I started to work him over the same way I worked my husband’s dick, except more slowly.  I wanted to savor this moment, feeling another man’s cock for the first time.  I wanted to caress it and get to know each inch of it.  I wanted to find the more sensitive and erotic zones on my new lover and I wanted to see how close to cumming I could get him without letting him cum.

My strokes were slow and deliberate.  I was memorizing how his cock felt in my hand and learning where and how he like it touched, rubbed, and squeezed.  I was now kneeling by his side, pointing his cock straight up, and working my left hand down his full length.  It could have been the energy and thrill of the moment, but he seemed so big in my hand.  He seemed bigger than my husband and I had to hold myself back.  I wanted his bigger, harder cock in me and I barely kept myself from straddling him and riding him as hard and as fast as I could.

Wanting to push things along, I used my right hand to massage his balls as my left continued to work his shaft.  From my new angle, I could look down and watch my hands, look up and watch my husband squirm against his restraints in the mirror, or look to my left and see my friend looking back at me with pure ecstasy on his face.  As I continued playing with his balls, he tried to part his legs to give me more play room, but the restraints kept him from going too far.  I smiled knowing he was tied down and purely under my control.

I wanted things to go at my pace and I was ready for more.  And the guys, well they are guys and always want more, but this was my night.  I slowed my hands and leaned over so that my face was only inches from my friend’s cock.  I opened my mouth and got as close as I could before pulling back quickly and giving his shaft several hard strokes as I squeezed his balls.  I felt his body tense beneath me.

“Oh, I bet you wanted my mouth didn’t you?” I asked, but I did not want or wait for an answer.

“Well I guess I can give it to you.”

I stopped my strokes and quickly devoured his dick.  In one quick motion, I had his cock in my mouth slurping up and down.  It must have been quite a feeling since I felt his body tense even more.  He even tried to raise his hips off the bed to push his shaft deeper into my mouth.  It also must have been quite a sight since I heard my husband gasp and moan from across the room.

Just as quickly, I let his dick plop out of my mouth and my hands began rubbing in all the saliva I deposited.  I let his body relax and then went back down on him, only more slowly this time.  The first time was for shock value, this time was for enjoyment and pleasure, both his and mine.  I caressed and made sweet love to his member with my mouth and hands, slowly building his lust and desire until he was ready to cum.  I was not ready for that yet, so I stopped.

To his moans and groans, I left the bed.  I gave him a little warning about complaining and said something about how he could leave if he did not like how the night was going.  He shut up and watched me walk to my husband.  Without a word, I knelt in front of my husband and started with his balls.  I licked, sucked, and nibbled on them, leaving his dick to twitch alone against my face.  In this position, I was able to give myself some personal attention and neither of my guys could tell that I was doing it.  Something about being this naughty with myself and hiding it from them made it more exciting.  I had to stop myself.  I did not want my orgasm to be from my fingers when I had two perfectly willing and wanting dicks in the room.

I moved up from his balls to his shaft and after his cock was good and slick, I stood in front of him.  I turned around and rubbed my silky robed-covered ass against his stiff member.  I bent over at the waist and pushed back against him, feeling his rock hard dick push my robe between my ass cheeks.  I teased him a little longer like this and then reached between my legs to fondle his balls.  I heard his breath quicken as I rolled them around in my hand.  I was then ready for more and ready to be filled.  I grabbed his shaft and pulled it towards me.  Slowly I guided it into my swollen honey pot.

As wet and ready as I was, there was no resistance.  The head of his cock quickly pushed past my lips and soon his shaft was completely buried inside me.  I let out a loud moan finally feeling a cock inside of me.  Going at my own pace, I was soon bouncing on his shaft, slamming him against the door.  Looking up, I could see my friend in the mirror watching the action, even straining against his restraints to get a better view.  The build up to this moment plus the wine consumed earlier in the night had me quickly on the edge of orgasm.  I wasn’t ready for the lust to end, but I wasn’t ready to deny myself the explosion of the intense orgasm I felt building.

So I gave into me.  Instead of stopping, I went harder and faster.  It wasn’t long before I was screaming as the waves of orgasm ripped through my body.  I felt like a teenage girl again when my orgasms were new and addictive and kept me wanting to find more and bigger ones.  I certainly had found one of the biggest orgasms I could remember and in the back on my mind I knew I had a bigger cock waiting for me on the bed.  I began to wonder what that dick would do to me.

When the pleasure waves began to fade, I felt my legs began to twitch and my entire skin began to tingle.  My whole body felt like it needed a break.  Standing up was even a little difficult, but I did it and gave my husband a quick kiss.  I knew he was not done and I did not want him to be done.  He was going to have to wait for his orgasm.  I had a friend on the bed that needed some attention.

After having that strong of an orgasm, I needed some time to relax and recover, so I couldn’t go straight to riding his cock.  I was fine with that.  I wanted to tease him some more anyway.  I stood at the foot of the bed, between his bound legs, and slowly leaned over, resting my hands on the bed.  I slowly climbed on the bed and laid down as much as I could between his legs.  With my hands and my mouth, I teased and pleasured his dick and balls.  I asked him about the show he had seen and asked if he was ready for his turn.  I kept teasing him and told him that he would get even more because my poor husband had to deal with this robe and did not get to cum yet.  But if he, my friend, was a good boy, he would get to see me naked.  And I would let him cum, maybe even letting him choose where he gets to shoot his load.

He was good and was still playing along.  He did not use any words.  He would only moan a yes or moan with pleasure when he liked what I was saying or doing.  He was not the only one liking what I was doing.  The more I talked and played the more aroused I found myself getting.  I was surprised with how quickly I felt I was ready for more dick inside me.  I did some testing with my own fingers and instead of feeling overworked, I felt wet and ready for more.

Releasing my new boy toy, I worked my way up his body and straddled his face, fluffing my short robe so that it completely covered his head.  I had my back against the headboard so I could see my friend’s naked body on the bed and see my husband in the mirror.

My friend started quick.  I had to stop him and tell him to slow down his tongue.

“No need to rush,” I told him, “we have all night!”

I lowered myself back onto his face and he had learned his lesson.  His tongue was slowly licking and lapping my honey pot.  He was good and knew when to go gentle, work it up to moment of hard, fast lick, and then take me back down to a gentle rhythm.  I rocked and rolled my hips as I was grinding myself against his face.  My mind went more and more to his cock and if he was this good with his tongue, then what would he be able to do with that dick of his.  Wanting a little of both worlds, I stayed on his face, but bent over and grabbed his dick with my hands.  Making eye contact with my husband in the mirror, I made sure he saw me take my friend deep into my mouth.

I tried to keep eye contact with my husband as I went up and down on my friend’s shaft, but it was too difficult to do.  I soon found my own rhythm and was enjoying the pleasure I was getting and the pleasure I was giving.  When I felt I had memorized his dick with my tongue, I knew it was time to get what I really wanted all night long; his cock inside of me.

I changed positions and now straddled his hips.  I had his dick pinned beneath me and teased him by sliding my hips up and down the length of his hard shaft.  I started this as a teasing for him, but it was rubbing me in all the right spots and even though I wasn’t close to orgasm, I get myself there and soon.  My friend was moaning softly, almost purring, and I loved how he was communicating with me and how he was embracing me being in control of his pleasure and mine.

I reached a hand between my legs and grabbed his dick.  I pointed it up and slowly guided myself down onto it.  We both took deep breaths as the pleasure filled every inch of our bodies.  I sat still, wanting to feel how deeply he had penetrated me, and wanting to feel just how different this bigger cock felt inside.  I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, working his full length all around.  I lightly brushed my hands across his chest, feeling his skin shiver as he was enjoying the feeling of us together.

As I began to ride him a little more, but still keeping his dick deep in me, I untied my robe.  I love the feel of my skin on the silky material of the robe but the thrill of being naked, or at least partially exposed, in front of my friend was bigger.  I released my grip on the robe and let it hang loose.  It did not fall wide open, but only opened down the middle, still not exposing my breasts, but allowing a better view of his cock buried inside me.  I looked at his face and watched as his eyes traced up and down the newly exposed skin.  He tilted his head to the side, trying to catch even a glimpse of a tit, but the robe blocked his attempt.  It added to the thrill knowing that he was working so hard, but still could not see it all.

I leaned forward and put my hands on the mattress just above his shoulders.  The robe opened wider but also draped around us, blocking most of the light.  I giggled knowing that I was in a position for him to see more skin, but the low-light from the room only gave him shadows to see.  My new position also gave me more leverage to control just where his dick went and I took full advantage of that.  I increased the speed of my hip rocking, building up to full riding speed. 

Feeling his cock slid in and out of me was electric.  I had lost all care or concern about who was where doing what.  All I wanted to concentrate on was the wonderful feel of this dick and how I could make it last.  I closed my eyes to block out all distractions and just rode.  Sometimes I would slow down and sometimes I would speed up, but it was all mine and all for me.  I have no clue how long I kept this going, but it seemed to go on a long, and enjoyable, time.  When I was ready for a change, I sat up and opened my eyes.

The robe was opened a little further but still covered my tits.  I smiled down at my friend and he smiled back.  He looked so sexy with his arms tied above his head and the glisten of sweat on his skin.  The initial excitement and lust of the night was wearing off, but the thrill of feeling and hearing him enjoy fucking me still had me wanting more.

I stopped grinding my hips against him, but still slowly rocked back and forth to keep him stirring my honey pot.  I grabbed the loose edges of my robe and stared at him.  I tried to project a look of wanton lust at him, but I don’t think it was effective.  He already knew I wanted him and he already had me.  Once I had his attention, I suddenly jerked the robe off my shoulders and spread my arms wide. 

He approved the new view and responded with a grunt and tried to thrust his hip up, at least as much as his restraints would allow.  He made me lose my balance and I fell forward catching myself with my hands on his chest.  The robe fell the rest of the way off my back and slid it down my arms.  I smiled at him as his eyes moved from tit to tit, still thrusting his hips up trying to push deeper into me.

“I’m glad to know you like what you see,” I said to him as I wanted to regain the control of the situation.  “I bet you want to see them bounce.”

He grunted his approval so I gave him a show.  I started riding him hard and fast, feeling his still rock hard dick sliding in all directions and rubbing on all the right places.  We both were really into it now and could feel each other building to climax.  I wasn’t ready for it to be over, so I stopped.  It took all the self-control I had to do that, but I rolled off to the side, leaving him dry humping the air for a few thrusts.

Breathing hard and laying next to him, I happen to catch my husband pulling against his restraints in the mirror.  I don’t know how I could have, but I totally forgot about him being in the room.  I could only imagine what he must have been seeing and I did not want to just imagine it any more.  So I decided to give him a little show.

To the pleasure of my friend, I straddled him again, only I was facing his feet.  This gave me a great view of my husband in the mirror.  Slowly I lowered myself onto my friend’s wonderful dick and the reentry felt so good, I almost lost it.  After a moment of having him buried deep, I took a breath and started riding him again.  I looked up to see my husband’s full attention focused on us.  I smiled at him and he returned the smile before letting his eyes drop to my bouncing tits and then drop further to watch my friend’s cock work in and out of me.

Wanting to put on a memorable show I leaned back to expose more of my friend’s dick as it penetrated me.  I also used my hands to spread myself wider apart, opening even more for his eyes.  Of course, having my hands so active in a sensitive area gave me even more sensations and more ideas of a show.  I let my hands roam all over my body.  I was surprised at how good my own touch felt and how sexy I felt touching my own skin.  I found myself enjoying squeezing my tits and massaging them together, even licking my own nipples.  Of course, I did not just use my hands on my tits, I rubbed them all over.  My favorite was to have one hand rubbing a tit and the other rubbing my friend’s dick as it slid in and out of me.

I kept this up, making occasional eye contact with my husband and blowing him kisses.  I was getting more vocal and could feel my body building towards orgasm.  As much as I was enjoying this show, I wanted to be face to face with my friend when I climaxed.  I wanted him to see my face and hear my moans so he knew exactly what he was doing to me.  So I stopped and quickly turned around.

Without hesitation, I slid his shaft inside of me and started riding him hard and fast.  I could tell he was getting close, so I encouraged him and tried to push him over the edge.

“You like that?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“You like having your dick inside me?  I bet you want to cum don’t you?”

He moaned his approval.

“Oh, that’s a good boy.  I like it too.  I love fucking you,” my tone was lusty and authoritative.  I still wanted him to know I was in control, but that I was also enjoying it.

I kept it going with more words and more riding, changing the pace.  I found myself getting closer and closer to my own orgasm and knew I would not last much longer.

“I want you to cum baby,” I told him.  “Do you want to cum?”

He only grunted.

“Tell me where,” I softly demanded.  “Where do you want to cum?  This is your only chance to tell me what you want?”

I thought he would tell me on my face or on my tits, but he had his own ideas.

“Inside you,” he said softly, but loud enough for me to hear him.

“You want to cum inside me?” I repeated to him.  That was not something we did with our sex partners, especially if they were not wearing a condom, but as I said it out loud and repeated it again, I got those tingles all over my body and I found myself wanting that too.  It surprised and scared me, but it also added to the thrill of the night.

“I want you to do it too,” I said as I kissed him deeply.  “Cum for me baby, cum deep inside me.”

I kissed him again and then rode him as hard and as fast as I could.  I put every last drop of energy I had into making him cum.  With my own orgasm building and beginning, I heard him grunt again and I knew he was there.  We both climaxed together and feeling him shoot his cum inside of me intensified my orgasm.

I collapsed on top of him, trying to catch my breath.

I rolled off of him, feeling his cock plop out of me.  Still breathless, I lay beside him for a few more minutes, feeling his chest heave as he was recovering too.  Feeling his cum in me and on me sent a jolt through my system as I realized what we had just done.  Yes, I was on the pill, but other things could happen, plus I knew my husband had seen and heard everything.  We had never agreed to this level of play, so I did not know how upset he would be.  Looking at him in the mirror, he still had a raging hard-on and he had a look of lust on his face that I had not seen in a long time.  If he was angry, there was no part of his body that was showing it.

I unfastened my friend from his confinement on the bed.  He started to speak and tell me how much he enjoyed the night, but I cut him off.

“Just like when you came in the room, you will leave it the same way,” I said sternly as I got off the bed and found my robe.

“If you ever hope to have a repeat of any parts of tonight then you will get dressed quietly and quickly,” I continued.  “When you are dressed, you will leave the room directly without comment.  Is that understood?”

He nodded his agreement as he was rubbing his wrists now that they were free.  With a smile, he quickly gathered up his clothes and quickly got dressed.  Acting more like a man running away from something rather than a man basking in the glow of his fantasy-filled night, my friend was soon dressed and out of the room.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my arms and legs crossed.  I could still see my husband in the mirror.  I already had two huge orgasms tonight and my husband had not yet had one.  I knew as soon as I let him go, he would be all over me.  So I decided to tease him a little more and talk about what happened.

“So did you enjoy your show?” I asked, already knowing that he loved it.

“Yes,” was his basic reply.

“Even the ending?” I questioned, trying to gauge any hint of anger.

“Yes,” he replied again only swallowing hard this time.

“Mmmm, that was pretty hot,” I shot back with a grin.  “I never thought how exciting it would be to fill another man cum in me.   I think this may open a whole new world for me, uh, us I mean.  Just imagine a night full of filling men cum in me and on me, knowing that I can turn them on so much that they can’t control themselves and just give me all of it.”

Most of what I was saying I did not really believe.  It is not that all of it was not exciting and I guess I could say it would be a fantasy, but the reality and potential consequences of it would be too much for me to make it more than a fantasy.  I think so, or at least most of me thinks so.  I was saying it to tease him more and make him squirm more.

I asked a few more questions about the night and what he liked most.  Most of his answers were simple and really did not answer the question, but I was giving him a break.  I knew that no one would be able to think straight in his condition.  So I walked over to him and unlatched his restraints.

He immediately swooped me up and carried me to the bed.  He threw me down and climbed on top of me.  Without much warning, he had his hard cock deep inside me.  With my friend’s cum still there, my husband did not have any trouble sliding in and out.  We went at it like young, passionate teenagers.  My robe came flying off and our naked bodies twisted around each other.  My husband made lots of comments about how wet I was and how he enjoyed the wet feel.  Of course, I teased him about getting sloppy seconds and he said it was alright with him since he was the last one in the room and knew that I was all his now.

It was not too long before he was depositing his own cum inside of me.  I did not have any more orgasms that night, but I don’t remember a night were I felt more sexual, felt more alive, and felt more comfortable with my husband than that night.  We talked a lot about that night over the next several weeks and what we wanted to do next time.

I can’t wait for the next time!