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The Cuckold Phenomena

 Dr. Cherry Lee, Ph. D.

(Dr. Lee has lectured and published in the area of analytical psychology, and she developed one of the first electronic systems for the quantitative analysis human behavior.

She started her counseling work by leading gestalt therapy groups. Apart from this, her several decades of professional experience has been largely limited to urban, affluent, female subjects.)

 What Has Spurred the Cuckold Husband/Hotwife Phenomena?

Although motivations for the cuckold husband/hotwife phenomena actually cover a wide spectrum, here we’ll cover a few of the most common.

First, the husband may suspect that his wife is becoming interested in experiencing sex with someone else. He may value the relationship and not want her to jeopardize things because of the deceit and secrecy that normally accompany affairs. In short, he wants to know about and approve any extramarital sex, and even have some control over it. The cuckold husband wants his wife’s sexual encounters with men to be for sex only, with no marriage-threatening emotional entanglements. In this respect it is similar to attitudes about extramarital sex now held by many of the younger people in Japan.

The mass media often cast beautiful and desirable women as both sexy and prone to sexual liaisons. Whereas this type of woman used to be considered a “fallen woman” or even a “whore,” in some minds she now seems to represent an enticing new standard.

Some women used to brag about how they could avoid marital sex, and despite the views of some radical feminists, such women are now suspected as being man-haters, latent lesbians, or simply having personal problems. Now, many women find a certain excitement in being viewed as sexually liberated. For some, especially some older women, there may be a certain ego gratification in still being viewed as being sexually desirable — even discretely promiscuous. While holding to the security of her primary relationship, she may revel in experiencing sexual freedom.

At the same time, most cuckold husbands want their wives to appear ladylike on the surface (in public.). But, among select men, they want they wives to be known as and “not hung up about sex,” or even “great lays.” Although this type of wife was once considered a threat to husbands — and it still is to most — the more psychologically secure males believe that a healthy and well-adjusted (and desirable) woman enjoys sex, and has the right to be just as open about it as men.

Plus, the husbands involved may pride themselves in being secure enough to handle a hotwife. He may even brag to another man about how his wife loves sex and can’t get enough (which, not coincidentally, may be very much in contrast to the attitude of that man’s wife). Implicit in the comment is that the husband has no problem with this, and that, in fact, he thinks his wife is pretty “hot.” In many cases sex within the marriage has waned or grown dull and routine and the husband may get vicarious excitement in seeing (sometimes literally) his wife remain sexually active.

Many women realize that other women regularly enjoy “good sex,” and although many wives have grown ambivalent about sex within their marriages and are reluctant to try new things, these barriers frequently fall with the expectations of new sexual partners. With new men there appears to be unspoken desire to “not disappoint” and “to be good in bed.”

Even though she may have started to have doubts about her sexual desirability, as a hotwife she will probably find that men are again interested in her. For some women this can constitute a kind of new “sexual awakening.”

This transformation can be quite disturbing for a husband who isn’t prepared to handle it. These issues are discussed in much more detail in the next chapter.

In some circles a woman may wear a bold ankle bracelet on her right ankle to tell men “in the know” that she’s a hotwife. (At the same time, most women who wear ankle bracelets do so without realizing the possible significance.) Once seen as a hotwife, she may flirt with select men, making it clear that she’s available for sex.

Women As Sex Objects?

Many women feel that being a hotwife turns a woman into a sex object. This seems to be primarily based on the premise that enjoying sex is a masculine prerogative. However, more and more women are finding that this is not so.

Most women have lived their lives trying to act “like proper women” and shunning men “who have one thing on their minds.” Now, according to one woman, “I let guys know I like sex.”

 Thus, she may soon get beyond, “what other people will think” and concentrate on the pleasures of the sexual experience — in particular, experiencing regular orgasms. This is often bolstered by the excitement that surrounds the culturally taboo aspects of a married women having sex with other men.

Often the Husband’s Idea

All of this notwithstanding, the cuckold husband/hotwife phenomena is typically the idea of the husband who not only knows about the high number of female affairs, but is even sexually excited by visualizing another man having sex with his wife.

According to one husband, “I had to really change my view about how a wife is supposed to be, especially with guys finding out she’s ‘easy.’ But now I can sort of get off on having a woman that guys know is pretty hot. Fact is, instead of being embarrassed or defensive, I now sort of brag about how she loves sex, and then I casually mention that this sure makes her a lot different than most wives.”

According to another husband, “…after a while I got into the idea of encouraging her to let guys give her all the sex she can handle. …She’s settled on several guys she likes and she gets it from at least one of them almost every day. I don’t mind her going off with a guy for a few hours; I don’t feel like I have to take her out — they do that. In fact, I have to admit, I sort of get off on knowing [when she goes out with a guy] that he will soon have her clothes off and be in her. I can kind of get of on visualizing them going at it.”

From her husband’s perspective, if he can rid himself of the “fallen woman baggage” that pervades most of our culture, the fact that she is pursued by men, makes herself available to men, and is frequently bedded by men, introduces a bit of competition for her. This can strengthen the husband’s resolve to “treat her right.”

Or, things can move in the opposite direction, with the husband feeling that, to a degree, she is no longer “his,” and he may find himself emotionally distancing himself from her. If such feelings aren’t effectively addressed and resolved, they may seriously damage the relationship. Things aren’t helped when his change in attitude is accompanied by her (however transient) excitement about new men in her life.

From the husband’s perspective there is sometimes a “taming of the shrew” element. He may fantasize about a powerful (safe) man sexually awakening and dominating her, and forcing her to break free of sexual inhibitions. Some husbands know how exciting a new sexual partner and experience can be, and want to offer some other men this experience with their wives.

A husband may also fantasize about having a wife that is, to a degree, driven by both a physical and a psychological need for sex. Visualizing or seeing first-hand other men meeting this need in her —but only with his permission— may excite him.

The Woman’s Perspective

Women have a different perspective on being a hotwife, of course. According to one woman, “I’ve got a sense of freedom in enjoying the company of men and not being paranoid about a jealous husband, or even being worried about what people will think. If I want to do it with a guy, I have the freedom to let it happen.

At the same time, the hotwife does not want jealousy or resentment to ruin her marriage or threaten the unusual freedom she enjoys, a freedom she knows that very few husbands would be willing to grant. Therefore, she needs to be careful to be totally open and honest to her husband about her lovers. This means that there will be no secret conversations or secret meetings with men. It may also mean that the husband may want to approve of the men she has sex with.

The cuckold husband may want his wife to announce her sexuality by wearing revealing clothes. For example, he may accompany her to a night spot in a distant city and have her dress in ultra-revealing clothes. This can serve to get them both used to the resulting male attention. Rather than being jealous, having a wife that is seen by other men as sexually “hot” may provide him with an ego boost. (Dare we suggest that for some men hot wives are replacing hot cars as a source of pride.) Thus, while the male and female motivations might be quite different in the cuckold husband-hotwife phenomena, the ultimate goal can be the same.

The husband has to adjust to his wife not being sexually exclusive to him. He will have to deal with meeting men who have had or want to have sex with her. To compensate for any suspected loss of his virility, the husband may remind others of his own previous sexual escapades. At the same time to prove his lack of jealousy, he may freely admit to men that his wife regularly enjoys sex with different men, and he may even subtly offer her to select men. According to one man, “I like to set things in motion like that just to see what happens.”

The Quintessential Issue

What may seem desirable for the husband or wife while under the influence of testosterone, libido or fantasy, may later seem like a huge mistake. The result may be regret and marital estrangement.

Clearly, the cuckold husband/hotwife idea is at odds with cultural conditioning and human tendencies toward jealousy and possessiveness. Although these traits may not be desirable, they are the norm and must be recognized. Even assuming that both partners are okay with going in this direction, most of society isn’t. With most people there is still a sigma associated with a promiscuous wife and a husband that lets his wife have extramarital sex. Most people who find out about this will respond negatively toward both partners.

This can be a problem in a work environment where “character” is a part of job performance and promotion considerations. (A common male chauvinistic attitude with roots in the “wife as the husband’s property” notion says that a husband should keep his wife “under control,” and if she has affairs she definitely isn’t “under control.”)

While many couples are able to keep their sexual activities private, they may live with the fear that they may be found out. At the same time, self-employed people who live in large urban areas, or people who work around like-minded individuals probably won’t have this concern.

All this being said, given the ever-increasing number of affairs, and the emerging attitudes about condoned affairs in countries such as Japan, one wonders if somewhere down the road to cultural enlightenment U.S. society won’t be ready to accept open relationships. We seem to be in the early stages of that now.

Although the transition will certainly be bumpy, if we are able to shift our emphasis to love and commitment to hold relationships together, rather than the refutable doctrines about sexual exclusivity which simply cater to jealousies and insecurities, it would not only eliminate much heartache, but it would remove many of the “justifications” for dissolving relationships.


Hotwife Tips

Since the Fuck Buddy tips went so well, how about some hotwife tips.  Add you own:

Sometime talk is not so cheap, especially when trying to convince your man to open up to a cuckold or hotwife relationship.

While most advice columns caution couples from talking about ex-lovers, for the exceptional woman it is almost mandatory to talk. Women have a particular advantage in all this, since men are obsessed with penis size. It could even be said that Freud’s penis envy afflicts men– not women. Regardless how you really feel about cock size, it is always best to exaggerate your interest. Always keep your husband on his heels. And there are two ways to do this.

The first way: 

Make sure he knows he is not the largest you have been with. Keep things vague, but larger than life. Let him use his imagination. Be coy. If your husband asks about the largest cock you have been with, act like you don’t want to discuss it at first. Tell him that size doesn’t really matter. If he pushes the issue, tell him about a past lover who was huge. If he presses for details, explain he was a few inches larger than the husband, and that sometimes sex was painful.

Over the course of time, you can explain how you have always really liked big cocks. Remind your husband that his is fine for a daily driver, but that sometimes you need a little more. As time progresses, describe another former lover– and how he also had a very large cock. Describe how much you enjoy feeling filled up. You can even explain how while you don’t miss your exlover, you sometimes miss his cock, and that you fantasize about him.

The Second Way:

Exactly the opposite of the first way.  Make your husband know that he is the biggest you have had, but that he is too big.  Tell him how much you love sex and want more of it, but he is so big that it hurts.  Tell him this as you stroke him or suck him.  Tell him how much you love the feel of his BIG (really over emphasize it) cock in your hands and  mouth.  Tell him how wet you get just from thinking about it.  From here, you can talk about having something to help warm you up, maybe even another cock that could help stretch you out first before hubby got to penetrate you.  Since you are keeping him stimulated he will probably try to push the scenerio and ask just what size of cock you need.

You can then tell him about previous lovers who where smaller, but skillful.  Tell him how their cocks could touch just the right spots.  After they get you warmed up, maybe you can take more of your husband’s BIG dick (again add the emphasis).  After that, maybe you can work in another step up in dick size by telling him if that works then maybe you could find a bigger dick.
Pick a type— black, latino, older, muscular… you decide. When you see someone who is your type on TV, make comments how hot he is. If you like blacks, every time you watch a program with your husband, comment how sexy your favorite black star is. Tell your husband how you would not hesitate to fuck him and that you would let him have his way with you. Tease your man by asking him if he thinks the celeb is hot. If he says yes, ask if he wants to be fucked by him. If he says no, tell him he is lying.

You can also do this for movies.  When you see a movie that has an actor you find attractive, make that movie the focus of a date night.  You could even tell him how much you would enjoy watching this actor in that movie, and you would enjoy it enough that you could give hubby something special after the show.  You can still tease him, asking him if he thinks the actor is hot.

Coworkers and friends

Tell you husband about a man you know who is hot. Everytime his name comes up, remind your husband how hot he is. Build it up into a crush. Describe the attention you receive from the man, what you were wearing at the time, and so on. Sound obsessive about your interest in him. If the other man is single, be particularly flirtatious, and describe your flirtations in great detail to your husband. Describe how you want to be alone with him and how you wouldn’t hesitate to fuck him if the circumstances allowed.

You can do this with strangers too.  Just pick out some random strangers while you are out and snap some pictures with your cell phone.  You can send them to your hubby with a sexy note.  Or you can save them for later and tell him in your most excited tone about someone you saw today.  Tell him how you normally don’t react this way, but something about this guy just got you going and you couldn’t stop thinking about him and just taking him to some motel for a quickie.

Fantasy talk
In bed, ask your husband what he fantasizes about. It is guaranteed to prompt him to ask you the same question. Go into excruciating detail. For example, if you are into interracial fantasies, tell him how you fantasize about being with two or three black men, who completely have their way with you. Or tell him a fantasy involving someone he already knows, and portray a very realistic fantasy. For example, you are not feeling well, so you stay home from work. A coworker stops by to have you sign some papers. You answer the door in your night clothes. As you invite him in, you find him staring at you, and things develop from there.

Hotwife talk
Tell your husband you fantasize about dating other men– just for the sex and the thrill.  The thrill of that first date and all the nervousness that comes with it, while you know that your big, strong, security net is waiting at home if something goes wrong.   Ask how he feels about it. Tell him you would tell him everything that happened, but that you want to meet one on one with another man. If he doesn’t go for that, explain how he could watch, but not participate. Ask him frequently if he would be comfortable watching a cock sliding in and out of you.

Night Out With the Girls
This is particularly effective if you have single friends. Take a night out with your girlfriends, at least once monthly. Have a few drinks and use the alcohol as an excuse for your flirtations, if you need an excuse. Return home with tales of other men flirting with you, buying drinks, more cell phone pictures, etc. Exaggerate if you must— or better yet, return with a phone number…. or another man.

Just enjoy it and don’t give up!!!

You shouldn’t live in the shadow of your own desires forever. You have to take that chance and make your life reflect who you really are.

You’re ready, but he’s not…

He opened this world of opportunity to you, but now he is getting reluctant.  He got your juices flowing with thoughts of all the possibilites this lifestyle could bring, but now he is getting cold feet and trying to close that door to you.

What’s girl to do????  Things were confusing enough before, but now that you are ready to give him everything he ever wanted, you are at a loss.  Chances are, if he mentioned this idea of you sleeping with other men more than a few times, or included it in your bedroom fun, then he still wants it and just can’t make himself admit it.  He wants you to take charge and make it happen, he wants you to just do it.  He wants you to cuckold him.

Here are a few things to do to keep the idea alive and some good ways to find out just how badly he still wants it:

  1. Keep the idea out in the open.  Let him know how much the idea of having sex with other men turn you on.  Let him know how much you think about it, even telling him how much you find yourself daydreaming about it.  You can do this during your intimate times together, in a teasing email or text message while he is at work, or in the morning share some erotic dream you had of you with another lover and how worked up you were went you woke up.
  2. Work it into your foreplay with dirty talk.  See how he responds, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If he gets an erection (and most men will) then he is turned on hearing you talk and describe the fantasy.  If he doesn’t tell you to stop then he has allowed his mind to grasp the fantasy and run the images through his mind.  Mentally he has accepted that you have taken another lover and is allowing those images in his mind, using them to enhance his stimulation.
  3. Take note of his erection.  Comment on how hard he is and how long it has been since you’ve seen him that hard.  Ask what it is that is making him so hard.  Of course, you already know, but you might be able to convince him too.  If he cums when you are talking about the fantasy or role playing the fantasy, comment on how much or how hard he cums.  Again, say something about how you wish you knew what it was that made him cum so much.  Of course, you already know 😉 .
  4. If you do find yourself daydreaming about it to the point of masterbation or find your imagination going to other lovers during masterbation, tell him.  The more he sees just how excited you are about the thoughts the more it will bring out the submissive cuck in him who wishes to see nothing but your pleasure and happiness.
  5. When you do share your excitement about the thoughts of taking on another man, do it with excitement in your voice.  Don’t act angry, agressive, or seem hurt.  That will only motivate him to protect you or your relationship by eliminating what it is causing your angry or hurt mood.
  6. Increase your sex drive.  This may be easier said than done, but find something that works for you.  It could be something physical, like exercise or diet, or it could be something mental, like porn (yes ladies, don’t be afraid of a little porn) or even bloggin about it 😉
  7. Take the lead and plan date nights.  Even if your man already plans some, make some plans of your own.  It can start out with a simple date to a movie or trip to the coffee shop.  You can easily work in some fantasy talk by talking about some hot young actor in the movie or picking out a few guys in the coffee shop to make the objects of your imagination.  Mentally, you can also bring those guys back to your bedroom for the night too.

Hmmm, that seems like a good start.  If you have your own ideas, send them to me or post a comment!

Good Luck!!!!


Fuck Buddy Date Tips

Add your own in the comments:

  1. Include a Fuck Buddy that you both enjoy talking to.
  2. Get creative
  3. Plan non-sexual portions of the date.  That is don’t make the whole date about sex
  4. Plan 2-3 simple stops that are easy and can break up an uncomfortable mood.
  5. Keep the stops simple, so the focus stays on her and does not overwhelm the senses.
  6. Throw in some sensual stops along the way to keep the mood hightened.  These can include some teasing or erotic play during the date for all three of you.  The key is to keep her in the middle.
  7. Plan a last stop where things can get sexual, but stay safe and legal.
  8. Have a safe word so that if things ever get to a point where the lady is uncomfortable, it ends.  This is all for her afterall.
  9. She leads the way once things get sexual.  At least she calls the shots and if she wants one of the guys to take the lead then she will say or let you know in someway.
  10. Have an plan for when the fuck buddy leaves so that your wife doesn’t feel like she was just another notch on his bedpost.

Where’s the fun?

A great place to meet others to include in your sexual playtime is in the Swinger Community.  Why you ask??

It is all really simple. Swingers just have more fun! Yes many have wild kinky sex with other people. But most come out to enjoy the ADULT fun that is lacking in the every day world.   These are not some strange wierdos that you would avoid.  The are your neighbors, co-workers, other PTA parents, other playgroup parents, Democrats, Republicans…they are regular everyday people who want to have some fun.  You can be yourself and dress how you like, even say what you please, while being sexy all at once.

 You can talk about your hidden desire to run along the beach naked to people who understand. You can flaunt your hidden tattoo that the folks at the office don’t have a clue about.  You can engage in that ultimate fantasy with others who will cheer you along and not hold you back.  Swingers are all about being who they really are in the comfortably of others who think like them.  No judgement of what you like, what turns you on, what clothes you wear, what car you drive, or how much money you make.

 Does sex with strangers happen at a swingers party? Yes! But do you have to have sex with a stranger? NO! Truth be told most folks who go to a swingers party do not have sex with others or get naked or even flash a boobie. They go to enjoy the freedom and the atmosphere that Swingers offer. But I can tell you who does have wild sex like a frat house, couples after they return from a swingers party! They get caught up in the energy, excitement, and fun of others.  It is contagious and causes them to rediscover talking and the importance of attraction all over again.  They begin to see their partner as a sexual being again and not just the father or mother of their children.

You can read wildly written stories about Swingers and even find some so called Swingers Videos.

 But truth be told, you will really never learn anything about Swingers, the Lifestyle or what it’s all about till you attend a Swingers Event.  It will not come to you on this screen, it will not knock on your door, it is not for sale at WalMart. You have to experience a true, real life Swingers Event to see if it is for you.


Thanks to JPJustParties for the inspiration.

The home movie away from home.

 Ok, so here is one of our fantasies, ok so it is more my fantasy, as told from my husband’s view.

The Business Trip

Business travels have always been one of those love-hate adventures for me.  I enjoy the travel, seeing new places, and experiencing some of the variety of this country.  But I hate being away from my family and I hate the long hours and stress that come with these trips.  This trip was going to be no different, full of day-long meetings and putting out all the fires that need my attention.  And this trip would be longer than normal; a full week.  I’m already feeling the ulcers forming and my plane hasn’t even lifted off yet.

I usually make these trips as short as possible, leaving early on the morning of my first meeting and leaving almost immediately after my last.  But after going over the trip with my wife, she encouraged me to leave a day early and to stay the night after my last meeting to recover.  Since it was her suggestion, I felt no guilt in agreeing to it.  So here I sat, early on a Sunday afternoon waiting for my flight to leave.

The flight went off without any problems and I was soon in my rental car.  It was getting late in the evening, so I thought I would enjoy a nice meal of my choosing before settling down for the night.  I never care for eating out alone, but guessing that my schedule this week would not allow for many meals where I want to eat, I made this one count.  After the meal, I checked into the hotel and unpacked my suitcase, trying to make this hotel room feel as much like home as possible.  I thought about calling home to let the family know that I made it, but decided to do a little homework first.  I could get work out of the way and make my wife’s voice the last thing I heard before I went to sleep.

I grabbed my computer bag, pulled out my laptop, and put it on the coffee table.  I sat down on the sofa, grabbed my mouse, and power source out of my satchel.  When I pulled the mouse power plug from my bag, out came a DVD in one of those paper sleeves.  Written on the outside of the envelope was a simple little note “from your wife!  XOXOXO”.  I was a little confused.  She would sometimes slip notes into my suitcase or computer bag when I would go out of town, but this was the first time she had packed a computer disc for me.  Wondering what she might have on the disc, I eagerly put it in the computer. 

To my surprise a movie began.  And the opening scene was my wife sitting on the edge of our bed wearing her pink silky robe and not much else.  Her bare legs were crossed, her palms resting on the bed on either side of her, her head tilted to the side, her hair pulled back in a tight pony tell, and a cute little smile on her face.  She was bouncing her foot as she sat silently, building my tension and anticipation.

“Hi honey,” she finally said with a giggle as she tilted her head to the other side.  “I wanted you to know that I hate you being away from home just as much as you do.  I wish you were here with me tonight…but…you’re not.  I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and I wanted you to have something to think about me, so I thought I would make a little movie for you to enjoy.”

She moved her hands so that they were resting on her legs.  She straightened her head so that she was looking directly into the camera.

“If this all goes well, maybe I’ll make a movie for each day you’re gone,” she said with a raised eyebrow and a shrug of her shoulders.  “So here it goes!”

She looked away from the camera, cleared her throat, and then reached for something.  She picked up a bag and set it next to her on the bed.  All this movement caused her robe to fly open a bit.  I paused the video and watched those few frames over and over.  I confirmed what I suspected, that she was naked under her robe.  I had no idea what she had planned next, but my imagination was in overdrive, and I was going to sit back and enjoy the show.  I started to change into my pajamas, but thought why bother.  It looks like she is going to put on a good show for me, so I should enjoy it.  I stripped out of my clothes and sat back down naked to watch the movie.  My dick was already hardening looking at the paused but pretty face of my wife on my computer screen.  I notice my hand shaking as I reached for the mouse to resume the video.

“You know,” she began with a sly smile, still not looking directly at the camera, “one of my favorite things is when you stroke my legs.  I like when you start by lightly stroking them, starting down at my feet and slowly work your way up like this.”

She uncrossed her legs and straightened one of them.  Bending over, she reached her hands out and dragged her fingers up her leg.

“Then you move them higher and higher teasing me with how close you get them,” she was looking at the camera, but her hands kept sliding up her thigh, beginning to push her silky robe out of the way. 

“Your touch makes me spread my legs,” she continued, “inviting you to go further and touch me more.”

Her actions matched her words.  She spread her legs and slid her hands under her robe.  When they reached her crotch, she closed her eyes and took a quick, deep breathe.  I could see one hand grinding away between her legs.  She brought the other hand up to her mouth, sucking and licking on a few fingers.  Her freshly licked hand replaced her hand between her legs and she moaned louder.  Her free hand now roamed her robe-covered body, even reaching inside the robe, causing it to fall free as she rubbed her tits.  Suddenly, she stopped, held her hands out in front of her, and slowly lowered them to her lap.  Her eyes were still closed and her breathing was deep and slow.

“Then you stop,” she said with her eyes still closed.  She paused, opened her eyes, and continued, “You have always liked a tease.  You like teasing me and you like me to tease you.  So, after you just stop and leave me wanting more, I take things into my own hands.”

She turned, opened the bag, and brought out a dildo toy that I had not seen before.  It was a realistic looking one with a long cock and big balls.  She looked it over with a smirk on her face and then looked at the camera out of the corner of her eye.

“See, I take things into my own hands, literally,” she says as she holds the base of her toy with one hand and strokes its length with the other.  “You have me so worked up with your teasing that I want more.  So I take your pants off of you and now have your cock in my hands.  It is hard, so I know you were enjoying what you were doing to me and I feel it getting harder so I know you enjoy what I am doing to you.”

She spent the next minute eagerly and lovingly stroking the toy with a sly smile on her face.  I noticed that I was matching her rhythm with my hand on my dick.

“Oh I wish you were here,” she said in a hushed tone.  “I could feel your hands on me, you could feel my hands on you, and then I could feel your dick in me.”

The mood on her face changed and she was more focused on the toy in her hand.

“I wish you were here with me, I wish you were here with me,” she repeated over and over building the volume in her voice and intensity in her body as if she were building toward an orgasm.  Finally, she threw her head back and in a loud scream repeated, “I WISH YOU WERE HERE!”

The screen blurred when her words finished.  Well, not really a blur.  Maybe saying the image of the screen got wavy, like when the character on a TV show or movie enters a dream sequence.  When the image cleared again, there sat my wife still sitting on the bed, only she was not alone in the room.  Her realistic looking toy had been replaced with a real man; a real naked man who wasn’t me.  So I guess her wish had come true, mostly.  Obviously, she had my full attention now and questions were flooding my mind.  Who was this guy?  When did this happen?  What was going to happen?  How far was this going to go?  Each second brought more questions.

I didn’t wait too long to find out some of those answers.  Her hand was wrapped around his shaft and she was handling him just as she was handling the toy before.  So she certainly was not against touching this unknown man; at least he was unknown to me.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she worked his length and balls with her hands, “I’m glad you made it.  I was really getting myself worked up and in need of something.  I think some of this meat will help satisfy me.”

She sounded like a woman that wanted to go all the way with this guy and it already looked like they were past the point of stopping or caring.

“I just want a little taste,” she said and inched her face closer to his cock.  She gave a quick glance at the camera out of the corner of her eye; a teasing little look making sure I was still watching.

I couldn’t believe it.  She was talking about giving this guy a blow job.  No, she wasn’t just talking; she was actually going to give this guy a blow.  And she didn’t just record this for herself; she recorded for me to watch.  She knew I would watch it and love it.  She was right.  Even though my heart was racing, I loved every bit of this movie.  My dick was as hard as it has ever been and it was aching to be touched.  I did not dare to touch it, fearful it might explode.

I swallowed hard, my dry mouth made it difficult, as I watched her slowly open her sexy mouth.  I let out a moan when her lips, covered with bright red lipstick, engulfed the head of his cock.  She sucked on his head for a few seconds before backing away.  With a smile she looked up at him.

“That was nice,” she said, “now I want more!”

Quickly she had his shaft back in her mouth.  Her hand was wrapped around the base of his member and limited the amount of length that she sucked in, but as fast as she was working, deep throating was not her concern, only providing some quick pleasure to him and a good show to me was.  It was working, for me at least.  She was putting on a good show.  Something about her looked so erotic as she bobbed back and forth on his dick.  Watching one hand knead his balls and the other stroke his shaft’s length, working in the saliva she was leaving behind, was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

She knew what she was doing to his cock and she knew what she was doing to me.  I was stroking my cock at the same pace she was sucking his.  After a few minutes, my wife’s co-star reached his hands up and grabbed her hair, half holding it out of the way and half pulling her head, forcing more of his dick into her mouth.  Slowing her pace, she now focused more on taking in as much of his manhood as she could.  Once comfortable with his size, she released her grip on his shaft and balls, dropping her hands out of the frame, and allowing him free access to fuck her face.  He kept his grip on her hair, guiding his dick in and out of her mouth.  My wife opened her eyes, looked straight at the camera, and waved a cute little wave in my direction before closing them again to focus on the dick in her mouth.

My mind and imagination were in overdrive.  Questions still were everywhere and I imagined what would happen next.  All sorts of positions, activities, and sounds came to mind, some I hoped for and some I feared.

Attempting to regain control, my wife wrapped her hand around her friend’s cock and force it out of her mouth.  With a smile, she swallowed hard, trying to regain normal feeling in her mouth and jaw after sucking on his big dick and letting it fuck her mouth for so long.  Slowly she stroked his member, using the leftover saliva from her mouth as lubricant to lovingly pet the full length of it.  Her friend let his hands slip from her head and delicately traced her face and then slid them under her robe and across her shoulders.

“MMM,” she moaned, opening her eyes and looking up at him, “I guess you want that off.”

I could not hear his answer, but seeing her wide smile and hearing her say “I thought so,” told me he said yes.

She untied her robe and slipped it off her shoulders.  With a quick move, she peeled the robe off and flung it to the side.  Now naked, like her friend, my wife giggled and slid back onto the bed a little.

“I think it’s my turn now,” she said as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

The camera angle shifted to a new one more from the side.  The camera seemed to be on our side table or maybe her chest of drawers.  I could see the entire mattress and had a sexy profile view of my wife as she lay naked on our bed.  She had her legs bent with her feet resting on the bed and I’m sure it created a welcoming site for her friend. When the new view came on the screen, my wife’s friend already had his head buried between her legs.  Her legs blocked a direct view of his face and I cursed that fact, but at the same time I was drawn to the erotic scene playing out on the screen.

I saw his head moving around as I imagined his lips and tongue exploring and stimulating her.  It was working.  She was moaning and squirming her hips trying to get his tongue into just the right spot.  She started to reach down and grab his head but stopped before getting there.  She instead used her hands to massage her tits and rub across her smooth skin.  I could tell the action was hot and heavy, but because of the camera position, I couldn’t see many details, so my imagination was running wild with what his tongue or fingers were doing there between her legs.  Almost sensing my growing frustration with the lack of a visual sign of the action, my wife decided she wanted more.

“I want that cock inside me,” she said resting on her elbows on the bed.

Her friend backed away and then crawled on the bed between her legs.  My wife had done a good job with camera positioning and I still could not see her friend’s face.  She also twisted on the bed so I could have a better view of the fun happening between her legs.  I watched as her friend grabbed his dick and pointed it towards her pussy.  He teased her some by rubbing the head of his cock across her lips and slowly sliding in her just enough for her to feel it and then pulling back out.

I saw her face tense and breathing get heavier as his teasing continued.  It had been a long time since I saw that much lust on her face.  The suspense was building for me as I watched intently and waited for what seemed to be a foregone conclusion now, when this stranger would fully penetrate my willing wife.  I stopped masturbating and held my dick firmly in my hands.  Part of me wanted to reach through the screen and put a stop to all this nonsense.  This was my wife after all.  But that was only a small part.  The larger part of me wanted to reach through the screen and help him guide his dick into her pussy, this was my wife after all and I wanted to see her pleasured and not teased.

I even found myself talking to the screen, saying “Give it to her.  She really wants it, just stick that dick in her and make her scream.”  He listened.  He slowly slid his dick inside her at far as he could.  My wife threw her head back and inhaled deeply feeling this strange dick filling her.  Slowly he pulled out and then reentered her starting a slow, rhythmic pleasure flow.  My wife was being very vocal with her encouragement telling him how good it felt and how she wanted more.

I was in a trance.  Here was my beautiful wife enjoying the erotic pleasures of another man, not hiding anything, but showing me exactly what he is doing and how she is enjoying it.  She looked so hot and sexy to me.  All I could do was sit back, enjoy the show, and stroke my cock.  I was so hard and so turned-on that it didn’t take long for me to explode.  I shot my load all over my chest as I listened to my wife scream the pleasures that her friend was giving her.

Part of me was saddened that I couldn’t control myself any more than I had.  I considered turning off the movie now that I was spent, but I just couldn’t do that.  Something inside me said I had to watch all of it.  I don’t know if it was some sort of a punishment I was subjecting myself to or if I really liked it that much, even after having just had my orgasm.   I’m not a multi-orgasmic type of guy and I need some recovery time before I am able to go again, a fact my wife has often lamented, so I guess I was surprised that I found myself still drawn to watch this erotic scene.  I knew I had always liked to see my wife smile, even if I wasn’t the one who made her smile and so I convinced myself tonight that I just really enjoyed seeing my wife being pleasured.   In this case, that just happened to be in a sexual way.  I clean-up and sat back down to finish the movie my wife had sent.

They stayed in this position for a long time, changing the pace and intensity of the fuck.  My wife got more vocal and more active with her hands, encouraging her friend.  Suddenly, he pulled out and got off the bed.  My wife looked at him with a puzzled look and appeared to be listening to something he said.  She then smiled as she began to move.

“I sure will, I know how much you like this position,” she said, apparently in response to his request. 

She rolled over and got on her hands and knees and spread her legs.  Looking back over her shoulder, she smiled and told him to come and get it as she wiggled her ass.  Her friend climbed back on the bed, positioned himself between her legs, and guided his dick inside her.  My wife collapsed onto the bed, leaving her ass sticking up in the air and giving him a good angle to drive his dick deep inside her.  He locked his hands on her hips and used them to push and pull his dick in and out.  He wasted no time and was soon pounding away hard and fast. 

He reached out and grabbed her hair.  As he pulled it, my wife raised back up so that she was on her hands and knees again.  He kept pulling her hair until she her back was arched and she was looking at the ceiling.  This position let her tits hang free and bounce with each thrust from her friend.  I thought before when she was sucking this stranger’s dick that was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.  Well I was wrong.  This was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.  Here was my wife, on her hands and knees with another guy fucking her hard from behind.  The only thing that would make that even sexier would be if I had my hard dick was in front of her for her to suck while she was getting pounded.  Sadly, my dick was still limp and recovering so I couldn’t join in even if I were there.  But I was still enjoying the thoughts and I did feel a stirring in my loins, just not enough to awaken my little giant. 

They continued in this position for a while, throwing in some playful variances.  He would release my wife’s hair and grab it again.  She would reach back and play with his balls.  He would smack her ass.  She would be very vocal with encouragements and request.  Finally he withdrew and climbed off the bed again.  My wife made some comment about him being tired and should lay down.

Again the camera angle changed as the two lovers changed positions.  With him now laying on the bed, he camera was at an angle, similar to the first position, that showed his lower half, but kept his head obscured.  My wife climbed on the bed and lay next to him.  She wrapped her hand around his cock and lovingly stroked it as the two made small talk, trying to regain their breath.  She then twisted on the bed and started another blowjob on him, while he played with her ass that was sticking in the air.  Since they both were warmed up, they did not stay in this position long.  She straddled him and guided his dick inside her as she sat down.

The camera angle gave me a great view of the penetration and I could see his dick deep inside her and his balls squished against her ass as she sat there.  I saw her hips rocking as she wiggled his stiff member around hitting all the right spots.  This was the first time I had seen anything like this angle and I was surprised how erotic it was.  My dick was even twitching as it was struggling to come back to life.

She wiggled more and even bucked her hips a couple of time.  Her friend took the opportunity to reach up and grab her tits.  I could not see exactly what he was doing, but it looked like he was having fun and my imagination would take care of the details.  After a little more bucking of her hips, she started to really get into the action.  She started riding him harder and harder.  I could see her picking her hips off the bed and lowering herself back down onto his cock.  The faster she went the harder she slammed her hips into his and the harder his balls bounced in return.  I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm from the way she was breathing and moving, but suddenly she stopped.  She sat down on his dick and just stayed there.

Slowly she began to move and she turned herself around so that she was not sitting reverse cowgirl.  She lowered herself on his cock again.  From this position she could play with his balls and he could only lay there and enjoy her ride.  He could not reach her tits and could barely reach her ass.  My wife started rocking her hips and then looked straight at the camera.

Her hair was soaked with sweet and her skin glistening in the light.  She had that sexy wet look.  Her face was full of lust.  Her eyes had a burning fire that could only be quenched with the flood of an orgasm and I could tell that she was determined to use this dick to release that flood.  She blew a kiss to me through the camera and that was enough to awaken my dick.  It did not spring to life, but it was now able to grow and appreciate the erotic stimulation my wife was sending its way.  She sat up so that now she was giving me a full view of her nakedness and his dick entering her.    She used her hands to massage and squeeze her tits as she rode, increasing her pace and never taking her eyes off the camera.

One of her hands dropped between her legs, squeezing his balls.  She then used that hand to stimulate her clit, since it was being ignored in this position.  She got much more vocal and much more animated in her actions.  It wasn’t long before she was done and had an explosive orgasm.  Her body tensed and she squeezed everything she could; her tits and his balls with her hands and his body with her legs.  She collapsed and rolled off him.

I watched her body heavy as she was breathing and his hands were trying to encourage her to do more, but she was exhausted.  I could tell he was disappointed and so was I.  My dick was finally hard again and I was ready to masturbate to more action, but it was over and done.  She pulled herself up to lay next to him and to plant a passionate kiss on his lips.  Her hand wrapped around his cock and she played while they kissed.

The image faded and a new one took its place.  The two actors were back in their original positions.  The scene looked like the one that opened this movie, only my wife was naked and covered in sweat.  Also, her friend had his dick in his hand jerking it off.  My wife sat there with a smile on her face as her eyes moved from looking up at him to looking at his dick to looking at me through the camera.

“Mmm, you made me feel so good,” she said to her friend with a sultry tone.  “I want you to show me how much you liked it.  I want you to cum for me, cum all over my chest.  I want it all right here.”

She squeezed her tits together as a target as she spoke to him.

I could see his hand move harder and faster and found my hand doing the same.

With more encouragement from her, he exploded, and so did I.  His first shot went right past her head.  My wife opened her mouth wide in shock, but then quickly shut it tight, not wanting any to make it into her mouth.  His remaining loads found their mark and he emptied himself on her chest.  When he was done, my wife giggled and winked at the camera. 

The picture did another wavy, dream sequence-like transition.  My wife was sitting alone on the bed in the same pose and position she was in before all the sex started.  She smiled at the camera.  She was not sweaty and no one would have ever guessed that she had just had a wild romp with a stranger.  She is getting better at this video editing stuff.

“That was one intense dream,” she began.  “I told you how badly I wished you were here.  I’m just glad you were here to share it with me.”

She giggled and shrugged her shoulders like a schoolgirl.

“Now don’t call me,” she said with a very matter-of-fact tone and even shook her finger at the camera.  “I know you like to call me and tell me all about your days, but not tonight.  That will tell me you liked my little movie.”

After a brief pause, she continued.

“And I’m sure I’ll have my hands full making another movie for you.  Well maybe more than just my hands will be full.  I hope you sleep tight.  I’ll send you an email about the other movie tomorrow.”

With a wave of her hand to say goodbye, the picture faded to black.  I was left with a mess to clean-up and a head full of questions.  So much of me wanted to call and talk about everything I had just seen.  But more of me wanted to be obedient to my wife and not call.  She had something planned and part of that plan was me not calling, so I did not call.

With my mind racing and a pit in my stomach it should have been tough for me to get to sleep.  But I just had two intense orgasms, at least intense for giving them to myself, and my body was telling me to get some rest. 

My body won.

I woke up wondering if all of that had actually happened, but I knew it had.  I got myself ready for my day full of meetings and began the work of distracting my mind until I could get back to my room that night.  It was going to be a tough day, but at least I could look forward to tonight and what my wife would do.  What she did will be a story for another time.  Off to work I go.

A Friend’s Fantasy

This one comes from a friend, so I can’t take credit for it.  I still thought it was hot enough to share with you (I like to share 🙂 )

The hotel room was nice.  Nothing fancy or elegant, but better than most we had stayed in before.  Most importantly, it had everything we were looking for and wanted for a night like tonight. 

 It was a spacious room, but the layout of the room is what was important.  Immediately upon entering the room, the bathroom was on the right and on the left were the mirrored closet doors.  Just outside of the bathroom were a sink and vanity on one side and a mini-bar on the other, creating a wall that separated the bathroom area from the rest of the room.  The only way to see the main area of the room, where the bed was, from the bathroom was in the reflection of the mirror on the closet doors.  This layout let me have my two play areas and I could also control what my playthings got to see and experience. 

I smiled as I surveyed the room and unpacked what few things we had brought for the night.  My husband was taking care of the drinks and ice.  He brought me my glass of wine and we made small talk as we both enjoyed our relaxing time.  We knew things would get intense and we, especially I, wanted a little calm time before the intensity hit.  My husband took our glasses back to the mini-bar and I stopped him on his way back to the bed.

“Take it all off,” I order in a low-toned voice.

He stopped where he was and a smirk appeared on his face.  He was looking forward to this night almost as much as I was, but I think that it was starting now was a surprise to him.  Like a good boy, he obeyed and was soon naked.  His cock was already stiffening as he stood in the cool air of the hotel room. I then told him to wait for me by the bathroom.  He obeyed and was soon out of sight behind the wall.

I sat on the bed and kept my eyes on him in the mirror and waited for him to be in position.  Then I reached into my play bag and pulled out the two sets of restraints I had brought for my husband.  I walked over to him and had him stand with his back against the bathroom door.  One set of the restraints went over the door and attached to his wrists, while the other slid under the door and attached to his ankles.  I shut the bathroom door tightening his restraints and keeping him where I want him, tied to the bathroom door.  After some light teasing, I turned to see exactly what part of the bed he could see from his position and made a mental note of his limits.  With a quick tug on his erect member, I left him alone and I finish setting up the rest of the room.

I pulled the other restraints from my bag and attached them to the bed; one pair on the head of the bed and one pair at the foot.  I adjusted the lighting in the room to where there was a nice soft glow and shadows, but still enough light to see what I want to see.  I started to find some soft soothing music, but thought, “Fuck it.  I’m not in a soothing or relaxing mood.  I want hard core.”  So I found some music that helped bring that attitude out of me more.

When everything was ready, it was my turn.  I grabbed my robe from our suitcase and moved so that my tied-up husband could not see me.  I removed my clothes, gave myself a quick oil rub to make my skin shine in the low-light glow of the room, and covered up in a silver, silky robe.  I had to fight myself off since part of me wanted to rub myself a little more, just to take the edge off, but I decided I wanted to save it all for later.  I expected a long hard night ahead.

I walked back over to where my husband was and leaned against the wall, looking at him with a smile.  His dick had softened, but it was soon back to life when he saw me standing there.  There is something about watching a man’s dick get hard that I just love.  I can’t explain it, but maybe it is because it is getting hard for me or by me.  It is something I never get tired of seeing.

Now that I had his ‘full’ attention I decided to have some fun as I waited.  I walked over and stood as close as I could without touching him.  I wanted him to feel my hot breath and my silky smooth robe brush against him causing him to beg for more.  I gave him more, small pieces at a time.  I lightly rake my nails down his side and across his abdomen bringing them teasingly close to his hard cock and balls, but not touching them.  I can feel him twitching and hear him moaning under my touch.

I leaned in, lightly kissing his neck as my hands kept scratching as my naked, restrained husband.  I pressed my silk-covered body against him.  Even in his restrained state, I could feel him move his hips and rub his erect dick against me.  I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and felt him flex and squeeze them as a way of rubbing himself on my. 

Suddenly, I stopped.

I took a quick step back and put my hands on my hips as I looked him up and down.  I heard him moan in disappointment and saw his cock twitch and sway as it lunged for me.  After a few moments of just looking, I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft.  My husband closed his eyes enjoying even my slightest touch.  I could tell I had him in ecstasy overload and I wanted to keep him there without making him orgasm.

With his eyes still closed, I quickly knelt in front of him and swallowed as much of him as I could in one gulp.  Just as quickly, I pulled him out, keeping my hand tightly wrapped around the base of his dick.  I heard his gasp and felt his body tense and tighten as the sudden waves of pleasure exploded through him. 

“Careful,” I said in a mocking warning tone, “I don’t want you cumming just yet.  I hope to have a long, enjoyable night ahead of us and I don’t want this head done too soon.”

He could only moan as he relaxed.  I started a slow stroking of his shaft and used my other hand to cup his balls.  I did not want him to cum, only to stay in his heightened state of arousal.  I would mix in an occasional shaft suck or ball bust, just to mix up the fun and to keep him guessing and wanting more, instead of cumming.  I kept this up until my cell phone rang.

I answered the phone and made some small talk with my friend before telling him where our room was.  He told me he would be there in a few minutes and I hung up the phone.  I went back to my husband and grabbed his dick more forcefully this time.

“Are you ready?” I asked.  Not that it mattered.  I was going to do this even if he wasn’t ready, I was more telling him to get ready than asking him if he was ready.

“Yes,” was all he could say as he swallowed hard.

“Good,” I shot back, “because he is on his way up now.  I know you have wanted this for so long, but I think I am going to enjoy it more than you ever thought I would.”

I stroked his dick a few more times and gave him a few minutes of head when there was a knock as the door.  I let my husband’s dick plop out of my mouth and I stood up in front of him.

“Here we go,” I said to him and then turned to answer the door.

I opened the door and the cool air from the hallway rushed into our room.  I smiled at our friend, he smiled back, and then I pulled him into the room.  I shut and locked the door behind him.  He quickly took notice of my husband’s state and with a whimsical expression, looked towards me.  He started to say something, but I interrupted him.

“You will listen and listen carefully,” I said in a stern voice with my hands on my hips.  “This is my night and I am the one in control.  If you want to be a part of it, you will agree to do as I say.”

He started to say something again, but I shut him up with a quick and forceful “SHHHH”

“The rules are simple,” I told him.  “You must be willing to lay on the bed and let me strap you to it.  That is it.  If you agree to do that, then you will get to enjoy whatever happens in the room.  You may only get to watch, enjoy a little touch, or maybe you will get to enjoy me riding you, but whatever happens, it is all up to me.  No asking, directing, or changing your mind once you lay on that bed.”

I let that sink in for a minute and then continued.

“I don’t want to hear any words from you for the rest of the night,” I continued, still talking sternly.  “If you agree to this, then you need to get naked and get on the bed.  If you don’t agree to it, then there is the door.”

I stood expressionless waiting for his answer.

With a smile, he started to unbutton his shirt and moved towards the bed.  I tried to show no expression, but on the inside, the butterflies were fluttering giving me some exciting flutters in my stomach and I had to take an internal deep breath.  For a moment I was worried he might actually leave and now here he was, almost nearly naked and on my bed.  I grabbed my glass and crammed down what was left to help calm my nerves and give me a chance to breath.

I walked over to the bed and knelt at the foot of it.  Without looking at my new friend, I wrapped a restraint around one ankle and then the other.  These restraints were not too restrictive, he could move his legs around some, but they were enough to make him understand what I wanted.

Then I looked at him.  He was up on his elbows looking down at me.  We locked eyes and I slowly crawled on the bed.  Moving slowly, I felt like a cat stalking her prey as I crawled on my hands and knees along the length of his body.  I straddled him, sitting on his chest, and pinning his arms down on the bed with my knees.  I slowly leaned over, allowing my robe to drape over his face showing him that I am completely naked under it, and tied one wrist to the bed.  I shifted my weight to the other side of the bed and tied his other wrist.  I moved back, taking my weight off his arms and smiled and my robe fell off his face.  He was smiling back at me, approving my wardrobe choice for the night.

I rolled off and laid next to him.  I could see my husband watching the action in the reflection of the mirror.  His rock hard cock was begging for attention after he watched me tie my new friend to the bed.  I slid my hand down the chest of my friend and teasingly circled his cock.  It was fun to watch it twitch, almost lunging toward my hand, trying to get more.  The funny thing was that in the mirror I could see my husband’s cock reacting in the same way.

“I think I’m going to start over there,” I said to my friend as I pointed in the direction of my husband. 

With a pat on the stomach, I left him on the bed and walked to my husband.

I walked up and stood beside my man.  Looking in the mirror I could see my friend strapped to the bed.  I slid my hand down my husband’s chest and kissed up his neck.  When I reached his ear, I stopped and whispered about what he watched in the mirror.

“Did you like watching me over there?” I asked in a soft, sultry tone.

He moaned his affirmative answer.

“Good,” I said, “because I’m going back and I’m going to do more to him.  Maybe I’ll start with this.”

I grabbed his cock quickly and started to stroke him hard and fast.

“Or maybe I’ll do this,” I said and then knelt in front of him and sucked his cock into my mouth.

I used my hands on his balls and ass as I sucked, licked, and even nibbled on his shaft.  I was enjoying giving my husband all of this pleasure, but my mind was drifting to my friend.  The image of him naked, strapped down to the bed was filling my mind.  His cock looked so good and so hard that I wanted to feel it, or at least tease it some.  So after a few more strokes and sucks, I patted his balls with a friendly pat and stood up.  I gave him a kiss and told him that it was time to take care of our guest.

I rejoined my friend on the bed and could see in the mirror my husband’s cock still glistening from my mouth as it twitched in the cool air.  I asked my friend if he could see the action and he nodded that he could.  I asked him if he enjoyed the show, but did not let him answer.  I grabbed his cock and told him that it seemed like he did enjoy it.  So I started to work him over the same way I worked my husband’s dick, except more slowly.  I wanted to savor this moment, feeling another man’s cock for the first time.  I wanted to caress it and get to know each inch of it.  I wanted to find the more sensitive and erotic zones on my new lover and I wanted to see how close to cumming I could get him without letting him cum.

My strokes were slow and deliberate.  I was memorizing how his cock felt in my hand and learning where and how he like it touched, rubbed, and squeezed.  I was now kneeling by his side, pointing his cock straight up, and working my left hand down his full length.  It could have been the energy and thrill of the moment, but he seemed so big in my hand.  He seemed bigger than my husband and I had to hold myself back.  I wanted his bigger, harder cock in me and I barely kept myself from straddling him and riding him as hard and as fast as I could.

Wanting to push things along, I used my right hand to massage his balls as my left continued to work his shaft.  From my new angle, I could look down and watch my hands, look up and watch my husband squirm against his restraints in the mirror, or look to my left and see my friend looking back at me with pure ecstasy on his face.  As I continued playing with his balls, he tried to part his legs to give me more play room, but the restraints kept him from going too far.  I smiled knowing he was tied down and purely under my control.

I wanted things to go at my pace and I was ready for more.  And the guys, well they are guys and always want more, but this was my night.  I slowed my hands and leaned over so that my face was only inches from my friend’s cock.  I opened my mouth and got as close as I could before pulling back quickly and giving his shaft several hard strokes as I squeezed his balls.  I felt his body tense beneath me.

“Oh, I bet you wanted my mouth didn’t you?” I asked, but I did not want or wait for an answer.

“Well I guess I can give it to you.”

I stopped my strokes and quickly devoured his dick.  In one quick motion, I had his cock in my mouth slurping up and down.  It must have been quite a feeling since I felt his body tense even more.  He even tried to raise his hips off the bed to push his shaft deeper into my mouth.  It also must have been quite a sight since I heard my husband gasp and moan from across the room.

Just as quickly, I let his dick plop out of my mouth and my hands began rubbing in all the saliva I deposited.  I let his body relax and then went back down on him, only more slowly this time.  The first time was for shock value, this time was for enjoyment and pleasure, both his and mine.  I caressed and made sweet love to his member with my mouth and hands, slowly building his lust and desire until he was ready to cum.  I was not ready for that yet, so I stopped.

To his moans and groans, I left the bed.  I gave him a little warning about complaining and said something about how he could leave if he did not like how the night was going.  He shut up and watched me walk to my husband.  Without a word, I knelt in front of my husband and started with his balls.  I licked, sucked, and nibbled on them, leaving his dick to twitch alone against my face.  In this position, I was able to give myself some personal attention and neither of my guys could tell that I was doing it.  Something about being this naughty with myself and hiding it from them made it more exciting.  I had to stop myself.  I did not want my orgasm to be from my fingers when I had two perfectly willing and wanting dicks in the room.

I moved up from his balls to his shaft and after his cock was good and slick, I stood in front of him.  I turned around and rubbed my silky robed-covered ass against his stiff member.  I bent over at the waist and pushed back against him, feeling his rock hard dick push my robe between my ass cheeks.  I teased him a little longer like this and then reached between my legs to fondle his balls.  I heard his breath quicken as I rolled them around in my hand.  I was then ready for more and ready to be filled.  I grabbed his shaft and pulled it towards me.  Slowly I guided it into my swollen honey pot.

As wet and ready as I was, there was no resistance.  The head of his cock quickly pushed past my lips and soon his shaft was completely buried inside me.  I let out a loud moan finally feeling a cock inside of me.  Going at my own pace, I was soon bouncing on his shaft, slamming him against the door.  Looking up, I could see my friend in the mirror watching the action, even straining against his restraints to get a better view.  The build up to this moment plus the wine consumed earlier in the night had me quickly on the edge of orgasm.  I wasn’t ready for the lust to end, but I wasn’t ready to deny myself the explosion of the intense orgasm I felt building.

So I gave into me.  Instead of stopping, I went harder and faster.  It wasn’t long before I was screaming as the waves of orgasm ripped through my body.  I felt like a teenage girl again when my orgasms were new and addictive and kept me wanting to find more and bigger ones.  I certainly had found one of the biggest orgasms I could remember and in the back on my mind I knew I had a bigger cock waiting for me on the bed.  I began to wonder what that dick would do to me.

When the pleasure waves began to fade, I felt my legs began to twitch and my entire skin began to tingle.  My whole body felt like it needed a break.  Standing up was even a little difficult, but I did it and gave my husband a quick kiss.  I knew he was not done and I did not want him to be done.  He was going to have to wait for his orgasm.  I had a friend on the bed that needed some attention.

After having that strong of an orgasm, I needed some time to relax and recover, so I couldn’t go straight to riding his cock.  I was fine with that.  I wanted to tease him some more anyway.  I stood at the foot of the bed, between his bound legs, and slowly leaned over, resting my hands on the bed.  I slowly climbed on the bed and laid down as much as I could between his legs.  With my hands and my mouth, I teased and pleasured his dick and balls.  I asked him about the show he had seen and asked if he was ready for his turn.  I kept teasing him and told him that he would get even more because my poor husband had to deal with this robe and did not get to cum yet.  But if he, my friend, was a good boy, he would get to see me naked.  And I would let him cum, maybe even letting him choose where he gets to shoot his load.

He was good and was still playing along.  He did not use any words.  He would only moan a yes or moan with pleasure when he liked what I was saying or doing.  He was not the only one liking what I was doing.  The more I talked and played the more aroused I found myself getting.  I was surprised with how quickly I felt I was ready for more dick inside me.  I did some testing with my own fingers and instead of feeling overworked, I felt wet and ready for more.

Releasing my new boy toy, I worked my way up his body and straddled his face, fluffing my short robe so that it completely covered his head.  I had my back against the headboard so I could see my friend’s naked body on the bed and see my husband in the mirror.

My friend started quick.  I had to stop him and tell him to slow down his tongue.

“No need to rush,” I told him, “we have all night!”

I lowered myself back onto his face and he had learned his lesson.  His tongue was slowly licking and lapping my honey pot.  He was good and knew when to go gentle, work it up to moment of hard, fast lick, and then take me back down to a gentle rhythm.  I rocked and rolled my hips as I was grinding myself against his face.  My mind went more and more to his cock and if he was this good with his tongue, then what would he be able to do with that dick of his.  Wanting a little of both worlds, I stayed on his face, but bent over and grabbed his dick with my hands.  Making eye contact with my husband in the mirror, I made sure he saw me take my friend deep into my mouth.

I tried to keep eye contact with my husband as I went up and down on my friend’s shaft, but it was too difficult to do.  I soon found my own rhythm and was enjoying the pleasure I was getting and the pleasure I was giving.  When I felt I had memorized his dick with my tongue, I knew it was time to get what I really wanted all night long; his cock inside of me.

I changed positions and now straddled his hips.  I had his dick pinned beneath me and teased him by sliding my hips up and down the length of his hard shaft.  I started this as a teasing for him, but it was rubbing me in all the right spots and even though I wasn’t close to orgasm, I get myself there and soon.  My friend was moaning softly, almost purring, and I loved how he was communicating with me and how he was embracing me being in control of his pleasure and mine.

I reached a hand between my legs and grabbed his dick.  I pointed it up and slowly guided myself down onto it.  We both took deep breaths as the pleasure filled every inch of our bodies.  I sat still, wanting to feel how deeply he had penetrated me, and wanting to feel just how different this bigger cock felt inside.  I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, working his full length all around.  I lightly brushed my hands across his chest, feeling his skin shiver as he was enjoying the feeling of us together.

As I began to ride him a little more, but still keeping his dick deep in me, I untied my robe.  I love the feel of my skin on the silky material of the robe but the thrill of being naked, or at least partially exposed, in front of my friend was bigger.  I released my grip on the robe and let it hang loose.  It did not fall wide open, but only opened down the middle, still not exposing my breasts, but allowing a better view of his cock buried inside me.  I looked at his face and watched as his eyes traced up and down the newly exposed skin.  He tilted his head to the side, trying to catch even a glimpse of a tit, but the robe blocked his attempt.  It added to the thrill knowing that he was working so hard, but still could not see it all.

I leaned forward and put my hands on the mattress just above his shoulders.  The robe opened wider but also draped around us, blocking most of the light.  I giggled knowing that I was in a position for him to see more skin, but the low-light from the room only gave him shadows to see.  My new position also gave me more leverage to control just where his dick went and I took full advantage of that.  I increased the speed of my hip rocking, building up to full riding speed. 

Feeling his cock slid in and out of me was electric.  I had lost all care or concern about who was where doing what.  All I wanted to concentrate on was the wonderful feel of this dick and how I could make it last.  I closed my eyes to block out all distractions and just rode.  Sometimes I would slow down and sometimes I would speed up, but it was all mine and all for me.  I have no clue how long I kept this going, but it seemed to go on a long, and enjoyable, time.  When I was ready for a change, I sat up and opened my eyes.

The robe was opened a little further but still covered my tits.  I smiled down at my friend and he smiled back.  He looked so sexy with his arms tied above his head and the glisten of sweat on his skin.  The initial excitement and lust of the night was wearing off, but the thrill of feeling and hearing him enjoy fucking me still had me wanting more.

I stopped grinding my hips against him, but still slowly rocked back and forth to keep him stirring my honey pot.  I grabbed the loose edges of my robe and stared at him.  I tried to project a look of wanton lust at him, but I don’t think it was effective.  He already knew I wanted him and he already had me.  Once I had his attention, I suddenly jerked the robe off my shoulders and spread my arms wide. 

He approved the new view and responded with a grunt and tried to thrust his hip up, at least as much as his restraints would allow.  He made me lose my balance and I fell forward catching myself with my hands on his chest.  The robe fell the rest of the way off my back and slid it down my arms.  I smiled at him as his eyes moved from tit to tit, still thrusting his hips up trying to push deeper into me.

“I’m glad to know you like what you see,” I said to him as I wanted to regain the control of the situation.  “I bet you want to see them bounce.”

He grunted his approval so I gave him a show.  I started riding him hard and fast, feeling his still rock hard dick sliding in all directions and rubbing on all the right places.  We both were really into it now and could feel each other building to climax.  I wasn’t ready for it to be over, so I stopped.  It took all the self-control I had to do that, but I rolled off to the side, leaving him dry humping the air for a few thrusts.

Breathing hard and laying next to him, I happen to catch my husband pulling against his restraints in the mirror.  I don’t know how I could have, but I totally forgot about him being in the room.  I could only imagine what he must have been seeing and I did not want to just imagine it any more.  So I decided to give him a little show.

To the pleasure of my friend, I straddled him again, only I was facing his feet.  This gave me a great view of my husband in the mirror.  Slowly I lowered myself onto my friend’s wonderful dick and the reentry felt so good, I almost lost it.  After a moment of having him buried deep, I took a breath and started riding him again.  I looked up to see my husband’s full attention focused on us.  I smiled at him and he returned the smile before letting his eyes drop to my bouncing tits and then drop further to watch my friend’s cock work in and out of me.

Wanting to put on a memorable show I leaned back to expose more of my friend’s dick as it penetrated me.  I also used my hands to spread myself wider apart, opening even more for his eyes.  Of course, having my hands so active in a sensitive area gave me even more sensations and more ideas of a show.  I let my hands roam all over my body.  I was surprised at how good my own touch felt and how sexy I felt touching my own skin.  I found myself enjoying squeezing my tits and massaging them together, even licking my own nipples.  Of course, I did not just use my hands on my tits, I rubbed them all over.  My favorite was to have one hand rubbing a tit and the other rubbing my friend’s dick as it slid in and out of me.

I kept this up, making occasional eye contact with my husband and blowing him kisses.  I was getting more vocal and could feel my body building towards orgasm.  As much as I was enjoying this show, I wanted to be face to face with my friend when I climaxed.  I wanted him to see my face and hear my moans so he knew exactly what he was doing to me.  So I stopped and quickly turned around.

Without hesitation, I slid his shaft inside of me and started riding him hard and fast.  I could tell he was getting close, so I encouraged him and tried to push him over the edge.

“You like that?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“You like having your dick inside me?  I bet you want to cum don’t you?”

He moaned his approval.

“Oh, that’s a good boy.  I like it too.  I love fucking you,” my tone was lusty and authoritative.  I still wanted him to know I was in control, but that I was also enjoying it.

I kept it going with more words and more riding, changing the pace.  I found myself getting closer and closer to my own orgasm and knew I would not last much longer.

“I want you to cum baby,” I told him.  “Do you want to cum?”

He only grunted.

“Tell me where,” I softly demanded.  “Where do you want to cum?  This is your only chance to tell me what you want?”

I thought he would tell me on my face or on my tits, but he had his own ideas.

“Inside you,” he said softly, but loud enough for me to hear him.

“You want to cum inside me?” I repeated to him.  That was not something we did with our sex partners, especially if they were not wearing a condom, but as I said it out loud and repeated it again, I got those tingles all over my body and I found myself wanting that too.  It surprised and scared me, but it also added to the thrill of the night.

“I want you to do it too,” I said as I kissed him deeply.  “Cum for me baby, cum deep inside me.”

I kissed him again and then rode him as hard and as fast as I could.  I put every last drop of energy I had into making him cum.  With my own orgasm building and beginning, I heard him grunt again and I knew he was there.  We both climaxed together and feeling him shoot his cum inside of me intensified my orgasm.

I collapsed on top of him, trying to catch my breath.

I rolled off of him, feeling his cock plop out of me.  Still breathless, I lay beside him for a few more minutes, feeling his chest heave as he was recovering too.  Feeling his cum in me and on me sent a jolt through my system as I realized what we had just done.  Yes, I was on the pill, but other things could happen, plus I knew my husband had seen and heard everything.  We had never agreed to this level of play, so I did not know how upset he would be.  Looking at him in the mirror, he still had a raging hard-on and he had a look of lust on his face that I had not seen in a long time.  If he was angry, there was no part of his body that was showing it.

I unfastened my friend from his confinement on the bed.  He started to speak and tell me how much he enjoyed the night, but I cut him off.

“Just like when you came in the room, you will leave it the same way,” I said sternly as I got off the bed and found my robe.

“If you ever hope to have a repeat of any parts of tonight then you will get dressed quietly and quickly,” I continued.  “When you are dressed, you will leave the room directly without comment.  Is that understood?”

He nodded his agreement as he was rubbing his wrists now that they were free.  With a smile, he quickly gathered up his clothes and quickly got dressed.  Acting more like a man running away from something rather than a man basking in the glow of his fantasy-filled night, my friend was soon dressed and out of the room.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my arms and legs crossed.  I could still see my husband in the mirror.  I already had two huge orgasms tonight and my husband had not yet had one.  I knew as soon as I let him go, he would be all over me.  So I decided to tease him a little more and talk about what happened.

“So did you enjoy your show?” I asked, already knowing that he loved it.

“Yes,” was his basic reply.

“Even the ending?” I questioned, trying to gauge any hint of anger.

“Yes,” he replied again only swallowing hard this time.

“Mmmm, that was pretty hot,” I shot back with a grin.  “I never thought how exciting it would be to fill another man cum in me.   I think this may open a whole new world for me, uh, us I mean.  Just imagine a night full of filling men cum in me and on me, knowing that I can turn them on so much that they can’t control themselves and just give me all of it.”

Most of what I was saying I did not really believe.  It is not that all of it was not exciting and I guess I could say it would be a fantasy, but the reality and potential consequences of it would be too much for me to make it more than a fantasy.  I think so, or at least most of me thinks so.  I was saying it to tease him more and make him squirm more.

I asked a few more questions about the night and what he liked most.  Most of his answers were simple and really did not answer the question, but I was giving him a break.  I knew that no one would be able to think straight in his condition.  So I walked over to him and unlatched his restraints.

He immediately swooped me up and carried me to the bed.  He threw me down and climbed on top of me.  Without much warning, he had his hard cock deep inside me.  With my friend’s cum still there, my husband did not have any trouble sliding in and out.  We went at it like young, passionate teenagers.  My robe came flying off and our naked bodies twisted around each other.  My husband made lots of comments about how wet I was and how he enjoyed the wet feel.  Of course, I teased him about getting sloppy seconds and he said it was alright with him since he was the last one in the room and knew that I was all his now.

It was not too long before he was depositing his own cum inside of me.  I did not have any more orgasms that night, but I don’t remember a night were I felt more sexual, felt more alive, and felt more comfortable with my husband than that night.  We talked a lot about that night over the next several weeks and what we wanted to do next time.

I can’t wait for the next time!