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Cuckold Codes

I came across this one online.  I had never heard of this before, and I wanted to share.  I like to share!!!

 So which one would you wear??

 Codes women can use to let others know they are available:

 One of the standard codes is the ankle bracelet. This – to a great number of people – means that even though the woman is married it’s fine for another dude to approach her when she’s with her husband. The problem with this is that there are vanilla women who also wear anklets, and this can lead to confusion.

 Which is why the cuckold/poly/swinger community created the “Queen System.” What this involves is the female partner wearing temporary tattoos when she’s out (either with or without her husband.)  The temporary tattoos (which can be bought from any number of cuckold/poly/swinger sites) look like the queens in a deck of playing cards and have the following meanings.

Queen of Hearts – Interested in a single guy for one night stand/brief series of hook ups. This is the typical tat for women who are into cuckolding their dude.

Queen of Diamonds – Interested in a guy on the side for a long term relationship with her husband/boyfriend’s consent. This is traditional for poly relationship people.

 Queen of Spades – Interested in a black guy for extra curricular fun. This is the that of of choice for the interracial fetish people.

 Queen of Clubs – The woman is interested in another female as an extra curricular partner. This is the tat used mostly by bi girls in hetero relationships who can have fun with their husband/boyfriend’s consent.

 Looks like I may need to get four tatoos and an ankle bracelet.  How about you?